タイトル Typinator
URL http://www.ergonis.com/products/typinator/
バージョン 7.4   7.3   7.2   7.1   6.11   6.10   6.9   6.8.1  
更新日 2018/01/16
追加日 2016/04/11
種別 シェアウェア(24.99ユーロ)
説明 AppleScriptやシェルスクリプトの実行にも対応したスニペットツール。


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2018/01/16 ver 7.4

Typinator 7.4 (January 2018)
Unlimited Quick Search results in scrollable list.
Typinator now works with text entered via Keyboard Viewer.
Newly added sets are now inserted directly below the selected set, if possible.
The diagnostics report now contains information about non-standard settings.
Internal cleanup based on application types that are no longer possible.
Improved suggestions for AutoCorrections in the “New Item” window.
The list of Quick Search matches now uses a slightly larger font, which makes the items easier to read.
Improved logging of certain exceptional cases.
Additional information during installation clarifies the situation when a newer version is not covered by the current license.
Typinator now uses the selected device for sound effects for feedback sounds and no longer uses a separate volume control for sounds.
Improved handling of line breaks in clipboard contents when expanding {clip} markers.
Extended diagnostics report with information about active time and previous crashes.
Improved appearance of abbreviations with prefixes and suffixes in Quick Search matches.
Fixes an update problem when a previous version of Typinator was installed in a folder that no longer exists.
Works around a problem that resulted in multiple expansions in certain border cases.
Fixes a problem where the {clip} marker produced the result of the previous expansion when two abbreviations were typed in quick succession.
Fixes a memory leak when combo fields (alternatives with free text) are confirmed with the enter key.
Avoids creation of “bookmarks” when Typinator performs a clipboard-based expansion in MS Word.

2017/09/19 ver 7.3

Typinator 7.3 (September 2017)
Typinator can now import text substitution files exported from System Preferences/Keyboard/Text.
Typinator can now add and edit links in formatted text expansions.
Access to Typinator's variables via AppleScript.
New marker for the offset from UTC in the format +hh:mm.
In a Formatted Text expansion, the built-in DecodeHTML function now produces formatted text from the HTML description.
Typinator remembers the spell checking options (check while typing, grammar check, automatic correction) separately for plain text, formatted text and HTML expansions.
Faster updates of the sets after changing the sets folder.
Internal optimization speeds up background activities and reduces memory allocation.
Internal cleanup reduces memory footprint of Typinator.
Date and time information in the diagnostics report now uses the local time zone instead of UTC.
The diagnostics report now contains information about the length of expansions and internal optimization.
New expansion technique avoids dropped keystrokes in certain borderline cases and results in slightly faster expansions.
When Typinator is not registered with a license key, the message at the top of the window now tells what to do.
Diagnostics report includes information about “quick expansion” settings.
The download link in the “Predefined Sets” sheet now points directly to the Typinator Snippets section on the Extras page.
Improved clipboard restoration technique avoids cases where command+V immediately after an expansion pasted the expansion again instead of the previous clipboard.
Subscriptions are now checked only during periods of inactivity.
Typinator now decodes HTML expansions nested in formatted or plain text expansions.

2017/04/25 ver 7.2

Typinator 7.2 (April 2017)
Typinator can now perform remote expansions in Citrix.
Typinator now supports the AppleScript commands “move” and “duplicate” for moving and copying rules.
Faster expansion in many situations.
Improved timing and context validation when restoring saved clipboard contents.
New technique for fine-grained adaptations to applications that need special handling of expansions.
Improved reliability of quick expansions in certain cases.
The diagnostics report now also contains timing information.
The “Start at Login” option is now turned on by default when Typinator is installed on a computer for the first time.
When secure input mode is already enabled when Typinator starts up, Typinator correctly reports that this was caused by an unknown application.
Updated versions of built-in AutoCorrection and Product Names sets.
Works around an issue where Outlook inserted “smart” spaces in expansions.
Fixes an expansion issue with Firefox on macOS Sierra.
Fixes an update error after editing an abbreviation.
Typinator now correctly disables itself in LogMeIn.
Works around an expansion problem in Final Draft.
Fixes a cursor positioning issue in Visual Studio Code.
Fixes a problem where parts of quick expansions were dropped.
Fixes a problem in Twitter's message box in web browsers, where Typinator deleted too many characters.

