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更新日 2014/07/01
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 純粋遅延関数型言語。







2014/07/01 ver 2.4

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Clean is available for #Windows (32 and 64 bit), #Linux (32 and 64 bit) and #Mac OS X (64 bit only).
The latest stable release is Clean 2.4.
Clean 2.4 License
Clean is available under a dual license. Users can choose which of these two
licenses they wish to operate under:
The Simplified BSD License applies to the libraries, runtime system and examples, the LGPL to the rest.
A commercial license.
For details see the Clean License Conditions
Latest stable release
Clean 2.4 with IDE and libraries (Intel, 32bit)
Clean_2.4.zip - Clean_2.4.7z
Clean 2.4 with IDE and libraries (Intel, 64bit)
Clean_2.4_64.zip - Clean_2.4_64.7z
Latest stable release

2006/12/19 ver 2.2

Clean 2.2
The Clean 2.2 system is available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Solaris. Now also available for 64 bit Windows and Linux.
Sparkle is a proof tool specially constructed for Clean. The tool knows the Clean syntax and semantics. It comes with a rich set of proof
tactics and a powerful hint mechanism to aid the user in proving properties of Clean programs. Sparkle homepage
The Clean type system combines the best of two worlds: static typing in the best functional tradition, and dynamic typing. Static types can
be converted to dynamic types and vice versa in a type safe way. With dynamics you can exchange code and data in a flexible and type-safe way between Clean applications.  
Marco Kesseler maintains a
wish list for Clean. Please feel free to discuss these and your wishes. 
Japanese locale
Lethevert has made a localized
Japanese version of the Clean system.We include the link with his kind permission.
Clean is a spin-off of the research performed by the Software Technology department. Read all about our current research projects
showing you what the future of Clean will be.Many new ideas both on the theoretical and practical level are explained in the scientific papers written by members of our group. 
Peter Divi疣szky, E?tv?s Lor疣d University, Haskell-Clean compiler
Last Update: 18 December 2006 

2005/06/01 ver 2.1.1

Clean 2.1.1
The Clean 2.1.1 system is available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Solaris. Bug fixes and new features:
Libraries for Windows: GAST, GECs, Hilde, Parser
Foreign exports
Improved redirected standard input/output
Let in comprehensions
Code generator optimisations
Download Clean
Download the latest Clean System.
Clean can be used free of charge under the LGPL license conditions. We have also a commercial license (see license conditions). The main platforms we support are Windows and Macintosh. We also have a version for Linux (PC) and
We do our best to make Clean as good as possible.Help us to further improve the system and provide us with feedback (clean@cs.ru.nl). 
Clean and Haskell
There are a couple of projects that combine Clean with
Matthew Naylor, University of York,  Hacle project. Compiles Haskell to Clean
Peter Divi疣szky, Ev Lor疣d University, Haskell-Clean compiler
Last Update: 31 May 2005 

2004/07/31 ver 2.1