タイトル Electron
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バージョン 1.7.5   1.6.11   1.6.10   1.6.8   1.6.7   1.6.6   1.6.5   1.6.2   1.6.1   1.4.15   1.4.14  
更新日 2017/08/11
追加日 2016/05/12
種別 フリーソフト / オープンソース(MIT)
説明 HTML/CSS/JavaScriptといったWeb関連技術を使ってネイティブアプリを作成できるクロスプラットフォームのフレームワーク。


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2017/08/11 ver 1.7.5

1.7.5 July 17, 2017
Bug Fixes
[SECURITY] Fixed an issue where windows using nativeWindowOpen could
lose their configured webContents options when navigating URLs. #9972
Fixed an issue where the dev tools did not open when using mixed sandbox
mode. #9983
Fixed an issue where the native dialogs did not allow any file to be selected
from <input> elements using accept attributes. #9745
Fixed an issue where dev tool extension content scripts were not ignoring
the fragment when matching against the page URL. #9953
Fixed an issue where calling show() on a modal window would cause the
parent window to not be re-enabled when the modal was closed. #9962
Fixed an issue where the IME did not properly input certain characters. #9709
Fixed an issue where alwaysOnTop windows would not reappear correctly
after being restored from a miniaturized position. #9695
Fixed Tray objects not properly dispatching a click event when the first

2017/06/13 ver 1.6.11

1.6.11 May 25, 2017
Bug Fixes
Backported an upstream Node.js fix where StartCom and WoSign certificates
are now rejected when making HTTPS requests. #9499
Fixed an issue where sandboxed renderer process would throw remote errors
when reloaded. #9505
The built-in PDF viewer plugin is now disabled if the plugins setting
is disabled on the BrowserWindow. #9564
Backported an upstream Chrome fix where media requests would not be cached
properly. #9586
Backported an upstream Chrome fix where the backspace character did not
delete the last character in certain keyboard layouts. #9586

2017/05/26 ver 1.6.10

1.6.10 May 16, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed several issues with the electron.d.ts TypeScript definition file. https://github.com/electron/electron/pull/9484
1.6.9 May 10, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where beforeunload would not correctly fire after
reloading. #9292
API Changes
Added a app.getAppMemoryInfo() API with memory details for each process
associated with the app. #9214
Added process.getCPUUsage() and process.getIOCounters() APIs. #9373
process.getProcessMemoryInfo() and process.getSystemMemoryInfo() are now
callable from sandboxed renderer processes. #9333
A Typescript definition file, electron.d.ts, is now provided with each
release. #7857
Added support for changing the tracking mode of TouchBarSegmentedControl

2017/05/17 ver 1.6.8

1.6.8 May 01, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the default app could render incorrectly depending
on the path Electron was installed into. #9249
Fixed an issue where certain built-in window APIs like alert, confirm,
open, history.go, and postMessage would throw errors in the main process
instead of the renderer processes when the arguments were invalid. #9252
Fixed an issue where chrome-devtools: URLs would incorrectly override certain window options. #9278
Fixed an issue where certain valid frame names passed to window.open would
throw errors in the main process. #9287
Fixed a memory leak in windows that have the sandbox option enabled. #9314
Fixed a crash when closing a window from within the callback to certain
emitted events. #9113
Fixed an issue when using postMessage across windows where the
targetOrigin parameter was not correctly compared against the source
origin. #9301
Fixed a debugger crash that would occur parsing certain protocol messages.

2017/05/11 ver 1.6.7

1.6.7 April 18, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where app.exit() did not close all open windows. #9133
Fixed an issue where setting scrollBounce to true did not enable it. #9134
Fixed a missing warning icon when calling dialog.showMessageBox. #9187
Fixed an issue where frameless windows would overflow the screen boundaries
when maximized. #9167
Fixed a crash after performing text selections using touch gestures. #9204
Removed the unused xinput1_3.dll from the distribution. #9157
Back-ported an upstream Chrome fix for non-client area scaling when the
screen DPI changes on Windows 10. #9219
API Changes
Added an experimental BrowserView class that is an alternative to the
<webview> tag. #9166
Added a flushStore(callback) API to the Cookies module that writes
any unwritten cookie data to disk. #9194

2017/04/25 ver 1.6.6

1.6.6 April 07, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed a remote module issue where errors thrown in the main process while
setting remote properties would not be re-thrown in the renderer process.
Fixed a remote module issue where certain remote objects could not be set as
remote properties. #9101
Back-ported an upstream Node.js bug fix where processes forked with the
--eval argument would not receive messages. #9132
Fixed an issue where popover touch bar items would not update correctly. #9028
Fixed an issue where print jobs would stay in the spooling state indefinitely
and selected page ranges would not print correctly. #9111
API Changes
kioclient will now be used on KDE when shell.moveItemToTrash is called.

2017/04/19 ver 1.6.5

1.6.5 March 31, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Electron could not use the version of ffmpeg that
does not include proprietary codecs. #9057
Fixed an issue where drag and drop events did not work properly across
<webview> tags. #9037
Fixed an issue where the geolocation API could hang the UI thread and
crash the renderer process. #8923
Fixed an uncaught error when making a request via the net module
and the response’s content encoding was not supported. #9001
Fixed a crash that would occur on certain page navigations. #9043
Fixed an issue where net module requests did not support non-string
header values. #9062
Fixed an issue where escaped & characters could not be used in top-level
menu item labels. #8984

2017/03/09 ver 1.6.2

1.6.2 March 01, 2017
Fixed an issue where the flash context menu would throw an error when
opened when fullscreen. #8739
Fixed an issue where the Buffer global would be unavailable in modules
required from preload scripts when node integration was disabled. #8758
Fixed a console warning message about a potential listener leak when more
than 10 <webview> tags were in a page. #8742
Fixed an issue where no such module errors would be incorrectly thrown in the
renderer process referencing browser process Electron modules. #8766
Fixed an issue where Quick Look would not work correctly when opened from a
file dialog. #8745
API Changes
Added a new async option to the menu.popup API that causes the method
to return immediately instead of after the menu is closed on all platforms
and also no longer blocks rendering updates on macOS. #8702
The dialog.showMessageBox API now supports the cancelId property

2017/03/02 ver 1.6.1


2017/01/24 ver 1.4.15

1.4.15 January 19, 2017
Fixed a crash when calling preventDefault() on a new-window event for
a sandboxed window. #8377
Fixed the dev tools not opening when a debugger was already attached. #8390
Pulled in an upstream Chrome patch to fix an issue where certain webm
videos would not play. #8428
Fixed incorrect window borders being rendered when the OS zoom level was
greater than 100%. #8404
Fixed a regression where transparent windows wouldn’t be transparent when
the window was fullscreen. #8438
Fixed the window leaving fullscreen mode incorrectly when kiosk mode was
disabled. #8399
New APIs
Added a contextIsolation option to BrowserWindow and <webview> tags
that loads the preload script and Electron APIs into a separate JavaScript
context that is isolated from the main page’s JavaScript context. #8348

2017/01/11 ver 1.4.14

1.4.14 January 10, 2017
Bug Fixes
Fixed a crash when closing a window from within a will-navigate event
listener. #8254
Offscreen windows are now always created as frameless so the viewport size
is as expected. #8250
The backgroundThrottling option is now correctly persisted across window
reloads. #8298
The Cookie header is now settable on requests made using Electron’s net
module. #8258
Fixed a stack overflow error when creating a window with cycles in the
specified options object. #8340
Fixed an issue where the session.enableNetworkEmulation API would lead to
high CPU usage. #8371
Fixed a crash when the OS reported no monitors were available. #8249