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タイトル Macs Fan Control
URL https://www.crystalidea.com/macs-fan-control
バージョン   1.4.8   1.4.7   1.4.6   1.4.5   1.4.4   1.4.3   1.4.2   1.4.1   1.4.0   1.3.3  
更新日 2017/06/07
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Mac / BootCampで利用できるファンコントロールソフト。


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2017/06/07 ver

Released on
June 6, 2017
Ukranian translation
Fixed compatibility with macOS 10.13 beta (High Sierra)

2017/05/30 ver 1.4.8

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Macs Fan Control
Macs Fan Control
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Macs Fan Control Release Notes
Version 1.4.8
Released on
May 23, 2017
Correct behavior when no fans are detected

2017/01/17 ver 1.4.7

1.4.7 - released on 17 January 2017
FIXED Fixed maxing out fans on iMacs when switching between users or shutdown/restart

2017/01/10 ver 1.4.6

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1.4.6 - released on 9 January 2017
FIXED Fixed multiple issues with the previous update
IMPROVED Restore automatic fan control after the app quits

2017/01/06 ver 1.4.5

Support development
1.4.5 - released on 5 January 2017
IMPROVED Restore automatic fan control before going to sleep mode and after exit
IMPROVED The app binary is now 64-bit on macOS
FIXED Fixed file system checking on macOS Sierra
FIXED Fixed CPU sensors naming on MacBookPro11,5
IMPROVED Added 'Expansion Slots' sensor on MacPro1,1, MacPro2,1, MacPro3,1
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2016/10/01 ver 1.4.4

1.4.4 - released on 30 September 2016
FIXED Fixed incorrect display of fans RPMs and disappearing of temperature sensors
IMPROVED Improved compatibility with macOS Sierra

2016/06/28 ver 1.4.3

1.4.3 - released on 27 June 2016
FIXED Mac: fixed disappearing controls after computer restart on some systems
FIXED Windows: fixed compatibility with Windows XP
FIXED Windows: fixed 'unsuported hardware detected' error
FIXED Windows: fixed crash on startup on certain hardware
IMPROVED Polish, French, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazilian) translations update
FIXED IMPORTANT: if you get 'Error extracting update' please update the app manually. Apologies
IMPROVED French translation update

2016/04/23 ver 1.4.2

1.4.2 - released on 22 April 2016
FIXED Fixed problem with broken menubar icon preferences

2016/04/20 ver 1.4.1

1.4.1 - released on 19 April 2016
IMPROVED Fan & sensor table width now can be changed with a splitter between them
IMPROVED Removed warning when running under VMware (no warning) on Windows
FIXED Fixed detecting of apple hardware under Windows
FIXED Fixed digital signature for the setup file under Windows 10
FIXED Small improvements and fixes
IMPROVED Qt framework is updated to 5.6.0 version
IMPROVED Added ability to rate the app at Macupdate to help us improve MFC

2016/03/15 ver 1.4.0

1.4.0 - released on 14 March 2016
IMPROVED Major improvements on sensors support on most mac models (including iMac5k and Mac Pro 2013)
IMPROVED Temperature and fan speed are now displayed using single line in the menu bar (old two lines mode can be turned on in Preferences)
IMPROVED Improved menu bar popup menu (tray menu on Windows)
IMPROVED The app can now move itself to the /Applications when it's first run from the other directory
IMPROVED Lots of small fixes and improvements to improve usability and stability of the app
IMPROVED Added ability to rate the app at Macupdate to help us improving MFC
FIXED Fixed automatic update of the app on Mac
FIXED Fixed bug with detection of old hardware after transfering system to another hardware
FIXED Fixed problem with missing menu bar icon under El Capitan with auto-hide menu bar option on

2016/01/29 ver 1.3.3

1.3.3 - released on 31 December 2015
IMPROVED Better OS X El Capitan compatibility
IMPROVED Lithuanian and Thai translations, other translations update
IMPROVED Qt framework is updated to 5.5.1 version
1.3.2 - released on 11 October 2015
FIXED Fixed compatibility with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
1.3.1 - released on 30 August 2015
IMPROVED Windows 10 support
FIXED Windows: fixed 'unsuported hardware detected' error
IMPROVED Qt framework is updated to 5.5.0 version
IMPROVED Polish and Vietnamese translations update
1.3.0 - released on 22 May 2015
IMPROVED Qt framework is updated to 5.4.1 version. OS X 10.6 is no longer supported
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