タイトル xrecode3
URL http://xrecode.com/
バージョン 1.77   1.76   1.74   1.73   1.72   1.71   1.70   1.69   1.68   1.67   1.66  
更新日 2018/04/14
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(15ドル)
説明 様々なフォーマットに対応した音声ファイルコンバートソフト。


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2018/04/14 ver 1.77

- version 1.77
- NEW: DSD encoder will now support more than 2 channels.
- FIX: fixed handling of 32bit wavpack files.
- FIX: fixed seeking in some m2ts files.
- FIX: fixed issue when some cleared Metadata elements were still written into output file.

2018/03/31 ver 1.76

- version 1.76
- NEW: added option to select which tags to write to output file (under Settings/Metadata).
- FIX: fixed issue with files containing very small (1x1) covers.
- FIX: added option to specify default folder for covers (used when adding covers in Metadata Editor).
- FIX: fixed issue when old Normalize values were used when doing second conversion, even though settings were updated.
- FIX: fixed "converting variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (UInt64)" error message when setup for 7.1 matrices is used.
- FIX: fixed rare AV error when using external encoders.
- FIX: some high DPI tweaks.
- version 1.75
- NEW: added option to replace spaces/underscores with underscores/spaces (under Settings/Patterns/Additional Settings).
- NEW: enabled "Manual" ecder settings for Audiobook/qaac/Nero.
- FIX: fixed AV error while rearranging items under Settings/Shell/Arrange.
- FIX: fixed issue while handling corrupted ID3v2 tags in some files.
- FIX: fixed issue when DST(DSD256) files were decoded as DSD64.
- FIX: fixed issue while resizing Cover Art in some files.
- FIX: fixed "No audio stream found" error while opening some mp3 files.
- FIX: fixed issue when sometimes Metadata was not read from dff files.

2018/02/17 ver 1.74

- version 1.74
- NEW: changing year, genre and comment for the first track in Metadata editor in Audiobook mode will set the value for all items.
- NEW: enabled DoP for flac as well. Will work for up to DSD128 only.
- NEW: added option "Minimize on run" (under Settings/UI).
- FIX: fixed issue when files specified in "Always use this file as a cover" was not found and as a result no tags were written to output file. Program will now generate a warning.
- FIX: fixed issue when program incorrectly tried to merge files with different sample rates withut transcoding.
- FIX: fixed issue with extracting DSD from DST/CUE files.
- FIX: fixed issue with merge output file name was not created using the 1st item in the list.
- FIX: fixed issue when Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V was not working in Metadata editor items.
- FIX: fixed issue when 32bitint WAV was encoded to 32bitfloat WAV.

2018/01/28 ver 1.73

- version 1.73
- NEW: double clicking the column will now auto-size the list.

2018/01/21 ver 1.72

- version 1.72
- NEW: added more Metadata items in Audio book mode.
- NEW: renaming files will now work for selected files only.
- NEW: added Sound Level normalization.
- NEW: added option to create cover for each Audio book chapter (under Audiobook settings).
- NEW: added option to select output sample format for WMA encoder.
- NEW: added DSD-over-PCM (DoP) option under WAV Output Settings.
- FIX: fixed issue with saving track/total track in some m4a files.
- FIX: fixed issue when long comments were not saved in audio book.
- FIX: fixed occasional errror 231 when closing the program.
- FIX: DISCID was discarded when coverting CUE to CUE.
- FIX: fixed issue when checked stare for sub-items under Settings/Shell/Arrange was not saved.
- FIX: handle full disk error more elegantly.
- FIX: fixed issue with decoding of some mod/mid files.
- FIX: fixed issue when some settings were not visible in "Always on top" mode.
- FIX: fixed issue when arranged columns were not saved in profile.
- FIX: fixed issue with applying tempo for some files.

2017/12/16 ver 1.71

- version 1.71
- NEW: added functionality to Export/Import Metadata from/to files (under Metadata/Metadata/Export and Metadata/Metadata/Import).
- NEW: added functionality to Copy/Paste Metadata from/to tracks (under Metadata/Metadata/Copy and Metadata/Metadata/Paste).
- NEW: added multiple audio streams support for .mov files.
- FIX: fixed WavPack DSD encoding (so that original dsf/dff file can be fully restored via wvunpack.exe).
- NEW: added option to reset program settings by pressing shift+control+alt+F12. This will delete the current setting files (a backup zip with the current files will be created as well).

2017/11/24 ver 1.70

- version 1.70
- NEW: added function to export/import program settings (under Settings/Global).
- NEW: added option to write id3v1 to the mp3 files (under MP3/Settings/Metadata).
- FIX: improved detection of wav/dts files even more.
- FIX: fixed error 32 while moving some files to Recycle Bin.

2017/11/20 ver 1.69

- version 1.69
- FIX: fixed issue when some WAV tags were not recognized by Explorer.

2017/11/11 ver 1.68

- version 1.68
- NEW: added option to ignore missing CUE audio files (under Program Settings/CUE). Warning will be still shown.
- NEW: show DSD audio parameters for DSD-encoded wavpack files.
- FIX: fixed issue when not all chapters were read from some m4a files.
- FIX: fixed issue when program created output folders ending with dots or spaces.
- FIX: improved detection of wav/dts files.
- FIX: read individual CUE tracks artist.
- FIX: fixed issue when incorrect header was written to the 2nd and following tracks when splitting CUE/mp3 files.

2017/10/22 ver 1.67

- version 1.67
- NEW: let lame.exe resample the input audio.
- NEW: added functionality to add files from .txt file. See https://xrecode.com/wiki/index.php?title=Add_files_using_.txt_file for more info.
- NEW: added functionality to save added files to .txt file. It's under Utilities (or right-click the source files and clock Utilities)/Export List To/txt.
- NEW: DSD/DSF files will be converted to WavPack DSD files (only, when using wavpackdll.dll as encoder).
- FIX: fixed error 183 while renaming file.
- FIX: fixed issue when number of processed files in progress sometimes had incorrect value.
- FIX: fixed AV error issue when extracting from some CUE/dsf files.
- FIX: TRACK and TRACKTOTAL will be written into separate tags.
- FIX: Fixed seek issue with some TTA tracks.
- FIX: SACD volume setting was not taken into account when decoding DFF/DST/WavPack(DFF/DST) files.
- FIX: fixed AV error while trying to normalize and merge DSD files .

2017/09/23 ver 1.66

- version 1.66
- NEW: added support for GB18030 encoded CUE files.
- FIX: fixed error #42 when adding cover image.