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更新日 2016/03/17
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 ファイルを指定してデフラグできる高速デフラグソフト。







2016/03/17 ver 2.21.993

Version Historyv2.21.993 (16 Mar 2016)- Improved Analysis and Defrag performance.
- Improved memory usage and management architecture.
- Optimized 64-bit builds on Windows 8 and 10.
- Improved update checking process.
- Updated exception handling and reporting.
- Improved localization and language support.
- Minor GUI improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.v2.20.989 (19 Jan 2016)- Improved SSD Optimize and Quick Optimize.
March 16, 2016
Defraggler v2.21
Optimized Analysis and Defrag...
February 24, 2016
CCleaner Cloud v1.04
An optimized agent upgrade process!
February 23, 2016
CCleaner v5.15
Up-to-date Firefox & Chrome cleaning rules...
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2016/02/10 ver 2.20.989

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2009/08/21 ver 1.13.155

- Added quick defrag to command line version.
- Added option to view folder index entries in file list.
- Fixed bug related to excessive GDI objects.
- Fixed tab issue in search tab.
- Improved speed of moving very large files to the end of the drive.
- Several minor bugs fixed.

2009/07/23 ver 1.12.152

- Added Quick Defrag feature.
- Added exFAT compatibility.
- Architecture changes to improve defrag performance.
- Improved placement of most commonly used files.
- Various UI tweaks.

2009/06/23 ver 1.11.148

- Added custom drive map colors (Options > General > Interface).
- Fixed schedules for multiple drives.
- Fragmented info is now displayed in df.exe.
- 'Large files' can now be excluded from freespace defrag (Options > Defrag > Advanced).
- Improvements to the way crash data is collected.
- Various minor UI tweaks.
- Several minor bugs fixed.

2009/05/12 ver 1.10.143

- Added file exclusion feature.
- Added detection of Solid State Drives.
- Added "Include non-fragmented files" checkbox to file search.
- Improved interactivity of search.
- Fixed problem that could allow df.exe and Defraggler.exe to run at the same time.
- Fixed rare crash while reanalyzing.
- Minor GUI text changes.
- Minor bug fixes.

2009/04/14 ver 1.09.138

- New search feature.
- Various tweaks to the drive list.
- Improvements to freespace calculation when moving large files.
- Improved handling of of sparse files.
- Lots of minor UI tweaks.

2009/03/17 ver 1.08.132

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- Improved handling of NTFS compressed files when moving to end of disk.
- Added /shutdown option to df.exe.
- Added /large file option to df.exe.
- Drive list now includes a % fragmented column.
- Blank file types no longer allowed in Large file options.
- Warning when trying to set a schedule in the past.
- Right click 'Check this' option is now greyed correctly.
- Various small UI tweaks.

2009/02/05 ver 1.07.124

- Added Shutdown after Defrag option.
- Improved Interactive Drive Map response in Vista.
- Language DLLs now stored in /lang folder.
- Program startup speed improved.
- Architecture changes to improve defrag performance.
- Minor tweaks to main UI.
- Several minor bug fixes.

2009/01/14 ver 1.06.118


2009/01/13 ver 1.16.118

- Added interactive drive map.
- Improved scheduler handling of multiple drives.
- Fixed rare crash in Vista when defragging Folder entries.
- Optimized file placement for Win2k3.
- Improved placement of large files at end of drive.
- Added Dutch, Ukranian and Norwegian translations.
- Various UI tweaks.
- Several minor bug fixes.
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