タイトル wxPython
URL https://www.wxpython.org/
バージョン 4.0.1   4.0.0   4.0.0b2   4.0.0b1  
更新日 2018/02/03
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 wxWidgetsのPythonバインディング。







2018/02/03 ver 4.0.1

4.0.1 "Lemonade"
PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/wxPython/4.0.1
Extras: https://extras.wxPython.org/wxPython4/extras/
Pip: pip install wxPython==4.0.1
This release is a quick hot-fix of some issues discovered in 4.0.0 just after
the release, plus a bit of low-hanging fruit that was easy to squeeze in too.
Changes in this release include the following:
A fix for a segfault that happens upon startup on newer linux releases. (#648)
Set LD_RUN_PATH for the wxWidgets part of the build so the wx libs that are
loaded by other wx libs can be found successfully. (#723)
Use wxApp::GetInstance to check if there is an existing wxApp object. (#720)

2018/02/01 ver 4.0.0

4.0.0 "The Phoenix Takes Flight!"
PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/wxPython/4.0.0
Extras: https://extras.wxPython.org/wxPython4/extras/
Pip: pip install wxPython==4.0.0
Changes in this release include the following:
Fixes in wx.aui to properly transfer ownership of the menubar, and also some
tweaks in the AUI_MDI sample in the demo. (#540)
Added a wx.BUILD_TYPE value to distinguish between development, snapshot,
and release builds. The value is also appended to wx.PlatformInfo. (Thanks
Fix crash when trying to fetch multiple items from a composite data object
in wx.DropTarget.OnData. (#550) Also fixed the CustomDragAndDrop sample to
not fail on Python 2.7.
Add ability for wxArray wrappers to return a copy of the item in the
__getitem__ method. This solves problems where an array that is the
return value of some method call is indexed immediately and a reference to
the array is not held, which could result in garbage values for the indexed
item. Currently this is turned on for just GridCellCoordsArray, but others

2018/01/27 ver 4.0.0b2

4.0.0b2 -- "Hurricanes, Floods, and Forest Fires! Oh My!"
PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/wxPython/4.0.0b2
Extras: https://extras.wxPython.org/wxPython4/extras/
Pip: pip install wxPython==4.0.0b2
Changes in this release include the following:
Added a deprecated compatibility helper for wx.CustomDataFormat.
Transfer ownership of the wx.EvtHandler object when pushing/popping
them, and also for Set/RemoveEventHandler. (#443)
Add missing wx.VScrolledWindow methods listed in the docs as
deprecated but still present. (#441)
Fixed copy/paste error in wx.BusyInfo.__exit__ (#449)
Added new tool wxget, (a minimal wx implementation of wget)
Added new tools wxdocs and wxdemos to launch the respective items,
fetching and unpacking as required. (#437)
Fixes to ensure that the locale message catalogs are included in the
release files. (#464)
Fix wx.ListCtrl.SetItemData to check that the data value is not out
of the range of a C long. (#467)

2018/01/17 ver 4.0.0b1

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2016/02/08 ver
Fixed wxPython bug on OSX that was preventing the wx.App's virtual
methods related to handling App Events, like open-files or reopen-app,
from being handled correctly.
NOTE: It appears that wxPython applications on OSX will now always be
getting an initial Apple Event(s) sent to MacOpenFiles coresponding to
the name of the script and args on the python command-line.
Added patch #15142 which adds support for building with and using GTK3
as the wx platform. Thanks kosenko!
Fixed the OSX Carbon build to actually use Carbon. (Because of a
change in defaults it was actually building the Cocoa build instead.)
Pythonized DataViewCtrl.HitTest. It now takes just the Point parameter
and returns the DataViewItem and DataViewColumn objects. If there is
no item at that point then item will evaluate to False, (or you can
use its IsOk method.) For example:
item, col = ctrl.HitTest(point)
if item:
doSomething(item, col)

2006/04/05 ver
Fixed reference leak in wx.gizmos.TreeListCtrl.GetSelections.
wxMSW: Fixed sizing issue with wx.Choice and wx.ComboBox. This change
was implemented by reverting a prior fix for a different problem
(contiuous painting/resizing when a combobox is used as a widget in a
wx.html.HtmlWindow) so a method to fix both problems is still being
wxGTK: Fixed potential buffer overrun when pasting from the
Fixed problem in wx.lib.splitter when used on 64-bit platforms. Used
the current length of the list for specifying an append instead of
wxMSW: Support added for XP themed owner drawn buttons and bitmap
buttons. For example, if you change the foreground color of a button
it will now be drawn with the XP themed style rather than an ugly
generic button style.
XRCed: Fix for Copy/Paste objects with international characters.
Fixed the equality and inequality operators for some of the basic

