タイトル SyncBack Freeware
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更新日 2018/03/01
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 フォルダ間の同期が可能な高性能バックアップユーティリティ。







2018/03/01 ver

SyncBackPro V8.5.33.0, SyncBackSE V8.5.33.0, SyncBackLite V8.5.33.0, SyncBackFree V8.5.33.0 (1st March 2018)
Updated: The bar on the performance tab has been removed and the performance check now includes FTP and cloud thread usage
Updated: Option to switch off profile prompt notifications for ALL profiles (in profile configuration and global settings)
Updated (Pro): Better at handling change detection with files uploaded to Backblaze B2 not using SyncBackPro
Fixed: When using compression, files with a last mod date of 1899 were ignored. Now not ignored if 1899 or newer.
Fixed: Was not ignoring missing files when required and uploading to FTP
Fixed: Log was missing some information when profile ended with a critical error, e.g. drive missing
Fixed (Pro): Managed profile sync sometimes did not work (also need to update to SBMS Service V2.12.0.0)

2018/02/25 ver

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SyncBack History of Changes
Our software has undergone extensive development and user testing since its inception. This page shows bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since the official release dates.
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Below are the important release dates so far for the SyncBack family of products:
June 2017: SyncBackPro/SE/Lite/Free V8 released, SyncBackLite first released (V8)
October 2014: SyncBackPro/SE/Free V7 released
December 2012: SyncBackFree V6 first released to replace the old SyncBack Freeware
October 2011: SyncBackPro/SE V6 released

2017/09/25 ver

SyncBackFree V8.3.6.0 (25th September 2017)
Fixed: Minor user interface fixes

2017/08/23 ver

SyncBackFree V8.2.18.0 (22nd August 2017)
Fixed: DST time conversion
Fixed: Try to fix SQL error 5 for the selections DB by enabling shared caching and WAL
Fixed: Threaded copy sometimes got stuck

2017/07/11 ver

SyncBackFree V8.2.11.0 (11th July 2017)
Fixed: The notification platform is unavailable error (which caused schedules to fail to run)
Fixed: On profile configuration if you edit an existing schedule and cancel it then schedule was deleted
Updated: Fewer installer prompts when updating or upgrading

2017/07/06 ver

SyncBackFree V8.2.8.0 (7th July 2017)
New: Optional Windows Notifications for profiles starting and finishing
New: On group config window can filter to show only profiles not already in a group
Fixed: Missing DLL's for Gmail authentication
Updated: When a profile is set to force file dates and times to be correct then it will be as accurate as Windows allows
Updated: Czech translations
Updated: French translations

2017/06/12 ver

SyncBackFree V8.1.1.0 (12th June 2017)
New: Start the task only if the computer is on AC power option added to scheduler
New: Proxy server support for email
Updated: Korean translation
Updated: Simplified Chinese translation
Fixed: Uninstall bug (multiple prompts and access violation)
Fixed: Other minor fixes and updates to help file

2017/06/01 ver

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SyncBackFree V8.0.1.0 (1st June 2017)
New: Ransomware Detection
New: Can specify to abort profile run if too many files are going to be updated
New: Gmail OAUTH2 email authentication
New: Central cloud OAUTH credential storage
New: Can choose to delete unticked folders from destination (or source) when profile next run

2017/05/15 ver

SyncBackFree V7.6.74.0 (15th May 2017)
Updated: If too many log files for pop-up menu (>=30) then a pop-up window is displayed so can choose log to display

2017/03/27 ver

SyncBackFree V7.6.64.0 (27th March 2017)
Updated: Update check is now every 30 days instead of every 15 days

2017/01/16 ver

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See our OnClick changes page for changes to the OnClick freeware.
SyncBackFree V7.6.50.0 (16th January 2017)
New: Greek translations by Kostas Basileioy
Fixed: Help window was not automatically closed when new SyncBack window closed or opened
Updated: Uses less resources when file icons shown in Differences window
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