タイトル AutoHotkey
URL https://autohotkey.com/
更新日 2018/11/11
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 キーボードやジョイスティックやマウスにいろいろな機能を割り当てることができるソフト。







2018/11/11 ver - November 11, 2018
Changed TV_Add/TV_Modify to allow "Bold1" and "Bold0".
Fixed hotkey pairs with non-zero #InputLevel blocking sent events.
Fixed Control Choose to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.
Fixed heap corruption in scripts with keyboard hook but no hotkeys.
Fixed escape sequences in one-line hotstrings with 'X' option.
Fixed `` escape sequence preceding a ; comment flag.
Fixed finally corrupting the value of a pending return.
Fixed MsgBox to detect timeouts even if the thread is interrupted.
Fixed Ahk2Exe to support more built-in variables in #Include.

2018/08/23 ver - August 22, 2018
Fixed SendInput/SendPlay to restore DownR/remapped modifiers.
Increased limit of hotkeys per script from 1000 to 32762.
Changed commands which accept On/Off/Toggle to also accept 1/0/-1 (where documented).
Improvements to debugger (DBGp) support:
Added support for the -d (stack depth) option.
Added (DBGp-only) .<base> pseudo-property to resolve ambiguity.
Fixed debugger to avoid unsupported re-entry during break state.
Fixed DBGp command parser to support quoted parameters.

2018/06/02 ver - June 2, 2018
Fixed WinMove crashing the program in some cases [broken by v1.1.29.00].
Fixed Gui x:Default if no Gui has been created [broken by v1.1.29.00].

2018/05/25 ver - May 25, 2018
Added Object.Count() and ObjCount(Object).
Added ObjGetBase(Object) and ObjSetBase(Object, Base).
Added ObjRawGet(Object, Key).
Added OnError(Func [, AddRemove]).
Revised exception handling:
If unhandled, show an error message/call OnError before the stack unwinds (making exceptions consistent with runtime errors).
Fixed __Delete causing commands to throw even when Try is not used.
Fixed COM clients unable to catch built-in script errors.
Removed the limits on the number of custom modifiers that can be used with each key.
Changed Send {Text} to avoid toggling CapsLock or waiting for Win+L.
Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite to not warn for A_Args.
Improved DBGp source command to properly convert between file codepage and UTF-8, and to reduce code size.
Other code size optimizations and trivial maintenance.
SplashImage clipped the image if height > width.
Fixed: Func->mNextFunc not inititialized to NULL (used only by LowLevel scripts).

2018/04/08 ver - April 7, 2018
Fixed Control ChooseString and ControlGet FindString ignoring the first two items.
Fixed Control ChooseString to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.
Fixed WinActivate to restore the active window, as originally intended for [v1.1.20.00].
Fixed hotkey parser to treat x & ^y as an error instead of ignoring ^.
Tilde in ~x:: now affects x & y:: in the same way that ~x & z:: would, instead of having no effect.
Dev: Added solution and project files for MSBuild 4.0 & VS2010. [more info]

2018/04/01 ver - March 31, 2018
Fixed Thread treating omitted parameters as 0.
Fixed FileAppend to stderr (**).
Fixed break label being able to jump to an unrelated loop.
Reverted hotstring reset behaviour to pre-v1.1.28.00.
Added Hotstring("Reset") for manually resetting the hotstring recognizer.

2018/02/11 ver - February 11, 2018
Changed __Delete to catch and report exceptions when called during object cleanup. It previously had the (erroneous) effect of "postponing" the exception until the next function call or the end of the try-block/thread.
Changed hotstring recognizer to reset when focus changes instead of just when the active window changes.
Changed WinMenuSelectItem to treat menu 0& as the window's system menu.
New features:
Added support for all built-in variables in the path passed to #Include.
Added A_TimeIdleKeyboard and A_TimeIdleMouse.
Added A_ListLines.
Added A_ComSpec (alias of ComSpec).
Added A_LoopFilePath (alias of A_LoopFileFullPath, which is a misnomer).
Added hotstring X option to execute a same-line action instead of auto-replace.
Added Hotstring().
Added function hotstrings.
Added MaxParts parameter to StrSplit.
Improved #MenuMaskKey to allow specifying VK and SC, or vk00sc000.
Bug fixes:
Fixed #MenuMaskKey treating some valid keys (such as Del) as invalid.
Optimised detection of AltGr on Unicode builds. This fixes a delay which occurred at startup (since v1.1.27.00) or the first time Send is called for each target keyboard layout (prior to v1.1.27.00).

2018/01/21 ver - January 21, 2018
Fixed default size of Gui with +Parent to not be restricted by parent [broken by v1.1.27.05].
Fixed controls not redrawing if a separate Tab control is shown/hidden immediately after the control was invalidated (such as when showing/hiding multiple controls at once).

2018/01/17 ver - January 16, 2018
Fixed hotstrings/Input causing stuck dead keys (broken by v1.1.27.05).

2018/01/16 ver - January 16, 2018
Fixed visible Input end keys causing any pending dead key to double up.
Fixed hotstrings/Input affecting how Tab/Esc act in a dead key sequence.
Fixed A_IconFile returning an incorrect path if a DLL was used.
Fixed Gui with +Parent to center within the parent GUI vs. the screen.
Fixed Input/hotstring detection of dead key sequences in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
Added: #MenuMaskKey directive to change which key is used to mask Alt/Win keyup events. See this thread for background information.

2018/01/10 ver - January 10, 2018
Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite giving erroneous warnings.
Added: #MenuMaskKey directive to change which key is used to mask Alt/Win keyup events. See this thread for background information.