タイトル AutoHotkey
URL https://autohotkey.com/
更新日 2018/04/08
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 キーボードやジョイスティックやマウスにいろいろな機能を割り当てることができるソフト。







2018/04/08 ver - April 7, 2018
Fixed Control ChooseString and ControlGet FindString ignoring the first two items.
Fixed Control ChooseString to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.
Fixed WinActivate to restore the active window, as originally intended for [v1.1.20.00].
Fixed hotkey parser to treat x & ^y as an error instead of ignoring ^.
Tilde in ~x:: now affects x & y:: in the same way that ~x & z:: would, instead of having no effect.
Dev: Added solution and project files for MSBuild 4.0 & VS2010. [more info]

2018/04/01 ver - March 31, 2018
Fixed Thread treating omitted parameters as 0.
Fixed FileAppend to stderr (**).
Fixed break label being able to jump to an unrelated loop.
Reverted hotstring reset behaviour to pre-v1.1.28.00.
Added Hotstring("Reset") for manually resetting the hotstring recognizer.

2018/02/11 ver - February 11, 2018
Changed __Delete to catch and report exceptions when called during object cleanup. It previously had the (erroneous) effect of "postponing" the exception until the next function call or the end of the try-block/thread.
Changed hotstring recognizer to reset when focus changes instead of just when the active window changes.
Changed WinMenuSelectItem to treat menu 0& as the window's system menu.
New features:
Added support for all built-in variables in the path passed to #Include.
Added A_TimeIdleKeyboard and A_TimeIdleMouse.
Added A_ListLines.
Added A_ComSpec (alias of ComSpec).
Added A_LoopFilePath (alias of A_LoopFileFullPath, which is a misnomer).
Added hotstring X option to execute a same-line action instead of auto-replace.
Added Hotstring().
Added function hotstrings.
Added MaxParts parameter to StrSplit.
Improved #MenuMaskKey to allow specifying VK and SC, or vk00sc000.
Bug fixes:
Fixed #MenuMaskKey treating some valid keys (such as Del) as invalid.
Optimised detection of AltGr on Unicode builds. This fixes a delay which occurred at startup (since v1.1.27.00) or the first time Send is called for each target keyboard layout (prior to v1.1.27.00).

2018/01/21 ver - January 21, 2018
Fixed default size of Gui with +Parent to not be restricted by parent [broken by v1.1.27.05].
Fixed controls not redrawing if a separate Tab control is shown/hidden immediately after the control was invalidated (such as when showing/hiding multiple controls at once).

2018/01/17 ver - January 16, 2018
Fixed hotstrings/Input causing stuck dead keys (broken by v1.1.27.05).

2018/01/16 ver - January 16, 2018
Fixed visible Input end keys causing any pending dead key to double up.
Fixed hotstrings/Input affecting how Tab/Esc act in a dead key sequence.
Fixed A_IconFile returning an incorrect path if a DLL was used.
Fixed Gui with +Parent to center within the parent GUI vs. the screen.
Fixed Input/hotstring detection of dead key sequences in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
Added: #MenuMaskKey directive to change which key is used to mask Alt/Win keyup events. See this thread for background information.

2018/01/10 ver - January 10, 2018
Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite giving erroneous warnings.
Added: #MenuMaskKey directive to change which key is used to mask Alt/Win keyup events. See this thread for background information.

2018/01/07 ver - January 6, 2018
Improved Menu x, NoStandard and Menu x, DeleteAll to work without attempting to destroy the underlying Win32 menu. This allows them to work when x is a menu bar or sub-menu of one.
Reworked the handling of vkXXscYYY:
Fixed GetKeyVK and GetKeyName treating vkXXscYYY as vk00scYYY.
Send is now more strict with {vk...} and invalid suffixes, consistent with similar changes made by [v1.1.27.00] (but sc is still supported).
Reduced code size.

2018/01/02 ver - January 1, 2018
Fixed loading of bmp files as icons at original size.
Fixed compound assignments such as Test.Prop[1] += 1 (broken by v1.1.27.01).
Fixed Menu Tray, Icon, SB_SetIcon and LoadPicture with non-zero Icon option to allow bitmaps (but convert if needed).

2017/12/31 ver - December 31, 2017
Fixed program crashes caused by ++X or --X in scripts which lack #NoEnv (broken by v1.1.27.00).
Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite giving an erroneous warning for ++MyClass.X.
Fixed remapping to allow custom combinations such as a & b::c.
Fixed Send/hotstrings/Input to adapt to the keyboard layout of the focused control instead of just the active window. In particular, this affects UWP apps such as Microsoft Edge.
Fixed Input not collecting characters when both Shift keys are down.
Fixed Input to use "sc" and "vk" for end keys in ErrorLevel rather than "Sc" and "Vk" (caused by v1.1.20).
Fixed GetKeyName/VK/SC("vkXXscYYY") where YYY begins with A-F (broken by v1.1.26).

2017/12/25 ver - December 25, 2017
Replaced AU3_Spy.exe with WindowSpy.ahk.
AU3_Spy.exe is still launched if WindowSpy.ahk is not found.
It now follows the focused control by default, and has a checkbox for both window and control to follow the mouse.
It no longer takes over a global hotkey (Win+A). Instead, hold Ctrl or Shift to suspend updates (release them after focusing Window Spy).
It is now possible to Alt-Tab to Window Spy on Windows 10 without the contents of the GUI changing.
Changed a-z to mean vk41-vk5A when absent from the keyboard layout, except with Raw mode or when sending single unmodified characters. This allows hotkeys and sent keyboard shortcuts to work more intuitively on certain non-English keyboard layouts.
Changed Send on ANSI versions to use SendInput() in place of Alt+nnnnn for special characters.
Changed the rules for masking Alt/Win after pressing a hook hotkey:
Explicitly sent Alt/Win up may be masked. This fixes remappings such as AppsKey::RWin, but hotkeys which are intended to activate the Start Menu may require new workarounds.
If Alt/Win is logically but not physically down, only hotkeys which require Alt/Win (such as #a::, not *a::) cause masking. This is to allow a remapping or wildcard hotkey to send the key-up without it being masked.
The keyboard hook now tracks events in relation to Alt/Win, so that the mask key does not need to be sent if Alt/Win was already masked by some other event (physical or sent).
The hotkeys ~LWin:: and ~RWin:: no longer suppress the Start Menu. See #MenuMaskKey for details and a workaround.
Added proper validation for vk or sc key names, so names such as "sc01notvalid" are no longer recognized as keys.
Scripts containing hotkeys of the form VKnnSCnnn:: will need to be corrected by removing SCnnn, which was previously ignored.
Help file: Replaced the standard HTML Help Viewer sidebar with the new HTML5 sidebar developed by Ragnar-F.
New features:
Added Min/Max built-in functions. [PR #84 from Ragnar-F]