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タイトル The Unarchiver
URL http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/
バージョン 3.11.1   3.10.1   1.6.1  
更新日 2016/05/21
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 様々なフォーマットに対応したMac OS X用解凍ツール。


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2016/05/21 ver 3.11.1

New in 3.11.1:
Fixed spurious error message when extracting multi-part RAR files.
New in 3.11:
Support for RAR version 5 archives.
Only unpack an archive once when accidentally opening multiple parts of the same archive.
Handle opening archives with huge number of parts better.
Fixed crash when opening certain tiny archives.
Bug fixes for zip64, NSIS, and Squeeze.
Updated Sparkle.

2016/02/05 ver 3.10.1

The UnarchiverSupported formatsCommand line toolsChanges
New in 3.10.1:
Fixed crash on OS X 10.9 and below. (Legacy version was not affected
and has not been updated.)
New in 3.10:
Fixed crash on OS X 10.11.
Fixed an issue that made unpacked application not work.
Removed file type selector from the App Store version, as Apple broke it and there
is no way to get it back to working. Apple does not allow me to tell anybody this
in the actual app, though.
Made the normal non-App Store version not be sandboxed anymore to deal with these
problems. It also now tries to update via Sparkle. This should mean that most people
will not need to use the legacy version any longer to get decent functionality.
(Legacy version does not use Sparkle.)
Better support for Zip, 7z, gzip and NSIS files.
Bugfixes for pax and ARJ.
Fixes for a few crashing bugs.
Added Hungarian translation by Dテ。vid テ〉on Lナ喪incz.

2009/06/22 ver 1.6.1