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Pc   NcFTP Client


タイトル NcFTP Client
URL http://www.ncftp.com/
バージョン 3.2.6   3.2.5   3.2.4   3.2.3   3.2.2   3.2.1   3.2.0   3.1.9  
更新日 2016/11/28
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 ブックマーク機能などを備えたコマンドライン FTP クライアント。







2016/11/28 ver 3.2.6

3.2.6, 2016-11-27
If a recursive download operation is also requested with delete mode,
attempt to remove empty directories after all files have completed
No longer trying to utime() after every single block on downloads,
which could cause noticable performance degradation when the local
filesystem was not local.
Changed behavior of resuming downloads where the timestamp wasn't
preserved (because of the utime change, above). The new behavior is
to resume the download when the local copy has a recent timestamp
(less than a week).
You can now disable use of MFMT like you could similarly disable
SITE UTIME (e.g., "-o noMFMT" and "-o noSITE_UTIME").
Now able to use sendfile() for uploads, on Linux/FreeBSD/Mac.
Progress reports work too, with a small performance penalty.
Ncftpput has a "-s" option to toggle whether it is used (defaults
to on in ncftpput and ncftpbatch, off in ncftp).
Ncftpbatch/spooler now use larger buffers for pathnames, allowing
for deeper directory trees.

2011/01/19 ver 3.2.5

3.2.5, 2011-01-17
Fixed a problem on Mac OS X Snow Leopard for universal binary support.
ncftpls now prefers that you omit the leading dash when you use the -x
option. For example, if you wanted to try "ls -lrt", then try doing
"ncftpls -x lrt" rather than "ncftpls -x -lrt".
If a server's MLSx output returns both the "UNIX.mode" and the "perm"
parameters, UNIX.mode will take precedence (Thanks, Jay Kulpinski).
confirm-close is now off by default.

2010/04/13 ver 3.2.4

3.2.4, 2010-04-07
Ncftpget and ncftpput can now read $HOME/.ncftp/bookmarks and take a
bookmark name in place of a hostname. If the hostname specified is
not fully qualified (i.e. does not contain a period), then bookmarks
will be queried; if no bookmarks match, then a local hostname is
assumed. Bookmarks are also queried for the config file option,
-f, when the file specified by -f does not exist.
Compatibility fixes for FreeBSD 8.
Support for local validation of DNSSEC when combined with libraries
available from the DNSSEC Tools project (Thanks, Robert Story).
Microsoft disabled recursive directory listings altogether when fixing
KB975254 (Thanks, Andrew Coggeshall). When entire directories are
downloaded, instead of using "LIST -R" for one efficient listing of
all files, the directories are manually traversed with one directory
listing for each subdirectory. This will improve reliability of
recursive downloads, except for the case when their are circular
symbolic links (which is why "LIST -R" had been favored, which the
server can easily handle).
Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X for building from source code

2009/11/01 ver 3.2.3

3.2.3, 2009-07-28
Large File Support has been updated internally to use newer APIs,
rather than the transitional API.
You can now specify an IP address for binding the local end of
sockets. Useful if you need connections to originate from a
specific IP on the system.
Bug fixed where binding an ephemeral port number in a specified
range (rare) may not have used all available retries for binding.
Local writes now "retry" when the write returns less than the full
number of bytes specified, and will call write() again to write
out the remaining bytes. This bug is very rare since local write
almost always write out the full number of bytes. This bug may
have been limited to a particular type of filesystem.
Using a higher resolution timer on Windows, so that the timer
no longer wraps over after a month.
The minimum version of Windows that the source code will now
compile on is Windows 2000, although with a little tweaking you
could compile for Windows NT 4 again.
Compatibility fix for Mac OS X when compiling from source to build

2008/08/10 ver 3.2.2

3.2.2, 2008-08-09
PASV mode will now be retried, in case of a transient failure.
(Thanks, Steven Frank).
The directory listing parser now can recognize dates in the format
of YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM[:SS].
Fixed feature detection for WS_FTP servers.
Workaround bug in REST on WS_FTP 6.0 (Thanks, Dan Nelson).
Fixed a problem where doing a get on a remote file that did not exist,
but a file by the same name existed locally, would err out but truncate
the local file anyway.
Fix for ncftpget on Windows to write in binary to stdout when needed
(Thanks, Michael Langguth).
HOME, END, and DEL keys may work on more terminal types
(Thanks, Anton Khramov).
You can now type just ".." or the absolute path of a directory in
the ncftp command shell to "cd" to the directory (Thanks, Anton
Added command aliases "mv" and "ll" which alias to "rename" and "dir"
respectively (Thanks, Anton Khramov).

2007/08/02 ver 3.2.1

3.2.1, 2007-07-29
Now a little more tolerant of FTP servers who send their internal network
IP addresses in their PASV response. When this is detected, it will be
ignored and the data connection will connect to the same IP that is used
for the control connection.
Resuming of uploads can now work for servers that do not support
REST + STOR. The APPE command will be used instead.
Fixed problem with Resume All [R!] in ncftp, which was just appending
to subsequent files rather than resuming them. (Thanks, Terry Brown)
ncftpput for version 3.2.0 did not work correctly when both -f
and -c/-C were used. This has now been fixed. In addition, the
host command line argument is optional when the config file specifies
the host.
Various small fixes.
3.2.0, 2006-08-05

2006/08/06 ver 3.2.0

3.2.0, 2006-08-02
Fixed problem where ncftpbatch may requeue downloads when the local file
was the same as the remote file.
ncftpls has been enhanced so that using the new -m option will
have it try a machine-readable list command. These commands need to be
implemented on the remote server for it to work.
ncftpls can now try to attempt to filter the files with a wildcard
with the new -i option. For this option to work, this functionality
must be properly implemented in the FTP server software.
ncftpls can also now behave similar to /usr/bin/find, with the new -g
option. When invoked with -gg, it appends a slash to directory pathnames
so you can distinguish files from directories.
Fixed a problem with ASCII translation where a CR+LF may not have
been converted to the local text EOLN format if the CR+LF was split
over an internal block boundary. The ASCII translation code has
been rewritten so it is also more tolerant of malformatted text,
such as CR+CR+LF end-of-lines.
You can now edit remote files, thanks to <jess AT thrysoee.dk>. The
new "edit" command downloads to a temporary file, runs your $EDITOR,

2006/05/01 ver 3.1.9