タイトル xplorer2
URL http://zabkat.com/
更新日 2018/05/22
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(25.28ドル)
説明 多彩な機能を持つ海外製ファイル管理ソフト。







2018/05/22 ver

v4.0.0.2 (21 May 2018)

2018/03/06 ver

v4.0.0.1 (5 Mar 2018)

2018/02/16 ver

v4.0.0.0 (15 Feb 2018)
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Fast desktop search using all file attributes
Filename color coding and tagging
Macros to automate complex file management
xplorer² v4.0 released
Major upgrade bringing programming and automation for file management tasks. Write small scripts to ease complex operations you repeat time and again with macros. Plus lots of other useful additions and improvements...
xplorer² desktop search engine is unrivalled in power, speed and flexibility. If you can think of the attributes xplorer² will find your files and highlight the search keywords
Transfer and delete files using filters and overwrite control, even in deep paths. Create links, junctions, add comments/tags, touch dates, split/join, mass rename, shred
All your namespace extensions, column handlers, thumbnails, virtual folders, icon overlays, infotip popups, WLX/WDX/WCX plugins will work as in windows explorer.
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2017/12/14 ver

v3.5.0.2 (13 Dec 2017)

2017/10/23 ver

v3.5.0.1 (23 Oct 2017)

2017/10/01 ver

v3.5.0.0 (1 Oct 2017)
xplorer² v3.5 released
Color tag files and folders to make them stand out and easy to find. xplorer² looks better in UHD monitors and high DPI screens. Plus lots of other useful additions in the latest version...

2017/07/15 ver

v3.4.0.4 (15 Jul 2017)

2017/06/29 ver

v3.4.0.3 (29 Jun 2017)

2017/06/19 ver

v3.4.0.2 (19 Jun 2017)

2017/03/21 ver

v3.4.0.1 (20 Mar 2017)

2017/03/05 ver

v3.4.0.0 (5 Mar 2017)
xplorer² v3.4 released
Long path support for winXP+, WCX packer plugin integration (browse into compressed 7z/RAR archives) and exporting folder contents as CVS Excel listings are a few of the new additions in the latest version...
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