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更新日 2008/08/08
追加日 2013/08/17
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2008/08/08 ver 4.4.9

Version 4.4.9
Updated PCRE to version 7.7.
Fixed overflow in memnstr().
Fixed crash in imageloadfont when an invalid font is given.
Fixed open_basedir handling issue in the curl extension.
Fixed bug #37421 (mbstring.func_overload set in .htaccess becomes global).
Added "max_input_nesting_level" php.ini option to limit nesting level of input variables. Fix for MOPB-03-2007.
Last updated: Thu Aug 7 21:40:28 2008 PDT

2008/01/06 ver 4.4.8

Version 4.4.8
Improved fix for MOPB-02-2007.
Fixed an integer overflow inside chunk_split(). Identified by Gerhard Wagner.
Fixed integer overlow in str[c]spn().
Fixed regression in glob when open_basedir is on introduced by #41655 fix.
Fixed money_format() not to accept multiple %i or %n tokens.
Addded "max_input_nesting_level" php.ini option to limit nesting level of input variables. Fix for MOPB-03-2007.
Fixed INFILE LOCAL option handling with MySQL - now not allowed when open_basedir or safe_mode is active.
Fixed session.save_path and error_log values to be checked against open_basedir and safe_mode (CVE-2007-3378).
Fixed bug #43010 (Fixed regression in imagearc with two equivelent angles).
Fixed bug #41765 (Recode crashes/does not work on amd64).
Fixed bug #41630 (segfault when an invalid color index is present in the image data).
Fixed bug #41628 (PHP settings leak between Virtual Hosts in Apache 1.3).
Fixed bug #38798 (OpenSSL init corrected in php5 but not in php4).
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Last updated: Sat Jan 5 21:16:22 2008 PST

2007/05/04 ver 4.4.7

Version 4.4.7
Fixed MOPB-33-2007 (PHP mail() Message ASCIIZ Byte Truncation).
Fixed MOPB-32-2007 (Double free inside session_decode()).
Fixed MOPB-26-2007 (mb_parse_str() can be used to activate register_globals).
Fixed MOPB-24-2007 (Fixed unallocated memory access/double free in in array_user_key_compare()).
Fixed MOPB-22-2007 (PHP session_regenerate_id() Double Free Vulnerability).
Fixed MOPB-21-2007 (An open_basedir/safe_mode bypass inside the compress.bzip2 wraper).
Fixed MOPB-8-2007 (XSS in phpinfo()).
Fixed CVE-2007-1001 (GD wbmp used with invalid image size).
Fixed CVE-2007-0455 (Buffer overflow in gdImageStringFTEx, used by imagettf function).
Fixed bug #41252 (Calling mcrypt_generic without first calling mcrypt_generic_init crashes).
Fixed bug #40998 (long session array keys are truncated).
Fixed bug #40915 (addcslashes unexpected behavior with binary input).
Fixed bug #40831 (cURL extension doesn't clean up the buffer of reused handle).
Fixed bug #40747 (possible crash in session when save_path is out of open_basedir).
Fixed bug #38236 (Binary data gets corrupted on multipart/formdata POST).
Fixed huge CPU usage in imagearc when used with large angles (libgd bug #74).
Fixed CRLF injection inside ftp_putcmd().
Last updated: Fri May 4 04:38:52 2007 PDT

2007/03/01 ver 4.4.6

Version 4.4.6
Updated PCRE to version 7.0.
Fixed segfault in ext/session when register_globals=On.
Fixed bug #40635 (segfault in cURL extension).
Fixed bug #40611 (possible cURL memory error).
Fixed bug #40578 (imagettftext() multithreading issue).
Fixed bug #40502 (ext/interbase compile failure).
Fixed bug #40286 (PHP fastcgi with PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN don't kill children when parent is killed).
Last updated: Thu Mar 1 01:33:24 2007 PST

