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更新日 2017/04/20
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースのSFTP、SCPクライアント。







2017/04/20 ver 5.9.5

Not verifying that final path after CWD FTP command matches requested path to allow better compatibility with atypical FTP servers . 1518
Bug fix: Internal InvalidOperationException on each call to Session.ListDirectory. 1515
Bug fix: Clean up application data dialog was showing on wrong monitor.
SSH core and private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to PuTTY 0.68. It brings the following change:
Security fix: an integer overflow bug in the agent forwarding code. vuln-agent-fwd-overflow
Translation completed: Traditional Chinese.
Translation updated: Icelandic.
De-duplicating Duplicate Session and Disconnect accelerators in Session menu. 1512
De-duplicating Quit and Queue accelerators in Commands menu. 1516
Increased length limit of host name. 1517
Bug fix: Failure when reloading non-current directory expanded in remote directory tree. 1514
Bug fix: Failure when moving Download and Delete operation to background. 1462
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2017/02/16 ver 5.9.4

Background transfer operations can use multiple connections. 875
Configurable path to INI file configuration storage.
Duplication is supported with WebDAV protocol. 1508
Sending Content-Type header with WebDAV uploads. 1507
SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2017-02-02, commit f6c1c88).
Not aborting “Keep remote directory up to date” when Continue on error (or option batch continue) is enabled and reading a local directory fails, because it was deleted. 1506
Poll edited file timestamps instead of using change notifications. 1500
Using WinSCP site name for PuTTY window title. 1482
Not adding -load switch to PuTTY arguments, if it is configured already. 1493
Masking out passwords and passphrases in .NET assembly output log. 1475 1488
Update dialog can be displayed by clicking update notification even when the Login dialog is opened.
Scaling Color button image on Advanced Site Settings dialog.
While downloading, when an SFTP SSH_FXP_FSTAT response does not include timestamps, using known timestamps from directory listing for a local file. 1496
Improved file transfer logging, including new progress logging.
Change: Deprecating Session.DisableVersionCheck.
Bug fix: Sudden disconnect errors during authentication are randomly ignored. 1489
Bug fix: Queue status was not shown on task bar button, when WinSCP was minimized by clicking on the task bar button.

2016/12/01 ver 5.9.3

Find dialog is not modal when search finishes and its Focus button does not close the window.
Found files can be downloaded and deleted on the Find dialog. 1473
Support Microsoft Passport authentication to allow WebDAV access to Microsoft OneDrive. 1465
Changes to translations:
Translations are installed to Translations subfolder.
Unless user customizes language, automatically using the best language match each run.
Including all translation (30% at least) in installation, but automatically using only those that are complete (80% at least).
Marking the default, incomplete and invalid languages in Preferences dialog.
Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
Extension output can be displayed in a message box.
Local custom console command output can be copied to clipboard.
The official extensions can be translated.
Consistency in handling errors executing local custom command.
Holding down Ctrl and Shift keys while running a remote custom command copies the command to clipboard instead of executing it.
Session log file rotation. 18
It is possible to skip file actually being transferred. 251
Not indefinitely retrying transfer with FTP protocol when opening transfer channel is failing. 1169
Handling dav:// URL. 1479

2016/09/15 ver 5.9.2

Importing proxy configuration from FileZilla.
SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2016-07-19, commit 9398d23).
DLL hijacking protection. 1459
Hidden options for Preference order for GSSAPI libraries and User-supplied GSSAPI library path. 578
Bug fix: The /refresh command-line switch was not described in /?.
Translations completed: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Kabyle and Ukrainian.
Moving main window with Login dialog. 1455
Expanding patterns in default value of extension options. 1456
Paste command in panels context menu. 422
When upgrading the drag&drop shell extension, silently postpone replacement until the next system restart, unless the new extension is incompatible. 1458
XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.2.0.
Not showing password in full open command syntax suggestion. 1452
Using !P pattern in PuTTY command implies that password should be remembered.
Not importing the Disable Nagle’s algorithm (TCP_NODELAY option) from PuTTY as it has a different default due to its interactive nature.
More detailed error message when fatal error (such as inability to write an XML log file) occurs while .NET assembly is starting winscp.exe.
Skip loading icons from .exe (and similar) files when it takes too long. 1460

2016/08/12 ver 5.9.1

Translations completed: Catalan, Swedish and Polish.
Several files can be opened in editor at once using their paths. 1437
Change: Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles does not throw when reading subdirectory fails
Implemented Beep when work finishes also for Keep remote directory up to date. 1440
Tunnel inherits SSH options from the main session. 1441
Custom command and PuTTY patterns are case-insensitive.
Custom sound for Beep when work finishes. 1444
Make WinSCP default handler command opens Set Program Associations for WinSCP even on Windows 10.
Informing, when the script file is not in supported encoding.
Handling directory listing entries with question marks. 1448
Bug fix: Failure when user’s Documents folder cannot be loaded on start. 1435
Bug fix: GSSAPI authentication is not working in tunneled session. 1434
Bug fix: Some scripting commands or command-line switches were not recognized on some locales (like Welsh) when used or defined with a mixed case (like /XmlLog vs. /xmllog). 1436
Bug fix: When a passive file panel is focused after reload, the panel is scrolled to show the previously focused file, what can cause unintended behavior. 1438
Bug fix: When the current console font (e.g. raster) does not support Unicode, some console output might be lost. 1439
Bug fix: Command-line toolbar was not disabled for WebDAV sessions.
Bug fix: The -pw argument is added to PuTTY command-line, even when !P pattern is used. 1443

2016/07/23 ver 5.9

5.10 (not released yet)
SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2016-07-19, commit 9398d23).
DLL hijacking protection.
Bug fix: The /refresh command-line switch was not described in /?.
SSH private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2016-07-19, commit 9398d23).
Bug fix: Failure due to a disconnected session being left behind after opening a secondary shell session fails. 1433
Bug fix: GSSAPI authentication is not working in tunneled session. 1434
Bug fix: An URL in extension “option” with format - link caption http://example.com/ is ignored.
5.8.4 RC
Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
Run time options for extensions.
Extension can require specific PowerShell and Windows version.
Extension option controls can be grouped using @option - group.

