タイトル Folder Bookmarks
URL http://cpascoebookmarks.codeplex.com/
バージョン   2.1   2.0  
更新日 2011/10/29
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 ファイルやフォルダをブックマークのように管理するソフト。







2011/10/29 ver

Latest Version:
Custom Icons - now you can change the icons of the bookmarks. By default, whenever an image is added, the icon is automatically changed to a thumbnail of the picture. This can be turned off in the settings (Options... > Settings)
Ability to remove items from the 'Recent' category
Bug fix - 'Choose' button in 'Edit Bookmark' now works
Another bug fix: another problem in the 'Edit Bookmark' window
Features and Fixes in the next version
Fix a bug in the Edit window when editing a bookmark without a custom icon
If you have any ideas for features, please leave a comment or you can use the built-in Feedback form (Options > Send Feedback) to request new features/improvementsIf you like Folder Bookmarks, please leave a rate and leave a comment!
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Folder Bookmarks
Fri Oct 28 2011 at 7:00 AM
Version 2011.10.12.18301

2011/09/23 ver

Latest Version:
Changed the way that the default icons are stored and fetched; thus fixing a minor icon bug
Version: 2.1In this version
Fixed a bug in the 'Restore Previous Archive' code
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Folder Bookmarks
Thu Sep 22 2011 at 7:00 AM

2011/09/22 ver 2.1

Project DescriptionFolder bookmarks allows you to quickly open a file or folder you use on a regular basis. No need to navigate large folder directories, just double-click the bookmark to open it!
Categorize bookmarks into groups
Easily open the target file/folder, including it's parent folder
Bookmark Archiving support
Multi-platform support with .NET 4.0
Simple drag-and-drop actions
If you don't have .NET 4.0 installed, you can download it here.Screenshot:
Latest Version: 2.1In this version
Fixed a major bug that prevented the application from saving the database (my bad....)
Quick-access 'Recent' menu: simply right-click the icon in the task bar and click 'Recent' to open a bookmark without changing windows
I've brought back the Drag-to-Folder feature that allows you to copy/move files and folders to a bookmarked folder by simply dragging them to the bookmark's icon (it will still work in details view)
A few minor changes to the database system
Better built-in help
I've finally finished re-writing over 3000 lines of code to bring you Folder Bookmarks 2.0!!! :DFeatures:
For more information and system requirements, please see Documentation.If you have any suggestions or problems, feel free to leave a comment or fill out this online form.If you have suggestions for new software, click here.
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Folder Bookmarks 2.1
Wed Sep 21 2011 at 7:00 AM

2011/08/28 ver 2.0

Fresh new Database system which is faster and more dynamic
New simplified layout
Centralised category management
Re-order the categories, instead of alphabetically sorted
Better searching
Two new default categories: 'All' and 'Recent'
'All' Displays all of the bookmarks, so this means you don't have to set a category
'Recent' lists all the bookmarks you've used recently, to make it quicker to open bookmarks you use frequently (this is the default load tab), the length can be changed in the settings
Two different views: Icons view and Details view (for slower/older computers)
Completely re-designed built-in help
Still uses easy drag-and-drop actions
Archive backup/restoring, including restoring from previous versions (so create an archive if you're using a previous version)
Fixed a problem that prevented scrolling vertically
Due to the fact that re-writing the WHOLE of Folder Bookmarks was so time consuming, I have decided to not release the Mini-Menu with this release of the program and to instead concentrate on getting this version released.
Categorize bookmarks into groups
Easily open the target file/folder, including it's parent folder
Bookmark Archiving support
Multi-platform support with .NET 4.0
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2010/07/04 ver