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タイトル GreatNews
URL http://www.curiostudio.com/
バージョン 1.0 Beta (Build 354)   1.0 Beta (Build 349)   1.0 Beta (Build 342)   1.0 Beta (Build 334)   1.0 Beta (Build 326)   1.0 Beta (Build 317)   1.0 Beta (Build 315)   1.0 Beta (Build 311)  
更新日 2005/12/30
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 .NET Framewark や Java Runtime 不必要な軽量RSSリーダー。







2005/12/30 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 354)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 354) Released on 12/29
Added: wfw:comment support
If Option->Feature->"Track Comments" is enabled, news items which have wfw:comment will show "Track Comments" link under articles. If you click
Track Comments, GreatNews will track this article automatically and will mark the article unread if new comments arrive. New comments will be displayed under each article.
Added: "Add Channel Wizard" now auto detects channels from website.
Added: Close to tray option in Options->General page (Thanks Vitaly)
Added: Polish language pack (Thank you very much Kodi!)
Added: Turkish language pack (Thank you very much Umut!)
Changed: Traditional Chinese language pack (Thank you very much coca!)
Added: Portuguese language pack (Thank you very much Nico!)
Changed: Adding labels in reading pane now displays visual cue immidiately.
Changed: GreatNews now converts feed:// protocal to http:// (Thanks gtanuel)
Fixed: Channel Properities dialog set default button to Cancel (Thanks Alex)
Added: News Watch now can be set on search channels.
Added: minor performance enhancement
Fixed: compatibility issue with http://morningmusumenet.net/
BTW: There's really no <rss version="1.0">, it's RDF...But since www.feedvalidator.org thinks it's valid, I just accept it as well.
Changed: data file format upgraded to
Added: Tab key to navigate among panels

2005/12/01 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 349)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 349) Released on 11/30
Added: Channel favicon supportAdded: Single key/mouse-wheel reading
SPACE Bar and Mouse-wheel will scroll, goto next page, go to next item etc depending
on what you are reading. (This function doesn't yet work with Mozilla engine)
Note: In order to turn page with mouse wheel, you need to scroll to the bottom,
then give the mouse wheel a fast spin. 
Added: News Watch matched items can now be highlighted directly on reading pane.
If you find this feature is distracting, it can be turned off from Tools->Options->Features
Added: Russian language pack. (Thank your very much Vitaly!)
Added: Double clicking empty area will create a tab
Added: CTRL+F4/CTRL+W/Double clicking to close a tab (Thanks
madmak tab)
Added: CTRL+Tab to switch tabs
Added: Closing last tab will display blank page (Thanks rodeoclown)
Added: Option to disable automatic group expanding/collapsing. (Thanks jimbo &
Tools->Options->Usability->Do not expand/collapse channel group automatically.
Added: Creating a new tab will set focus to address bar automatically (Thanks an
anonymous user)

2005/10/29 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 342)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 342) Released on 10/28
Added: For security reasons, GreatNews now filters certain html tags in rss
feeds. (Thanks Alex)
Added: Display most active and least active feeds in last 60 days
Added: statistics settings to exclude disabled channels and specify num of
Added: Dutch language pack. (Thank you, BRH)
Added: GreatNews now prompts for channels have no update for 60 days.
configurable in Tools->Options->Reading page
Added: Channel level setting "keep the channel even it's inactive"
Added: Popup message timer is now configurable in Tools->Options->Reading
Added: GreatNews now accept startup window status sent from Windows shortcut.
(Thanks rodeoclown)
Added: Tray icon tooltips now also displays the number of total unread
messages. (Thanks rodeoclown)
Added: Cleanup Wizard can now specify maximum num of items to keep in a channel

2005/09/27 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 334)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 334) Released on 9/25
Links in reading pane now show focus when clicked on.
Tray icon now reflects new items arrived after last read
Email This
feature no longer displays a dummy recipient.
Added "Google Blog Search" to search channels
Search channels are now user configurable.
After upgrade to this build, greatnews.ini will have a new section
[SearchChannelDefinition]. I didn't write a UI but it should be easy to figure
out how to modify it.
Fixed a compatibility issue with Maxthon that urls with space were not handled
correctly. (Thanks GeekNJ)
Add a channel level option that will notify new item arrivals in popup windows.
Fixed the issue that reading pane shows scripting error message when popups are
blocked (Thanks alta88)
Fixed a bug that GreatNews incorrectly treat gif/image enclosure as Podcasting.
(Thanks GeekNJ)
*Try* to fix the error that GreatNews might crash when quitting or Windows
shutting down.

2005/08/28 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 326)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 326) Released on 8/25
Added tabbed browsing functionality
Clicking links with mouse wheel to open in background tabs.
View->New Tab to open a new tab.
Internet search(the G icon on toolbar) now opens in new tab
Added +Del.icio.us, +Furl and Email This item
Enable these feature from Tools->Options->Feature page
Added Atom 1.0 support
(The xhtml type is not yet supported)
Added shortcut key CTRL+R to mark read
Enhanced search function to search on regular expressions. (Thanks regexp)
To use the function, add "re:" to the regexp. (e.g. Enter "re:g[o]*gle" in the
search editbox on toolbar will match "google" or "goooooooogle" etc.)
Added new option to disable automatic channel updates (Thanks armstead)
GreatNews Updater now can download installer version or zipped version to
GreatNews now opens new browser window (IE) or tabs (other tabbed browsers)

2005/07/24 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 317)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 317) Released on 7/23
GreatNews now clears channel's update timestamp if user modified channel's
properties. (Thanks Alexander)
Added channel level style setting. (Thanks actlix)
If defined, a channel will display in its own style when selected. This is a
not-so-elegant solution to the Dilbert-cartoon-clipoff problem. 

2005/07/02 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 315)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 315) Released on 7/1
Added ability to label news items directly on the reading pane
Label node now ignore status filter. (Thanks dirt)
GreatNews now accepts /feed: command line parameters.
Added "Set GreatNews as the default feed aggregator" button to
Tools->Options dialog use this button to set GreatNews as the default
feed:// protocol handler.If you installed FireFox Extension
Feed your reader, click Live Bookmark will subscribe the feed in
Fixed the bug that auto-update stops working
after "mark all as read". (Thanks to an anonymous user)
Channel properites page now displays TTL setting
Several internal styles are now user configurable in Media/buildin_style.tpl
Added channel level cleanup max age setting
Fixed a bug that GreatNews crashes when "Collapse to Group" menu command is
used in dialogs (Thanks actlix)
Fixed a bug that last news item cannot be marked read interactively
(Thanks GeekNJ)

2005/07/02 ver 1.0 Beta (Build 311)