2015/12/05 ver 5.7.7

SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.66.
Protocol prefix ftpes:// for FTP over explicit TLS/SSL.
Optionally preserve timestamps of directories with SFTP protocol. 94
Change: Interface theme is not configurable anymore. Only single theme is supported.
Using Save dialog instead of Open for selecting log file and random seed file paths.
Icon on New version message.
Minimize buttons on Console and Synchronization checklist windows enabled.
Informing the user when a connection fails because an FTP connection was attempted to an SFTP server.
Increase length limit of site note to 4000. 1372
Bug fix: Cannot work with filenames starting or ending with space with FTP protocol. 26
Bug fix: Failure or broken synchronized browsing when changing directory while another command was executing already. 1369
Bug fix: Showing a command of a custom command in status bar. 1370
Bug fix: Commander panel ratio lost after swapping panels.
Bug fix: Minimize buttons on Login and Find windows did not minimize the application.
Bug fix: Failure when closing window while some command was executing.
Translation completed: Arabic.

2015/11/05 ver 5.7.6

Opening the initial Login dialog over the main window.
Automatic updates (for donors only).
Updates are checked over an encrypted HTTPS connection.
Showing tips on using the application.
New Console, Editor, Log, Find and Synchronization checklist windows icon sizes.
Improvements to scripting, command-line and .NET assembly:
Change: Script file has to be in UTF-8 encoding.
Script or .NET assembly code template can be generated in GUI.
Allowing manual verification (with timeout) of SSH hostkey/TLS certificate in batch mode in scripting.
Added Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles method that can enumerate remote files and directories recursively. 1356
Switch -latest for get and put commands to transfer the latest file only.
Added a FullName property to the RemoteFileInfo class.
Resume and Append (TransferOptions.OverwriteMode) in .NET assembly. 1358
The open command in scripting can open FileZilla stored site.
Showing full open command syntax suggestion, when using saved site in batch script.
Change: The RemoteFileInfo.Name now contains a name only, even for a RemoteFileInfo instance returned by the Session.GetFileInfo.
Added properties IsThisDirectory and IsParentDirectory to RemoteFileInfo class.
Added Session.CombinePaths utility method as remote path equivalent of Path.Combine.

2015/08/05 ver 5.7.5

Toolbar, menu and dialog images for 125%, 150% and 200% zooms (120, 144, and 192 DPI respectively). 1302
Scaling status bars on Synchronization checklist and Find windows.
Scaling drop down button arrows.
Correctly scaling file icon on Properties dialog.
Scaling application icon on About dialog.
Scaling images in installer.
New application icon sizes.
New installer icon sizes.
New desktop icon sizes for site, site folder and workspace.
New Console, Editor, Log, Find windows icon sizes.
Scaling icon overlays.
Own scaled icons for message boxes.
Using scalable system window resize grip.
Preventing system from scaling windows when moving them between displays with a different DPI.
Scaling Synchronization checklist action column.
SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.65.
Improved transfer speed:
with SFTP and SCP protocols when CPU is limiting factor.

2015/06/17 ver 5.7.4

Redesigned Progress and Synchronization progress windows.
Improvements and fixes for large font/high DPI environments:
Scaling toolbar drop downs.
Scaling menu and toolbar details (submenu arrows, drop down arrows, drag handles, checkmarks, radio-button marks, color palettes).
Improved transfer speed with SFTP and SCP protocols when CPU is limiting factor.
Command-line interface for converting and editing private keys. 1331
Change: Using UTF-8 for strings (such as password) with SSH protocol. 1014
Change: Script file has to be in UTF-8 encoding.
Supporting impersonated IIS environment with .NET assembly. 1334
TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2c.
Animation on Find dialog.
Not showing percentage progress for indeterminate Directory size calculation.
Preferences window opens with focused navigation tree.
When Cancel is pressed on Progress window before moving transfer to background finishes, transfer is canceled.
Disabling Proceed to Background once Cancel is pressed on Progress window.
Added icon for queue Speed command.
Desktop icons created by an installer show application description.

2015/05/14 ver 5.7.3

WebDAV file locking. 1315
Configurable internal editor font color and default background color. 1326
Using REST command to resume upload with FTP protocol. 552
Save All function in Internal editor. 1327
Enabled IPv6 with FTP by default. 1310
Displaying mod_dav executable property.
Reloading site list when opening Login dialog to open additional session. 1322
Optionally trimming VMS version numbers from filenames during transfer. 1312
Change: Deprecating Session.DefaultConfiguration in favor of Session.AddRawConfiguration.
New icon for Find command and dialog
Correcting labels and hints for color commands in an internal editor.
Session color can be set to black.
Using FTP command SIZE in binary mode. 1292
Optionally determining local file icon by extension only. 1325
Ensuring that sessions to be opened in a new window does not get actually opened back in the existing window.
Bug fix: SFTP transfers fail occasionally. 1321