2007/02/15 ver 4.4.5

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Version 4.4.5
Upgraded PEAR to 1.5.0.
Updated PCRE to version 6.7.
Moved extensions to PECL: ext/ovrimos
Added a meta tag to phpinfo() output to prevent search engines from indexing the page.
Backported a fix in the configure tests to detect the "rounding fuzz".
Backported fix for ext/imap compilation failure with recent c-client versions.
Fixed missing open_basedir check inside chdir() function.
Fixed bug #40335 (Compile fails when using GCC 4.1.1/binutils 2.17).
Fixed bug #39971 (pg_insert/pg_update do not allow now() to be used for timestamp fields).
Fixed bug #39890 (using autoconf 2.6x and --with-layout=GNU breaks PEAR install path).
Fixed bug #39819 (Using $this not in object context can cause segfaults).
Fixed bug #39653 (ext/dba doesn't check for db-4.5 and db-4.4 when db4 support is enabled).
Fixed bug #39583 (ftp_put() does not change transfer mode to ASCII).
Fixed bug #39458 (ftp_nlist() returns false on empty dirs).
Fixed bug #39354 (Allow building of curl extension against libcurl 7.16.0).
Fixed bug #39034 (curl_exec() with return transfer returns TRUE on empty files).

2006/08/18 ver 4.4.4

Version 4.4.4
Fixed memory_limit on 64bit systems.
Fixed overflow on 64bit systems in str_repeat() and wordwrap().
Disabled CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION in curl when open_basedir or safe_mode are enabled.
Fixed a memory corruption error with an invalid foreach() call.
Fixed bug #38431 (xmlrpc_get_type() crashes PHP on objects).
Fixed bug #38377 (session_destroy() gives warning after session_regenerate_id()).
Fixed bug #38322 (reading past array in sscanf() leads to arbitary code execution).
Fixed bug #38278 (session_cache_expire()'s value does not match phpinfo's session.cache_expire).
Fixed bug #38251 (socket_select() and invalid arguments).
Fixed bug #38183 (disable_classes=Foobar causes disabled class to be called Foo).
Fixed bug #38112 (corrupted gif segfaults).
Fixed bug #37265 (Added missing safe_mode & open_basedir checks to imap_body()).
Fixed bug #29538 (number_format and problem with 0).
There is a separate announcement available for this release.
Last updated: Thu Aug 17 13:21:09 2006 PDT

2006/08/04 ver 4.4.3

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Version 4.4.3
Added control character checks for cURL extension's open_basedir/safe_mode checks.
Added overflow checks to wordwrap() function.
Added a check for special characters in the session name.
Improved safe_mode check for the error_log() function.
Updated PCRE to version 6.6.
Fixed handling of extremely long paths inside tempnam() function.
Fixed XSS inside phpinfo() with long inputs.
Fixed a possible buffer overflow inside create_named_pipe() for Win32 systems in libmysql.c.

2006/01/14 ver 4.4.2

Version 4.4.2
Added missing safe_mode/open_basedir checks into cURL extension.
Backported missing imap_mailcompose() fixes from PHP 5.x.
Prevent header injection by limiting each header to a single line.
Fixed possible XSS inside error reporting functionality.
Fixed Apache 2 regression with sub-request handling on non-linux systems.
Fixed bug #35817 (unpack() does not decode odd number of hexadecimal values).
Fixed bug #35735 ($EGREP not defined in configure).
Fixed bug #35669 (imap_mail_compose() crashes with multipart-multiboundary-email).
Fixed bug #35655 (whitespace following end of heredoc is lost).
Fixed bug #35646 (%{mod_php_memory_usage}n is not reset after exit).
Fixed bug #35594 (Multiple calls to getopt() may result in a crash).
Fixed bug #35571 (Fixed crash in Apache 2 SAPI when more then one php script is loaded via SSI include).
Fixed bug #35536 (mysql_field_type() doesn't handle NEWDECIMAL).
Fixed bug #35410 (wddx_deserialize() doesn't handle large ints as keys properly).
Fixed bug #35341 (Fix for bug #33760 breaks build with older curl).
Fixed bug #35278 (Multiple virtual() calls crash Apache 2 php module).
Fixed bug #35257 (Calling ob_flush after creating an ob callback causes segfault).

