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タイトル HttpWatch Basic Edition
URL http://www.httpwatch.com/
バージョン 11.0.12   11.0.11   11.0.9   11.0.8   10.0.62   10.0.61   10.0.60   10.0.59   10.0.58   10.0.56   10.0.55  
更新日 2017/05/27
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 IEとFirefx用のHTTPビューアー&デバッガー。


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2017/05/27 ver 11.0.12

11.0.12 -
26 May 2017
Fixed: Saving an HWL file from the Chrome extension caused an access violation if any SPDY requests had been recorded
Fixed: HttpWatch could crash when closing Chrome
Fixed: Third party shell extensions could cause the Chrome extension to crash when opening the Save dialog
Fixed: An 'invalid TTFB timing' error could occur in the Chrome extension

2017/05/23 ver 11.0.11

11.0.11 -
Fixed: A 'timing not found' error could occur in the Chrome extension
Fixed: An error could occur when opening the Chrome Extension
Fixed: An error could occur when closing the IE Extension

2017/05/23 ver 11.0.9

11.0.9 -
22 May 2017
Fixed: An error could could when opening the HttpWatch Chrome Extension
Fixed: An error could could when closing the HttpWatch IE Extension

2017/05/20 ver 11.0.8

New in Version 11.x
Version History - HttpWatch 11.x
11.0.8 -
22 May 2017
New: Supports Google Chrome 58 and later. The HttpWatch Chrome extension has the same main features as the one for IE
with the exception of automation which will be added in a future update
New: Cache only and failing requests are now supported in HAR files
Changed: By default recording now starts when the HttpWatch window opens and ends when it closes. This can be changed in Tools->Options->Recording
Changed: HttpWatch registry settings have moved from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simtec Limited to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Neumetrix Limited
Changed: HttpWatch no longer supports any version of Mozilla Firefox
New in Version 11.x

2017/05/17 ver 10.0.62

10.0.62 -
16 May 2017
Improved: Added info tip for Alt-Svc header

2017/04/27 ver 10.0.61

10.0.61 -
27 Apr 2017
Fixed: HttpWatch would crash if the IE add-on window was undocked and the user pressed Windows key + D to show the desktop

2017/04/20 ver 10.0.60

10.0.60 -
19 Apr 2017
Fixed: The Find dialog failed to use the value selected in the the autocomplete list

2017/02/23 ver 10.0.59

10.0.59 -
22 Feb 2017
Fixed: An error or deadlock occurred when attempting to use the 'Image Dimensions' column

2017/02/03 ver 10.0.58

10.0.58 -
03 Feb 2017
Fixed: Versions 10.0.54 - 10.0.56 failed to display the content type correctly for 304 and (Cache) responses
Fixed: A deadlock could occur on certain pages in IE while recording with HttpWatch

2017/01/13 ver 10.0.56

10.0.56 -
12 Jan 2017
New: Added integration with SSLRobot (SSL/TLS testing tool - see sslrobot.io). Servers can be checked from the SSL tab or by using the URL context
menu in the main grid. The integration can be disabled in Tools-Options-SSLRobot
Copyright 息 2017 Neumetrix Limited

2016/12/07 ver 10.0.55

10.0.55 -
06 Dec 2016
Improved: Added a workaround to allow POST requests to be loaded from Firefox HAR files where the 'postData' element contains an empty 'param' value in addition to a 'text' value