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更新日 2019/01/09
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 スクリプト言語用のオープンソースのテキストエディタ。







2019/01/09 ver 11.1.1

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2018/06/21 ver 11.1.0

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2018/02/25 ver 11.0.2

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Komodo IDEWhat's New

2017/07/25 ver 10.2.3

Fixed issue where Komodo would randomly hang, particularly apparent on MacOS since its 10.12.4 update - fixes #2424.
Added a new Update Window for major releases (eg. Komodo 11)
Thanks to everyone for helping us diagnose the MacOS hanging issue, you've all been of tremendous help!
and the Sections List apply to Komodo IDE only.
Fixed issue where Komodo would randomly hang, particularly apparent on MacOS since its 10.12.4 update - fixes #2424.
Added a new Update Window for major releases (eg. Komodo 11)
© 2017 ActiveState Software Inc. All rights reserved. ActiveState®,

2017/05/05 ver 10.2.2

ActiveGo Support: Various fixes to our Golang integration primarily greated towards ActiveGo Compatibility.
Editor Performance: Significant improvements to editor typing speed, particularly noticeable on XML based languages.
Debugging Encoding Fixes: Fixed debugging not working on certain non-english operating systems.
Window Sizing Issues: Fixed various issues related to Windows sizing: windows not being completely visible, odd black borders, etc.
Community Contributed Fixes: Various fixes were supplied by community members: Defman and pageer - Thank you!
See below for more
Console: fixed autocomplete popup being under some elements - fixes #1315 (#2469).
Editor: Auto edit delimiters now cancels sooner - fixes #2395.
Editor: Cancel matching element multi-caret when moving the caret.
Editor: Cancel out of automatic multi-caret sessions by pressing ESC.
Editor: Fix matching tag editing firing on partial selections.
Editor: Fix regression where tag/delim matching would conflict with scintilla selections - fixes #2460
Editor: Fix braces no longer smart indenting - fixes #2438
Commando: Packages: Fix broken packages scope. Fixes #2534.
Commando: Fix regression where commando wouldn't stay open - fixes #2452
Commando: Docs: Fix docs not opening when no view is open
Go: Don't depend on the user to open a Go file to set the Go preferences - fixes #2418.

2017/03/14 ver 10.2.1

See below
Editor: Collapse multiple selection when selecting beyond matched delimiter - fixes #2367.
Fix file "unavailable for debugging" for Chrome Debugging on Windows - fixes #2243.
Go: Fix gofmt deleting all code in editor on non-clean installs - fixes #2010.
Formatters: Fix formatters no longer working - fixes #2368.
Places: proxy key password to main thread. fixes #2082.
SCC: Fix commit dialog committing all files after "max files" was reached - fixes #2293.
SCC: History: Don't limit results when searching.
SDK: Editor: Position should be based on character, not column - fixes #2351.
Slack: Share dialog not showing all buttons due to wrong window size - fixes #2360.
Syntax checking: Fix syntax checking sometimes being disabled on new files for no apparent reason.
Toolbox: undeclared variable on snippet save: fixes #2375.
Toolbox: use isAutoAbbrev variable. fixes #2373.
UI: Fix checkboxes not showing on some lists - fixes #2387.
UI: Maintain sort order when filtering trees.
Unittest: Fix issue where pytest would not show details or errors on some items.
Nightly Changelog
The nightly releases do not have a curated changelog. However you can check our GitHub commit log to get a sense for what has changed.

2017/02/22 ver 10.2.0

Table of ContentsKomodo IDE/Edit 10 Release NotesWhat's New in Komodo IDE/Edit10. Changes and Bug Fixes in Komodo IDE/Edit10. IssuesLinux HiDPI Support
All New Unit Testing:
We’ve rebuilt unit testing from the ground up to support a wider variety of
frameworks and facilitate more productivity. You can run tests for major
frameworks including PHPUnit (PHP), pytest (Python 2 and 3), Prove (Perl),
Mocha (Node.js), RSPec (Ruby) and Go, as well as any frameworks that output
in TAP or TeamCity compatible formatting.
New functionality enables you to filter test results, jump to test
definitions and place breakpoints directly in your test for easy debugging -
all with a new and improved UX. With Komodo 10.2, you can run tests more
efficiently than before, and enhance your Test Driven Development processes.
Slack Sharing:
If your team lives on Slack, sharing a code snippet is a quick way to get
problems solved. Now you can share snippets, diffs and all kinds of code
directly from Komodo to your team on Slack. Give your ctrl+c and ctrl+v a
Yarn Support (New Package Manager for Node.js):
Get the performance and reliability of Yarn without having to leave your

2016/12/20 ver 10.1.4

Table of ContentsKomodo IDE/Edit 10 Release NotesWhat's New in Komodo IDE/Edit10.1.410.1.310. Changes and Bug Fixes in Komodo IDE/Edit10.1.410.1.310. IssuesLinux HiDPI Support
This release is targeted primarily at OSX users and will have little to no effect on Windows and Linux users.
It fixes a crash introduced when upgrading to OSX 10.12.2, and fixes prompts to install an "Osaka" font.
fix: scintilla: Applied upstream patch that fixes OSX 10.12.2 crashes.
fix: mozilla: Applied upstream patch from Mozilla that fixes request for "Osaka" font loading on OSX - fixes #2188.

2016/12/06 ver 10.1.3

Table of ContentsKomodo IDE/Edit 10 Release NotesWhat's New in Komodo IDE/Edit10.1.310. Changes and Bug Fixes in Komodo IDE/Edit10.1.310. IssuesLinux HiDPI Support
fix: editor: Fixed regression in selection position when changing indentation - fixes #2180.

2016/11/25 ver 10.1.2

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( Komodo Version: Latest )
LatestVersion 9
Table of ContentsKomodo IDE/Edit 10 Release NotesWhat's New in Komodo IDE/Edit10. Changes and Bug Fixes in Komodo IDE/Edit10. IssuesLinux HiDPI Support
Komodo IDE/Edit 10 Release Notes
These Release Notes cover what's new, detailed changes and bug fixes and known issues for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.
What's New in Komodo IDE/Edit
Fix for random crashes:
We've been investigating a random crashes bug that was affecting a small but

2016/09/07 ver 10.1.1

See below
Colors: Fix side toolbar icon color not respecting color pref - fixes #1962.
Elastic tabstops: Fix elastic tabstops no longer being packaged with Komodo - fixes #1989.
Find: Fix “Find All” from failing - fixes #1964.
Linting: AngularJS: Show HTML warnings when requested - fixes #1952.
Logging: Increase robustness of error logging - possible fix for random crashes #1007.
PDK/TDK: fix toolbar button not showing, fixes #1956.
SCC: Fix history widget not automatically updating.
Tutorials: Close callout if window is moved/resized - fixes #1979.
Tutorials: Fix tutorial window undocking when another window is opened - fixes #1971.
Tutorials: Fix window resizing when tutorial is opened.
Tutorials: Fix wrong indentation in properties dialog - fixes #1982.
UI: Notification pane toggle buttons don’t reflex state - fixes #1965.
Komodo IDE/Edit 10.1.1 -