2005/11/01 ver 4.4.1

Version 4.4.1
Added missing safe_mode checks for image* functions and cURL.
Added missing safe_mode/open_basedir checks for file uploads.
Fixed a memory corruption bug regarding included files.
Fixed possible INI setting leak via virtual() in Apache 2 sapi.
Fixed possible crash and/or memory corruption in import_request_variables().
Fixed potential GLOBALS overwrite via import_request_variables().
Fixed possible GLOBALS variable override when register_globals are ON.
Fixed possible register_globals toggle via parse_str().
Added "new_link" parameter to mssql_connect(). Bug #34369.
Fixed bug #34850 (--program-suffix and --program-prefix not included in man page names).
Fixed bug #34790 (preg_match_all(), named capturing groups, variable assignment/return => crash).
Fixed bug #34742 (ftp wrapper failures caused from segmented command transfer).
Fixed bug #34704 (Infinite recursion due to corrupt JPEG).
Fixed bug #34645 (ctype corrupts memory when validating large numbers).
Fixed bug #34565 (mb_send_mail does not fetch mail.force_extra_parameters).
Fixed bug #34557 (php -m exits with "error" 1).
Fixed bug #34456 (Possible crash inside pspell extension).

2005/07/12 ver 4.4.0

Version 4.4.0
Added man pages for "phpize" and "php-config" scripts.
Added support for .cc files in extensions.
Added the sorting flag SORT_LOCALE_STRING to the sort() functions which makes them sort based on the current locale.
Changed sha1_file() and md5_file() functions to use streams instead of low level IO.
Fixed memory corruptions when using references in a wrong way.
Fixed memory corruption in pg_copy_from() in case the as_null parameter was passed.
Fixed memory corruption in stristr(). (Derick)
Fixed bug #32685, Fixed bug #29423 (Segfault when using assignment by reference within function).
Fixed bug #33242 (Mangled error message when stream fails).
Fixed bug #33222 (segfault when CURL handle is closed in a callback).
Fixed bug #33214 (odbc_next_result does not signal SQL errors with 2-statement SQL batches).
Fixed bug #33210 (relax jpeg recursive loop protection).
Fixed bug #33200 (preg_replace(): magic_quotes_sybase=On makes 'e' modifier misbehave).
Fixed bug #33150 (shtool: insecure temporary file creation).
Fixed bug #33072 (Add a safemode/open_basedir check for runtime save_path change).
Fixed bug #33070 (Improved performance of bzdecompress() by several orders of magnitude).
Fixed bug #33057 (Don't send extraneous entity-headers on a 304 as per RFC 2616 section 10.3.5).

2005/04/01 ver 4.3.11

Version 4.3.11
Added Oracle Instant Client support
Added checks for negative values to gmp_sqrt(), gmp_powm(), gmp_sqrtrem() and gmp_fact() to prevent SIGFPE
Changed phpize not to require libtool
Updated bundled libmbfl library (used for multibyte functions)
Fixed several leaks in ext/browscap and sapi/embed
Fixed several leaks in ext/filepro
Fixed build system to always use bundled libtool files
Fixed MacOSX shared extensions crashing on Apache startup
Fixed bug #32373 (segfault in bzopen() if supplied path to non-existent file).
Fixed bug #32340 (insert_before($node,NULL) does not return).
Fixed bug #32200 (Prevent using both --with-apxs2 and --with-apxs2filter).
Fixed bug #32114 (DOM crashing when attribute appended to Document).
Fixed bug #32063 (mb_convert_encoding ignores named entity 'alpha').
Fixed bug #31960 (msql_fetch_row() and msql_fetch_array() dropping columns with NULL values).
Fixed bug #31936 (set_h_errno() is redefined incompatibly).
Fixed bug #31911 (mb_decode_mimeheader() is case-sensitive to hex escapes).
Fixed bug #31858 (--disable-cli does not force --without-pear).