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タイトル Hammerspoon
URL http://www.hammerspoon.org/
バージョン 0.9.56.html   0.9.55.html   0.9.54.html   0.9.53.html   0.9.52.html   0.9.51.html   0.9.50.html   0.9.49.html   0.9.48.html   0.9.47.html   0.9.47  
更新日 2017/09/16
追加日 2016/02/22
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Luaスクリプト経由でOS Xの各種機能を呼び出すことが出来る自動化ツール。







2017/09/16 ver 0.9.56.html

0.9.56 - 15 Sep 2017
Fixed: Lua copyright dates are now correct
Fixed: hs.base64.encode() should no longer crash when fed invalid input
Fixed: hs.eventtap middle/other mouse button event synthesis should now work again
Added: hs.streamdeck
Added: hs.dialog
Added: hs.fs.xattr
Added: hs.eventtap.event:timestamp()
Added: hs.timer.absoluteTime()
Added: hs.hotkey.assignable() and hs.hotkey.systemAssigned()
Added: hs.window:focusTab()
Added: hs.fs.displayName()
Added: dark mode support to hs.webview, Preferences window and Console window
Added: hs.host.gpuVRAM()
Added: hs.battery.otherBatteryInfo() (provides battery charge level for compatible Bluetooth devices)
Added: hs.mouse.scrollDirection()
Added: hs.settings.watchKey()

2017/07/18 ver 0.9.55.html

0.9.55 - 17 Jul 2017
Fixed: hs.spotify play/pause states should now be reported correctly
Fixed: hs.http no longer assumes that HTTP responses can be encoded as UTF8 (e.g. if they are binary responses)
Fixed: hs.eventtap.event properties now agree with the documentation about the name of “other” mouse buttons
Added: hs.image:encodeAsURLString()
Added: hs.webview.toolbar:selectSearchField()
Added: Drag&drop support in hs.canvas
Added: hs.console can now fully theme the Hammerspoon Console
Added: hs.host.idleTime, hs.host.thermalState
Added: hs.pathwatcher callback now receives event information
Added: hs.spoons
Added: hs.open() for quickly opening files (URL support to come later)
Added: hs.plist
Changed: Some improvements to hs.webview
Changed: hs.image exporting functions can now control pixel size
Changed: hs.layout.apply() should make windows jump around less

2017/04/27 ver 0.9.54.html

0.9.54 - 26 Apr 2017
Fixed: Fixed a regression in hs.keycodes which prevented binding hotkeys to the 則 key on ISO keyboards
Added: hs.hotkey.bindSpec()
0.9.54 - 26 Apr 2017
0.9.53 - 24 Apr 2017
0.9.52 - 29 Dec 2016
0.9.51 - 25 Dec 2016
0.9.50 - 17 Nov 2016

2017/04/25 ver 0.9.53.html

0.9.53 - 24 Apr 2017
Addeed support for pure-Lua plugins, or Spoons, see http://www.hammerspoon.org/Spoons/
The bundled Lua is now 5.3.4
Exceptions generated inside Hammerspoon as part of Lua callbacks are no longer fatal and will print a traceback to the Console window
Crash report uploading behaviour can now be controlled via hs.uploadCrashData()
Hammerspoon now exposes a minimal AppleScript API for executing Lua code from AppleScript
The console window will now save/restore its window location
Fixed: Guarded against a potential crash in hs.application:getMenuStructure()
Fixed: hs.application.find() no longer fails if applications have no :name() value
Fixed: hs.checkForUpdates() can now optionally check for Hammerspoon updates without presenting any UI if an update is found
Fixed: Removed a small memory leak in hs.menubar when removing menu items
Fixed: hs.host.cpuUsage now properly samples CPU ticks
Fixed: hs.chooser will now scroll to values selected via hs.chooser:selectedRow()
Fixed: hs.timer objects can now work more successfully with sub-second precision
Fixed: hs.application:path() now correctly distinguishes between multiple installed copies of the same application
Changed: hs.keycodes.map now includes modifier keycodes, JIS keycodes, and will fallback to ANSI US keyboard values
Changed: hs.canvas elements with an alphanumeric id attribute can now be accessed directly from the canvas object, using that id.

