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更新日 2017/08/16
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 自由にソースコードを利用することができるエディターコンポーネント。







2017/08/16 ver 4.00

Justin Dailey
Baldur Karlsson
Release 4.0.0
Released 16 August 2017.
This is an unstable release with changes to interfaces used for lexers and platform access.
Some more changes may occur to internal and external interfaces before stability is regained with 4.1.0.
Uses C++14 features. Requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017, GCC 7, and Clang 4.0 or newer.
Support dropped for GTK+ versions before 2.24.
The lexer interfaces ILexer and ILexerWithSubStyles, along with additional style metadata methods, were merged into ILexer4.
Most lexers will need to be updated to match the new interfaces.
The IDocumentWithLineEnd interface was merged into IDocument.
The platform layer interface has changed with unused methods removed, a new mechanism for
reporting events, removal of methods that take individual keyboard modifiers, and removal of old timer methods.
Style metadata may be retrieved from lexers that support this through the SCI_GETNAMEDSTYLES, SCI_NAMEOFSTYLE,
The Cocoa platform layer uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).
The default encoding in Scintilla is UTF-8.
An SCN_AUTOCSELECTIONCHANGE notification is sent when items are highlighted in an autocompletion or user list.
The data parameter to ILoader::AddData made const.

2017/05/26 ver 3.75

Thorsten Kani
Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Release 3.7.5
Released 26 May 2017.
Support dropped for Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 due to increased use of C++11 features.
Added a caret line frame as an alternative visual for highlighting the caret line.
Added "Reverse Selected Lines" feature.
SciTE adds "Select All Bookmarks" command.
SciTE adds a save.path.suggestion setting to suggest a file name when saving an
unnamed buffer.
Updated case conversion and character categories to Unicode 9.
The Baan lexer recognizes numeric literals in a more compliant manner including
hexadecimal numbers and exponentials.
The Bash lexer recognizes strings in lists in more cases.
Bug #1944.
The Fortran lexer recognizes a preprocessor line after a line continuation &.
Bug #1935.
The Fortran folder can fold comments.
Bug #1936.

2017/03/21 ver 3.74

Release 3.7.4
Released 21 March 2017.
Requires a C++11 compiler. GCC 4.8 and MSVC 2015 are supported.
Support dropped for Windows NT 4.
Accessibility support may be queried with SCI_GETACCESSIBILITY.
On GTK+, accessibility may be disabled by calling SCI_SETACCESSIBILITY.
Lexer added for "indent" language which is styled as plain text but folded by indentation level.
The Progress ABL lexer handles nested comments where comment starts or ends
are adjacent like "/*/*" or "*/*/".
In the Python lexer, improve f-string support.
Add support for multiline expressions in triple quoted f-strings.
Handle nested "()", "[]", and "{}" in f-string expressions and terminate expression coloring at ":" or "!".
End f-string if ending quote is seen in a "{}" expression.
Fix terminating single quoted f-string at EOL.
Bug #1918.
The VHDL folder folds an "entity" on the first line of the file.
For IMEs, do not clear selected text when there is no composition text to show.
Fix to crash with fold tags where line inserted at start.
Fix to stream selection mode when moving caret up or down.

2017/02/21 ver 3.73

John Flatness
Release 3.7.3
Released 19 February 2017.
Display block caret over the character at the end of a selection to be similar
to other editors.
In SciTE can choose colours for fold markers.
Feature #1172.
In SciTE can hide buffer numbers in tabs.
Feature #1173.
The Diff lexer recognizes deleted lines that start with "--- ".
The Lua lexer requires the first line to start with "#!" to be treated as a shebang comment,
not just "#".
Bug #1900.
The Matlab lexer requires block comment start and end to be alone on a line.
Bug #1902.
The Python lexer supports f-strings with new styles, allows Unicode identifiers,
and no longer allows @1 to be a decorator.
Bug #1848.

2016/12/30 ver 3.72

Release 3.7.2
Released 30 December 2016.
Minimize redrawing for SCI_SETSELECTIONN* APIs.
Bug #1888.
Use more precision to allow selecting individual lines in files with
more than 16.7 million lines.
For Qt 5, define QT_WS_MAC or QT_WS_X11 on those platforms.
Bug #1887.
For Cocoa, fix crash on view destruction with macOS 10.12.2.
Bug #1891.
Fix crash on GTK+ <3.8 due to incorrect lifetime of accessibility object.
More accurate reporting of attribute ranges and deletion lengths for accessibility.
In SciTE, if a Lua script causes a Scintilla failure exception, display error
message in output pane instead of exiting.
Bug #1773.

