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更新日 2011/06/02
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースのコーデック。







2011/06/02 ver 1.3.2-20110601

Wednesday, 01.06.2011 16:30h MET
A tiny update to the Xvid installer was necessary - Xvid MiniConvert had
a bug where it could mess up the file suffix. This is fixed within the
new installer. Thank you for the updated file, Michael! :)

2011/06/01 ver 1.3.2-20110531

Tuesday, 31.05.2011 16:50h MET
A new Xvid version is available, 1.3.2. It is mainly a bugfix release mainly
for non-x86 and Unix users. But also, for the Windows users the new installer
has some interesting features. In new installations, the tiny encoder
xvid_encraw will be put into a new sub-directory "Advanced".
For the ease-of-use, a new tool is included as well - Xvid MiniConvert.
It will take most playable content and convert it to Xvid with MP3 audio
in .avi containers.
The installer also fixes a small annoyance which the DivX installer causes -
it installs its own .avi and limited .mkv splitter and disables other
splitters for these formats. This leads to the situation that many files
can't be decoded properly. The situation is even worse on x64 systems, where
that splitter is registered but totally missing. The new Xvid installer fixes
this issue.
Thanks Michael for the new installer and these nice additional tools and

2011/04/03 ver 1.3.1-20110324

Saturday, 02.04.2011 11:00h MET
A small bugfix release of Xvid is available. Michal fine tuned the installer
a bit. A few minor changes have been applied to the sources as well - if you
didn't experience any problems you don't need to update. Thanks to Michael
who provided the installer and the build!

2011/02/25 ver 1.3.0-24022011-mm

Thursday, 24.02.2011 21:00h MET
Oopsi, sorry! There was a small glitch in the installer - on Windows XP systems
without Media Foundation Transform (add-on to Windows Media Player 11 and
installed by default in Windows 7) the installer aborted with an error. This
updated version first checks whether MFT is installed on the system and
installs according to that different binaries. Thanks again for the build,

2011/02/24 ver 1.3.0-22022011-mm

Wednesday, 23.02.2011 16:30h MET
Michael provided me with a nice Xvid-1.3.0 build: The installer works
in all Windows versions (up to Windows 7, also 64 bits). As compiling
tricks with the old compilers don't help much on current equipment (even on 5 year old stuff), I think it's more than appropiate to
use Michaels version (marked with the -mm in the filename). As the installer uses the Qt libraries it is quite huge though - from 680 kbyte up to 9 mbyte. Thanks for providing me with this build, Michael! :-)

2009/06/08 ver 1.2.2-07062009

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Sunday, 07.06.2009 16:30h MET
I found some time to compile the new Xvid release 1.2.2. A VAQ-patched version is
still missing though. Since the new version fixes two potential security vulnerabilities
it is advised to install it ASAP!
Thursday, 01.01.2009 22:45h MET
Oops. I accidently didn't apply a variable name change in the VAQ-patch. I reviewed the
changes, compiled a new build and tested it. Now Variable Adaptive Quantization (VAQ)
really works in the VAQ-build. If you want to use it, please download the installer
again and update your installation with it.
Oh. And of course: A Happy New Year!
Saturday, 13.12.2008 20:15h MET
The Directshow-filter in the first version of the recent installers didn't work properly.
I finally managed to properly compile the filter, now it works perfectly.
I silently updated the installers. If you already have downloaded the build and don't
use for example ffdshow, please re-download and install the (silently) updated version.
Sorry for the fuzz!

2008/12/05 ver 1.2.1-04122008

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Thursday, 04.12.2008 19:15h MET
Isibaar published Xvid-1.2.0 earlier this week. Today he published a bugfixed version
1.2.1 which I could finally compile. I had to setup compilers, DirectShow- and
Platform-SDKs and more, so it took me a while. I hope you don't mind. This build replaces
all the older stuff - 1.2.-127 is obsolete, and 1.1.3 is outdated with that, too.
I added Dark Shikari's variable adaptive quantization patch again. Please test it by
using luminance masking. First tests show that the build works as it should.
That's the build with -VAQ, the other build is from the plain sources.

2008/09/12 ver 1.1.3-27042008

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Sunday, 27.04.2008 11:15h MET
Plugh pointed me to another bugfix that made it into CVS but wasn't backported to
Xvid-1.1.3. There was an issue with motion vectors (MVs), an array was too small so a
wrong MV could have been chosen in some cases. Since those MVs are costly bitrate-wise,
it should have happened very seldom. Anyhow, I updated Xvid-1.1.3 and Xvid-1.1.3-VAQ.
Saturday, 12.04.2008 08:05h MET
Plugh pointed out an error in Xvid-1.1.3 that occurs when calling the plugin-system
when there is a b-frame. The call may have handed the wrong frame, for example a p-frame
to the plugins. This is a kind of a back-port of the patch in CVS.

2007/06/29 ver 1.1.3-28062007

XviD-1.1.3-28062007.exe (628kb)
XviD-1.1.3 final build.
- {core}: Fixed possible security issue in mbcoding.c
(see http://www.heise-security.co.uk/news/91867)
xvidcore-1.1.3.tar.gz (723kb)

2006/11/02 ver 1.1.2-01112006

XviD-1.1.2-01112006.exe (628kb)
XviD-1.1.2 final build.
- {core}: Fixed bug when frame-drop (N-VOP) feature is used in combination with
packed B-frames
- {core}: Fixed potential crash on AMD64/EMT64 architecture.
- {core}: Fix for visual_object_verid vs. video_object_layer_verid problem.
- {core}: Ensure intervening bytes are preserved in BitstreamInit()
- {vfw}: Prevent segfault when encoding application calls compress_end with NULL
codec context
- {vfw}: Profile definitions updates.
Xvid 1.1.2 fixes also a bug with unaligned bitstream buffers still present in
Xvid 1.1.1.
Available for download for historical reasons.
Latest unstable binary
XviD-1.2.-127-25022006.exe (630kb)
Changelog to XviD-1.1:
- {core}: New experimental SMP support.
- {core}: Trellis improvements (according to sysKin).

2005/12/31 ver 1.1.0-30122005

XviD-1.1.0-30122005.exe (624kb)
XviD-1.1.0 final build.
- {core}: Field interlaced decoding.
- {dshow}: Additional fourcc support.
- {vfw}: Small updates.
Finally, the 1.1.0-release is ready for prime-time! Only small fixes and changes
were done compared to beta 2, but you might like the (a little bit) overhauled
Old 1.0-tree stable binary
XviD-1.0.3-20122004.exe (621kb)
- {xvidcore} Fixed trellis optimization overflow for quant