2016/12/30 ver 0.9.52.html

0.9.52 - 29 Dec 2016
Non-interactive output lines in the Console Window now have timestamps
Fixed: Fixed an infinite loop regression in hs.chooser
Changed: hs.chooser now defaults to the light/dark theme setting of macOS
0.9.52 - 29 Dec 2016
0.9.51 - 25 Dec 2016
0.9.50 - 17 Nov 2016
0.9.49 - 15 Nov 2016
0.9.48 - 27 Sep 2016

2016/12/26 ver 0.9.51.html

0.9.51 - 25 Dec 2016
Objective C exceptions that happen inside Lua callbacks should no longer cause Hammerspoon to exit.
Fixed a potential crash in the About window (seriously)
The rebuild.sh script documented in CONTRIBUTING.md, for doing self-signed local builds of Hammerspoon, is now included in the scripts/ directory
Fixed: Fixed a potential crash in hs.application.getMenuStructure()
Fixed: Fixed a potential crash in hs.styledtext
Fixed: Fixed a potential crash in hs.keycodes
Fixed: Fixed a potential crash in hs.webview
Fixed: hs.drawing should be more resistant against crashing when given impossible sizeRect arguments
Fixed: hs.chooser should be more resistant against crashing when receiving unusual events
Fixed: hs.chooser should no longer crash when no rows are displayed, but a selection event occurs
Fixed: hs.chooser should no longer leak Lua function references
Fixed: hs.application.getMenuStructure() now correctly reports the enabled state of menu items
Fixed: Fixed a crash in hs.audiodevice watchers that only occurred with certain third party audio hardware
Changed: hs.eventtap functions now have a configurable delay between sending events
Changed: hs.chooser now looks better when a choice has no subText
Changed: hs.chooser:selectedRow() can now be use to manually select a row

2016/11/18 ver 0.9.50.html

0.9.50 - 17 Nov 2016
Fixed: Several hs.timer regressions introduced in 0.9.47 have been fixed
0.9.50 - 17 Nov 2016
0.9.49 - 15 Nov 2016
0.9.48 - 27 Sep 2016
0.9.47 - 29 Aug 2016
0.9.46 - 15 Apr 2016

2016/11/16 ver 0.9.49.html

0.9.49 - 15 Nov 2016
Fixed: Various crashes have either been fixed or guarded against
Fixed: hs.screen now correctly cleans up after itself when reloading the config
Fixec: hs.pasteboard is now less likely to lose track of an item when the system pasteboard changes
Fixed: hs.eventtap.event:setProperty() now accepts 64bit values
Fixed: Dark and Light themes in hs.chooser now use more sensible colours/translucency
Fixed: hs.screen:gammaGet() now fetches gamma information from the correct display
Changed: hs.menubar icons now support colour
Changed: hs.eventtap.checkKeyboardModifiers() now also includes unicode modifier characters (e.g. ⌘)
Changed: hs.eventtap.keyStroke() and .keyStrokes() now wait 200ms between the keydown and keyup events, to improve reliability
Changed: hs.application:findMenuItem() and hs.application:selectMenuItem() can now match menu items via regular expressions
Changed: hs.menubar menus can now specify (simple) keyboard shortcuts)
Changed: hs.alert appearance is now fully configurable
Changed: hs.pasteboard now provides raw data access
Changed: hs.audiodevice:setMuted() now returns True on success
Changed: hs.timer objects will no longer repeat if the interval is 0 seconds, to prevent users DoSing themselves

2016/09/28 ver 0.9.48.html

0.9.48 - 27 Sep 2016
Fixed: Small doc bugs in hs.printf and hs.notify.register
Fixed: Console window input field now auto-sizes correctly in macOS Sierra
Fixed: hs.uielement regressed in 0.9.47. It is now fixed.
Fixed: hs.hotkey.bind() regressed in 0.9.47. It is now fixed.
Added: hs.screen:desktopImageURL()
Added: hs.keycodes.currentMethod()
0.9.48 - 27 Sep 2016
0.9.47 - 29 Aug 2016
0.9.46 - 15 Apr 2016
0.9.45 - 21 Jan 2016
0.9.44 - 15 Jan 2016

2016/08/30 ver 0.9.47.html


2016/08/30 ver 0.9.47

0.9.47 - 29 Aug 2016
Changed: Lua has been upgraded to 5.3.3
Fixed: Various crashes have either been fixed or guarded against
Changed: hs.webview now has adjustable opacity and can present a toolbar
Changed: hs.timer has been rewritten to use a more modern API, which should make it more reliable
Changed: Various fixes/improvements to hs.hint vimperator mode
Changed: images can now be used as tiled patterns for hs.drawing.color
Changed: hs.alert has been rewritten to use hs.drawing and now has an option to leave the alert visible indefinitely
Changed: hs.hotkey callbacks can now be tables with __call metamethods (this will be extended to other callback sites in a future release)
Changed: hs.eventtap events now report NSEventTypePressure data, if available
Added: hs.distributednotifications
Added: hs.eventtap.event.newSystemKeyEvent()
Added: hs.httpserver and hs.http now support WebSockets
Added: hs.hsdocs for internal documentation browsing
Added: hs.image.imageFromURL()
Added: hs.mouse.trackingSpeed()
Added: hs.noises
Added: hs.hints.titleMaxSize and hs.hints.titleRegexSub
Added: hs.grid.getCell()