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タイトル UltraDefrag
URL http://ultradefrag.sourceforge.net/en/index.html
バージョン 7.0.2   7.0.1   7.0.0   2.0.0   1.4.0   1.3.4   1.3.3   1.3.2  
更新日 2016/12/17
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 高速に動作するオープンソースのデフラグソフト。


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2016/12/17 ver 7.0.2

Version 7.0.2 2016-12-17
- graphical and command line tools were optimized for speed and size
- the following translations were updated:
Arabic, Filipino (Tagalog), Iloko, Indonesian,
Japanese, Ukrainian, Uzbek (Latin)
- crash handling was reimplemented
Version 6.1.2 2016-06-09
- crash handling was reimplemented

2016/03/27 ver 7.0.1

Version 7.0.1 2016-03-26
- wxWidgets were upgraded to the latest 3.1.0 release
- crash handler was improved to handle division by zero errors
- Uzbek (Latin) translation was added
- the following translations were updated:
Filipino (Tagalog), Iloko, Korean

2016/02/04 ver 7.0.0

Version 7.0.0 2015-12-23
- few minor bugs were fixed
- the following translations were updated:
Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish
- few major bugs affecting thread safety were fixed
- wxWidgets were upgraded to the latest stable 3.0.2 release
- a lot of minor bugs were fixed
- Finnish translation was updated
- NOTE: the language selection got broken, because wxWidgets 3.0.2
uses different language identifiers; just click Settings > Language
and select yours once again to fix that
- safer options were used for compilation
- Slovak translation was updated

2008/11/13 ver 2.0.0

Version 2.0.013 Nov 2008
UltraDefrag 2.0.0 has been released.
This release contains a lot of new features:
Scripting support for boot time interface. Now you can do anything
with your drives during the Windows Boot Process.
A lot of portable application bugs were fixed. Feel free to store
the portable version on your USB flash and run it everywhere.
Many GUI translations were made: Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian.
The great optimization of internal modules was performed. The program is now much reliable.
The Micro Edition package was added. If you have an interest for more stable product
that is in addition a little bit faster, this package was made especially for you!
The compression ratio of the installer was increased. Our program
is a really lightweight thing now!
NOTE: Program options were moved to environment variables. The udefrag.cfg file is no more useful.
Please read the User Manual carefully and reconfigure your UltraDefrag installation manually.

2008/10/04 ver 1.4.0

Version 1.4.04 Oct 2008
UltraDefrag 1.4.0 has been released!!!
After a long break our project is alive again! We like to present you the new version of
the program that is much powerful and user friendly. It has the following advantages:
Internationalization support has been added!!!
Translate our program into your language!
GUI design was improved.
All program' settings are contained now in one file.
You can change preferences using your favorite text editor.
The console program was improved.
Type udefrag -l in command prompt to see what happens.
Documentation was improved. You can
learn more about our program reading our User Manual.
To translate the Ultra Defragmenter into your language follow steps described
You can visit a personal web site of our Project Architect
Modern music, high-end amplifiers, interesting pictures...
The design of UltraDefrag is very simple. There are no skins and

2008/03/10 ver 1.3.4

Version 1.3.49 Mar 2008
UltraDefrag 1.3.4 (stable) has been released.
This version is really more stable than any previous version:
New installation directory is more compatible with existing security related software.
Driver code was simplified.

2008/03/07 ver 1.3.3

Version 1.3.37 Mar 2008
UltraDefrag 1.3.3 has been released.
This version is more stable because:
One important driver bug was fixed.
Few x64 installation bugs were fixed.

2008/03/06 ver 1.3.2