2006/03/29 ver
Change the wx.ListCtrl InsertStringItem wrapper to use the form that
takes an imageIndex, and set the default to -1. This ensures that on
wxMSW that if there is an image list but they don't specify an image,
the native control doesn't use one anyway.
wxMSW: wx.ListCtrl in report mode is now able to support images in
other columns besides the first one. Simply pass an image index to
SetStringItem. For virtual list controls you can specify the image to
use on the extra columns by overriding OnGetItemColumnImage in your
derived class. It is passed the item number and the column number as
parameters, and the default version simply calls OnGetItemImage for
column zero, or returns -1 for other columns.
Switched to using SWIG 1.3.27 for generating the wrapper code. There
are some small changes needed to SWIG to work around some bugs that
wxPython exposes, and to be able to generate code that matches that
which wxPython is using. If you are building wxPython yourself and
need to modify any of the *.i files or to add your own, then you will
want to be sure to use a matching SWIG. See wxPython/SWIG/README.txt

2006/01/11 ver
wxMSW: Fix for bug #1211907, popup menu indenting inconsistent with
wxMac: Don't send an event for wx.RadioButton deselections, just the
selections. This was done to make it consistent with the other
wxMSW: Always set flat toolbar style, even under XP with themes: this
is necessary or separators aren't shown at all.
Fixes for bug #1217872, pydocview.DocService not correctly initialized.
Fix for bug #1217874, Error in parameter name in DocManager.CreateView.
Added wrappers for the wx.RendererNative class.
Added the wx.lib.splitter module, which contains the
MultiSplitterWindow class. This class is much like the standard
wx.SplitterWindow class, except it allows more than one split, so it
can manage more than two child windows.
Docview and IDE patch from Morgan Hua with fix for bug #1217890
"Closing view crashes Python" plus some new features:
New feature added to the IDE is 'Extensions'. Under

2005/06/05 ver
wx.ListCtrl: patch #1210352, fixes editing in generic wx.ListCtrl with
Applied patch #208286, MediaCtrl DirectShow rewrite.
DocView patches from Morgan Hua: bug fixes, and additional SVN
commands, also added a default template that uses the text editor for
any unknown file type.
wxMSW: Use the system IDC_HAND cursor for wx.CURSOR_HAND and only fallback
to the strange wxWidgets version if the system one is not available.
wx.grid.Grid: Merge the cell size attribute the same way that other
attributes are merged, e.g., if it is already set to a non-default
value in the current GridCellAttr object then don't merge from the
wx.lib.evtmgr: Fixed to use wx._core._wxPyDeadObject
wx.lib.gridmovers: Don't scroll when the mouse is dragged outside of
the grid, unless the mouse is kept in motion.
wxMSW: Applied patch #1213290 incorrect logic in

2005/05/31 ver
Added wx.BrushFromBitmap to create a stippled brush in a single step.
Also added missing brysh style flags: wx.STIPPLE_MASK
wxMSW: Fix for default control colours when the system text fg colour
is not black.
wxGTK: Patch #1171754, It is now possible to have a menu item that
both has an icon and is a submenu.
wxMSW: Patch #1197009, better refreshes when windows are moved and
wxMSW: Patch #1197468. Keeps track of pending size/position changes
in case there is more than one adjustment for a window in a single
DeferWindowPos set, then the pending values can be used for defaults
instead of current values.
Fixed the typemap that converts a Python list of strings to a
wxArrayString so it uses the wxPython default encoding.
Several docstrings added and updated. Lots more to go.
wxMac: Strings added to the clipboard or used in DnD no longer have an

2005/04/27 ver
wxMSW: Fixed wx.TransientPopupWindow (and therefore wx.TipWindow) to
auto-dismiss when the mouse is clicked outside of the popup like it is
supposed to.
wxMSW: Fixed bug #1167891 wx.Notebook display problem with wx.NB_MULTILINE.
wxMSW: Fixed bad cliping of hidden windows inside of wx.StaticBox.
wxGTK: The configure flags for selecting GTK+ 1.2.x or 2.x has
changed slightly. It is now --with-gtk[=VERSION] where VERSION is
either '1', '2' or 'any'. The default is '2'.
wx.stc.StyledTextCtrl: Added the following methods for alternate ways
to set and fetch text from the document buffer. They work similarly
to the existing methods of the same name, except that they don't go
through the same string/unicode <--> wxString conversions. The "Raw"
methods will do no conversions at all and in a unicode build of
wxPython the strings will be in the utf-8 encoding and in an ansi
build no assumption is made about the encoding. The "UTF8" functions
will attempt to always get/set utf-8 text, which it will always be
able to do in a unicode build, and in an ansi build it will depend on
the content of the utf-8 used being compatible with the current