2017/01/14 ver 7.1

Typinator 7.1 (January 2017)
When an input form is open, it is now possible to temporarily switch to other windows, for example to copy/paste text into form fields.
New “quick search” AppleScript command.
The home and end keys now jump to the first and last items in lists.
Typinator now ignores the “backspace before expansion” marker that was used in previous versions of Typinator.
Improved display of expansions in the Quick Search results.
Reduces network traffic caused by subscription checks.
Typinator now automatically detects and cleans up duplicates of subscriptions.
Improved handling of conflicts between sets shared via Dropbox.
Works around a conflict with “smart” cut and paste in Tex-Edit Plus, where spaces were inserted in certain expansions.
The diagnostics report now contains additional information about internal optimization.
Works around a rare crash when opening the User's Guide from within Typinator.
Fixes a problem where a pop-up choice with an empty text result was not suggested as the default value at the next invocation.
Works around an expansion problem with the Vim plug-in in Visual Studio Code.
Fixes an expansion problem in the mail address field of MailMate.
Fixes a problem on macOS Sierra, which caused insertion of pictures from the Includes folder to fail.
Works around a problem that caused incorrect behavior of formatting keystrokes in long plain text expansions for certain target applications.
Works around a bug in LibreOffice, which fails to pick up Typinator's expansions from the clipboard.
Works around an issue with leftover abbreviation characters in Coda.

2016/10/10 ver 6.11

Using Typinator
Typinator 6.11 (October 2016)
Works around an issue that caused the abbreviation not to be deleted for some users on macOS Sierra.
Typinator now supports the Shouxin input method for Chinese.
In MacVim, the ESC key now acts as an expanding terminator after "whole word" expansions.
Fixes a cursor positioning problem in Microsoft Word.
Typinator correctly disables itself in beta versions of Microsoft Remote Desktop.
Fixes an expansion problem in Mellel.
Solves an issue with mixed left-to-right and right-to-left languages in Accordance.
Works around an expansion problem in the integrated terminal of JetBrains products.
Improves reliability of long-distance cursor moves.

2016/08/23 ver 6.10

How To
Typinator 6.10 (August 2016)
New form window with focus frames and improved scrolling.
New built-in /Case function for selecting different text fragments depending on an input value.
Logical values are now supported in calculations; 0 counts as false, all other values are treated as true.
Constants for logical values in calculations: true, false, yes, no.
New if function in calculations: if(x>=0; sqrt(x); 0).
New min and max functions with multiple parameters are now available in calculations, for example, max(12; 42; 9) yields the value 42.
The round function now accepts an optional parameter for the number of digits after the decimal point: for example, round(pi; 3) returns 3.142.
When the selection or caret is inside a {…} marker, the whole marker is now highlighted.
Double-clicking a curly brace in an expansion now selects the whole {…} marker that starts or ends with the brace character.
New item in the Help section of Typinator's action menu opens the “How to…” page on our web server.
Keyboard shortcuts for cursor position and clipboard markers when editing expansions.
New {zh} marker for the numeric time zone offset in hours.
Time calculations with days, hours, minutes and seconds now accept fractional parts, such as {{dayDelta=+1.5}}.
“Non-expanding line break” in the {…} pop-up creates a line break that is not included in the expansion result.
Typing option-return in the expansion field inserts a “non-expanding line break".
Fixes an installation problem during an update when the previous version had been moved to the trash.
Custom keyboard shortcuts with the enter key are now supported in Typinator's preferences.

2016/04/19 ver 6.9

Typinator 6.9 (April 2016)
Typinator now also supports import from TextExpander's “textexpandersettings” file format.
When importing from TextExpander, Typinator now correctly converts nested snippet invocations.
Improved conversion of “filltext” markers when importing snippets from TextExpander.
New version of the predefined “DOuble CAps Exceptions” set with additional German abbreviations.
More tolerant handling of dashes in license key.
The OK button in the About sheet is now the default button (which allows closing the sheet with the return or enter key).
New script command for extracting a set's rules in table format.
Typinator now supports the Sogou input method for Chinese.
Fixes an expansion problem in DynaMite.
More robust handling of rare cases in which update checks failed.
Improved handling of delays when sending event sequences to applications.
Works around a compatibility problem with RootsMagic.
Works around expansion problems in Wine applications.
Works around a problem in LibreOffice, where the contents of the clipboard were inserted instead of the expansion.
Works around expansion problems in Slack.
Fixes a problem where some conflicts between abbreviations in different sets were not marked with warning signs.
Works around a cursor positioning issue in Sublime Text.

2016/04/11 ver 6.8.1