2016/12/04 ver 3.71

Kenny Liu
Iain Clarke
Release 3.7.1
Released 4 December 2016.
The Scintilla namespace is no longer applied to struct definitions in Scintilla.h even
when SCI_NAMESPACE defined.
Client code should not define SCI_NAMESPACE.
Structure names in Scintilla.h without prefixes are deprecated and will now only
be usable with INCLUDE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES defined.
Use the newer names with the "Sci_" prefix:
CharacterRange → Sci_CharacterRange
TextRange → Sci_TextRange
TextToFind → Sci_TextToFind
RangeToFormat → Sci_RangeToFormat
NotifyHeader → Sci_NotifyHeader
Previously deprecated features SC_CP_DBCS, SCI_SETUSEPALETTE. and SCI_GETUSEPALETTE
have been removed and can no longer be used in client code.
Accessibility support allowing screen readers to work added on GTK+ and Cocoa.
Textual tags may be displayed to the right on folded lines with SCI_TOGGLEFOLDSHOWTEXT.

2016/10/18 ver 3.70


2016/10/16 ver 3.68

Roberto Rossi
Release 3.7.0
Released 16 October 2016.
Word selection, navigation, and manipulation is now performed on characters instead of bytes
leading to more natural behaviour for multi-byte encodings like UTF-8.
For UTF-8 characters 0x80 and above, classification into word; punctuation; space; or line-end
is based on the Unicode general category of the character and is not customizable.
Bug #1832.
Two enums changed in Scintilla.iface which may lead to changed bindings.
There were 2 FontQuality enums and the first is now PhasesDraw.
The prefix for FoldAction was SC_FOLDACTION and is now SC_FOLDACTION_
which is similar to other enums.
These changes do not affect the standard C/C++ binding.
EDGE_MULTILINE and SCI_MULTIEDGEADDLINE added to allow displaying multiple
vertical edges simultaneously.
The number of margins can be changed with SCI_SETMARGINS.
Margin type SC_MARGIN_COLOUR added so that the application may

2016/09/04 ver 3.67

Chris Mayo
Van de Bugger
Tse Kit Yam
SmartShare Systems
Morten Brørup
Alexey Denisov
Release 3.6.7
Released 4 September 2016.
C++11 range-based for loops used in SciTE so GCC 4.6 is now the minimum supported version.
SC_CHARSET_DEFAULT now means code page 1252 on Windows unless a code page is set.
This prevents unexpected behaviour and crashes on East Asian systems where default locales are commonly DBCS.
Projects which want to default to DBCS code pages in East Asian locales should set the code page and
character set explicitly.
SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART option stops left arrow from wrapping to the previous line.
Most commonly wanted when virtual space is used.
Bug #1648.
The C++ lexer can fold on #else and #elif with the fold.cpp.preprocessor.at.else property.
Bug #210.

2016/05/24 ver 3.66

Dirk Lorenzen
Kasper B. Graversen
Release 3.6.6
Released 24 May 2016.
C++ 11 <regex> support built by default. Can be disabled by defining NO_CXX11_REGEX.
SciTE_USERHOME environment variable allows separate location for writable properties files.
Feature #965.
GObject introspection supports notify and command events.
The Progress lexer now allows comments preceded by a tab.
Scripts reading Scintilla.iface file include comments for enu and lex definitions.
Bug #1829 .
Fix crashes on GTK+ if idle work active when destroyed.
Bug #1827.
Fixed bugs when used on GTK+ 3.20.
Bug #1825.
Bug #1831.
Fix SciTE search field background with dark theme on GTK+ 2.x.
Bug #1826.
Fixed bug on Win32 that allowed resizing autocompletion from bottom when it was

2016/04/26 ver 3.65

Robin Haberkorn
Pavel Sountsov
Release 3.6.5
Released 26 April 2016.
JSON lexer added.
Feature #1140.
The C++ lexer fixes a bug with multi-line strings with line continuation where the string style
overflowed after an edit.
Bug #1824.
The Python lexer treats '@' as an operator except when it is the first visible character on a line.
This is for Python 3.5.
The Rust lexer allows '?' as an operator.
Feature #1146.
Doubled size of compiled regex buffer.
Bug #1822.
For GTK+, the Super modifier key can be used in key bindings.
Feature #1142.
For GTK+, fix some crashes when using multiple threads.