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タイトル Skim
URL http://skim-app.sourceforge.net/
バージョン 1.4.32   1.4.31   1.4.30   1.4.29   1.4.28   1.4.27   1.4.26   1.4.25   1.4.24   1.4.23   1.4.22  
更新日 2018/01/15
追加日 2016/02/28
種別 フリーソフト
説明 PDFリーダー兼アノテーション編集ツール。


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2018/01/15 ver 1.4.32

Current Version: 1.4.32
Last changed: Wednesday, 27-Dec-2017 19:11:01 UTC

2017/12/01 ver 1.4.31

Current Version: 1.4.31

2017/11/07 ver 1.4.30

Current Version: 1.4.30
SkimNotes framework 1.3.8

2017/04/29 ver 1.4.29

Current Version: 1.4.29

2017/03/28 ver 1.4.28

Current Version: 1.4.28

2017/03/07 ver 1.4.27

Current Version: 1.4.27
SkimNotes framework 1.3.7
Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF, but is also great for viewing any PDF file.
Stop printing and start skimming.
Explore the links to the left to investigate Skim and consider helping out with the project.
Viewing PDFs
Adding and editing notes
Highlighting important text, including one-swipe highlight modes
Making "snapshots" for easy reference
Navigation using table of contents or thumbnails, with visual history
View all your notes and highlights
Convenient reading in full screen
Giving powerful presentations, with built-in transitions
Handy preview of internal links
Focus using a reading bar
Magnification tool
Smart cropping tools
Extensive AppleScript support

2017/01/30 ver 1.4.26

Current Version: 1.4.26
Version 1.4.26
Enable graphics card switching.
Fix side pane animation.
Workaround for drawing anchored notes.
Fix scrolling in single page mode on 10.12.
Fix redrawing the PDF after changes on 10.12.
Allow background searching of the PDF on 10.12, as this should be fixed now.
Fix link previews on 10.12.
Fix some images.
Last changed: Monday, 30-Jan-2017 10:33:34 UTC

2016/12/20 ver 1.4.25

Current Version: 1.4.25
New Features
Add PDF-TeX sync preset for AlphaCocoa.
New shortcuts for first and last page.
Allow background drawing in PDF view on 10.12 to prevent sluggishness.
Tweak some toolbar items.
Allow PDF-TeX sync preset for BBEdit to work without installing the tool.
Prevent drawing tweaks in preference window.
Fix restoring scroll location in non-continuous mode.
Last changed: Monday, 19-Dec-2016 13:48:33 UTC

2016/11/15 ver 1.4.24

Current Version: 1.4.24
Don't hide window content of behind toolbar and title bar.
Last changed: Monday, 14-Nov-2016 21:30:58 UTC

2016/11/15 ver 1.4.23

Current Version: 1.4.23
Version 1.4.23
Re-enable support for custom page background when supported.
Fix SyncTeX forward search.
Allow background drawing in PDF view to prevent sluggishness on 10.12.
Dirty slightly larger areas to compensate for rounding errors on 10.12.
Last changed: Monday, 14-Nov-2016 13:44:52 UTC

2016/10/14 ver 1.4.22

Current Version: 1.4.22
SkimNotes framework 1.3.5
Version 1.4.22
New Features
New action to offset notes in skimnotes tool.
Use page background color only when supported.
Reinstate drawing of page highlights on 10.12.
Fix image smoothing on some later OS versions.
Workarounds for showing locations in various situations on 10.12.
Fix grouping search results by page.
Fix note conversion on 10.12.
Fix link preview on 10.12.
More leniency with synctex when using a source file without tex extension.
Improve scrolling and navigating in single page mode.
Last changed: Friday, 14-Oct-2016 09:56:30 UTC