タイトル Executor
URL http://executor.dk/
バージョン 0.99.32b   0.99.31b   0.99.30b   0.99.29b   0.99.28b   0.99.27b   0.99.26b   0.99.25b   0.99.24b   0.99.23b   0.99.22b  
更新日 2019/01/17
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 キーボード入力方式の海外製ランチャー。







2019/01/17 ver 0.99.32b

v0.99.32b (17-jan-19)
Added exclude list setting. This can hide items from list and/or input auto-complete. Found under "Settings - Misc".
Added pressing "esc" key in Notes hides the Notes window.

2019/01/13 ver 0.99.31b

v0.99.31b (12-jan-19)
Added option to specify another location for Notes (found in Settings - Notes). When changing location several options of how to migrate to the new location will be presented.
Added option to monitor Notes for external changes to file (found in Settings - Notes).
Added list of clipboard will now show the date and time of each clipboard item.
Added a button in "Settings - Misc" to clear Executor's clipboard items.
Added $CLEARCLIPBOARD$, setting this as a command of a keyword will clear Executor's clipboard items.

2019/01/09 ver 0.99.30b

v0.99.30b (08-jan-19)
Added more Notes settings: fontname, fontsize, fontcharset, font color, background color, remember window size and position. There's a new settings tab called "Notes" where these can be found.
Added "stay on top" option in Notes.
Added if automatic backup is enabled notes.txt will also be backed up to notes.txt.bak (Also added some logic to avoid backing up some accidently empty notes over existing backup file).
Fixed a bug that could position Executor window incorrectly when running alphaskins.

2019/01/07 ver 0.99.29b

v0.99.29b (06-jan-19)
Added Notes which is a small notepad for quick notes etc. It's saved as notes.txt in executors data folder.
Added -n will open notes. -n also supports parameter text to add notes quickly. Example -n remember milk.
Added a new default keyword "notes" it works just like "-n", you can of course decide to add a hotkey to this (existing users can import this keyword from standard.exc) The new keyword is using the keyword command $NOTES$.
Added notes to right-click context menu of Executor.
Added $CLIPBOARDTONOTES$, setting this as a command of a keyword will copy current clipboard item to notes.
Added $ALLCLIPBOARDTONOTES$, setting this as a command of a keyword will copy all clipboard items that Executor have currently picked up to notes.
Added setting "When adding to notes add to bottom instead of top." this is found under "Misc" settings.
Added a list of the internal commands will be displayed in list when starting input with "-".
Added hidden setting "commandslast" this can be set to 1 in executor.ini, if you want commands to appear last in list instead of first.
Added Input title context will now also detect internal commands (like -a, -add, -edit etc) and show title of these (help text).
Added hidden setting to steal "WIN-Z" back again from Windows 8 as Executor hotkey (for old users used to WIN-Z as hotkey). To do so close Executor and open executor.ini file, and in the [Setup] section add hookwinz=1.

2019/01/02 ver 0.99.28b

v0.99.28b (01-jan-19)
Added option "Launch list items by pressing it's number unsing nemeric keys". This can be found in "Settings - Drop down / list".
Added option "Show numbers in list (1-9)". This can be found in "Settings - Drop down / list".
Added when no executor.ini is found, but a backup is found, then there's an option to restore backup.
Changed that -folder, -f, -exefolder, -ef, -report and $DATAFOLDER$ also supports optional file explorer option.

2018/11/11 ver 0.99.27b

v0.99.27b (10-nov-18)
Added command called "-report" that will generate a file called "executor-report.txt" in Executors datafolder. This report can help track down bugs and problems more easily.
Added command "-folder" or "-f" which will open folder where appdata is located like executor.ini.
Added command "-exefolder" or "-ef" which will open folder where executor.exe is located.
Added option "More info" to right-click context menu of "apps" keyword. "More info" will provide process id and filename of the selected app.
Added Added that $SENDTEXT$ now supports $TIME$, $SHOWIP$, $PASTE1$, $PASTE2$, $PASTE3$, $PASTE4$ in parameter section of keyword, to support injecting time, ip and clipboard items.
Added support for $PASTE1$ (mostly useful for $SENDTEXT$).
Fixed problem where under certain settings and "-add" command would result in an access violation error.
Fixed visual glitch that sometimes an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar would appear in list of keywords in the keywords editor.

2018/11/07 ver 0.99.26b

v0.99.26b (06-nov-18)
Fixed problem with displaying settings/keyword window if using Classic Windows theme (Win7).
Fixed possible access violations when typing input (and having certain settings enabled).

2018/11/01 ver 0.99.25b

v0.99.25b (31-oct-18)
Added more safeguard code when creating settings/keywords window.

2018/10/29 ver 0.99.24b

v0.99.24b (28-oct-18)
Added usage license to about screen (MIT-license), installer and a license.txt file, as I often get asked about licensing.
Added some more safeguarding checks to code.

2018/10/10 ver 0.99.23b

v0.99.23b (09-oct-18)
Fixed problem with opening settings/keywords window in older versions of Windows.
Fixed $U$ to better support none ascii characters.

2018/08/14 ver 0.99.22b

v0.99.22b (13-aug-18)
Added when running Executor in safemode it's window will be centered on the primary display (in case it somehow got lost out of screen).