タイトル rclone
URL http://rclone.org/
バージョン 1.36   1.35   1.34   1.33  
更新日 2017/03/19
追加日 2016/09/03
種別 フリーソフト
説明 クラウドストレージ版のrsync。







2017/03/19 ver 1.36

v1.36 - 2017-03-18
New Features
SFTP remote (Jack Schmidt)
Re-implement sync routine to work a directory at a time reducing memory usage
Logging revamped to be more inline with rsync - now much quieter
-v only shows transfers
-vv is for full debug
--syslog to log to syslog on capable platforms
Implement --backup-dir and --suffix
Implement --track-renames (initial implementation by Bj淡rn Erik Pedersen)
Add time-based bandwidth limits (Lukas Loesche)
rclone cryptcheck: checks integrity of crypt remotes
Allow all config file variables and options to be set from environment variables
Add --buffer-size parameter to control buffer size for copy
Make --delete-after the default
Add --ignore-checksum flag (fixed by Hisham Zarka)
rclone check: Add --download flag to check all the data, not just hashes
rclone cat: add --head, --tail, --offset, --count and --discard

2017/01/03 ver 1.35

v1.35 - 2017-01-02
New Features
moveto and copyto commands for choosing a destination name on copy/move
rmdirs command to recursively delete empty directories
Allow repeated --include/--exclude/--filter options
Only show transfer stats on commands which transfer stuff
show stats on any command using the --stats flag
Allow overlapping directories in move when server side dir move is supported
Add --stats-unit option - thanks Scott McGillivray
Bug Fixes
Fix the config file being overwritten when two rclones are running
Make rclone lsd obey the filters properly
Fix compilation on mips
Fix not transferring files that don’t differ in size
Fix panic on nil retry/fatal error
Retry reads on error - should help with reliability a lot
Report the modification times for directories from the remote
Add bandwidth accounting and limiting (fixes --bwlimit)

2016/11/07 ver 1.34

v1.34 - 2016-11-06
New Features
Stop single file and --files-from operations iterating through the source bucket.
Stop removing failed upload to cloud storage remotes
Make ContentType be preserved for cloud to cloud copies
Add support to toggle bandwidth limits via SIGUSR2 - thanks Marco Paganini
rclone check shows count of hashes that couldn’t be checked
rclone listremotes command
Support linux/arm64 build - thanks Fredrik Fornwall
Remove Authorization: lines from --dump-headers output
Bug Fixes
Ignore files with control characters in the names
Fix rclone move command
Delete src files which already existed in dst
Fix deletion of src file when dst file older
Fix rclone check on crypted file systems
Make failed uploads not count as “Transferred”
Make sure high level retries show with -q
Use a vendor directory with godep for repeatable builds

2016/09/03 ver 1.33