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更新日 2016/11/03
追加日 2016/02/25
種別 フリーソフト / オープンソース(GPL)
説明 Pythonで作られたパワフルな構成管理ツール。







2016/09/07 ver 2.1.2

* Added the `listen` feature for modules. This feature allows tasks to more easily notify multiple handlers, as well as making it easier for handlers from decoupled roles to be notified.
* Major performance improvements.
* Several Windows facts were modified or renamed for consistency with their Unix counterparts, and many new facts were added. If your playbooks rely on any of the following keys, please ensure they are using the correct key names and/or values:
- ansible_date_time.date (changed to use yyyy-mm-dd format instead of default system-locale format)
- ansible_date_time.iso8601 (changed to UTC instead of local time)
- ansible_distribution (now uses OS caption string, e.g.: "Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard", version is still available on ansible_distribution_version)
- ansible_totalmem (renamed to ansible_memtotal_mb, units changed to MB instead of bytes)
* Added the ability to specify serial batches as a list (`serial: [1, 5, 10]`), which allows for so-called "canary" actions in one play.
* Fixed 'local type' plugins and actions to have a more predictable relative path. Fixes a regression of 1.9 (PR #16805). Existing users of 2.x will need to adjust related tasks.
* Added a new `meta` option: `end_play`, which can be used to skip to the end of a play.
* `meta` tasks can now use conditionals.
* `raw` now returns `changed: true` to be consistent with shell/command/script modules. Add `changed_when: false` to `raw` tasks to restore the pre-2.2 behavior if necessary.
* New privilege escalation become method `ksu`
* Windows `async:` support for long-running or background tasks.
* Windows `environment:` support for setting module environment vars in play/task.
- archive
- asa
* asa_acl
* asa_command

2016/05/27 ver 2.0.2

###Major Changes:
* Added support for binary modules
* The service module has been changed to use system specific modules if they exist and fallback to the old service module if they cannot be found or detected.
####New Modules:
- aws
* ec2_customer_gateway
* ec2_vpc_nacl_facts
- cloudstack
* cs_router
- smartos
* smartos_image_facts
- systemd
###Minor Changes:
* now -vvv shows exact path from which 'currently executing module' was picked up from.
* Official support for the networking modules, originally available in 2.0 as a tech preview.
* Refactored and expanded support for Docker with new modules and many improvements to existing modules, as well as a new Kubernetes module.
* Added new modules for Azure (see below for the full list)
* Added a new strategy `debug`, which allows per-task debugging of playbooks.

2016/04/20 ver 2.1

## 2.1 "The Song Remains the Same" - ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT
* Added the ability to specify includes as "static" (either through a configuration option or on a per-include basis). When includes are static,
they are loaded at compile time and cannot contain dynamic features like loops.
* Added a new option for tasks: `loop_control`. This currently only supports one option - `loop_var`, which allows a different loop variable from `item` to be used.
* Added the ability to send per-item callbacks, rather than a batch update (this more closely resembles the behavior of Ansible 1.x).
* Added facility for modules to send back 'diff' for display when ansible is called with --diff, updated several modules to return this info
* Added ansible-console tool, a REPL shell that allows running adhoc tasks against a chosen inventory (based on https://github.com/dominis/ansible-shell)
* New meta action, `meta: clear_facts` which will remove existing facts for the current host from current memory and facts cache.
* copy module can now transparently use a vaulted file as source, if vault passwords were provided it will decrypt and copy on the fly.
* ec2_snapshot_facts
- gitlab
* gitlab_group
* gitlab_project
* gitlab_user
* os_keystone_domain_facts
* os_port_facts
* os_project_facts
* os_user_facts
- vmware_maintenancemode

2016/04/09 ver 2.0.1


2016/03/11 ver

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