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タイトル KeyNote
URL http://www.tranglos.com/
バージョン 1.6.9   1.6.5   1.6.1  
更新日 2009/10/17
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースのツリー型エディタ。







2009/10/17 ver 1.6.9

KeyNote: Release history
I no longer maintain KeyNote. The last version released here is the 1.6.9 update package.
I am happy to announce that, as of 2009, further development has been taken up by Daniel Pradov, who has been releasing new versions under the name of KeyNote NF (New Features). The project page is here.
Keynote was originally released on 7 August 2000.
29 December 2006 - version 1.6.9:
Tree nodes now remember the date they were last created and last modified. Because previously these dates were not kept, KeyNote will show the following for existing files:
Creation date of a tree node will be shown as the same as the creation date of the note (which was maintained)
Modification date of a tree node will not be shown (as in, never modified) until the node is modified in the current version of KeyNote.
The dialog boxes displayed when deleting a node or a note have been completely redesigned. It is now a little more difficult to delete things accidentally.
12 November 2003 - version 1.6.5:
In Options - Other you can now specify a custom web browser to use for launching URLs, or tell KeyNote to use the system default web browser.
Fixed problems with creating file type associations.
Main windows state (minimized, maximized) should now be correctly preserved. Note that it might interfere with the "Start minimized" configuration setting or the "-min" command line switch.
In tree-type notes, each node now has an independent word wrap setting. that is, word wrap can be ON for some nodes and OFF for others. (Initially each node uses the note's setting.)
Small improvements in the Launch URL and Insert character dialog boxes.
It is now possible to merge current file with itself. This is an easy way to create a copy of a note in the same file.
6 January 2003 - version 1.6.1:
Fixed a bug which prevented KeyNote from saving newly-added 'Favorite' items.
Fixed a bug in automatic outline numbering, where zeros in node numbers were not stripped correctly while renumbering the tree.

2003/11/14 ver 1.6.5


2003/07/22 ver 1.6.1