タイトル Executor
URL http://executor.dk/
バージョン 0.99.12b   0.99b   0.98b  
更新日 2016/01/30
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 キーボード入力方式の海外製ランチャー。







2016/01/30 ver 0.99.12b

v0.99.12b (21-oct-13)
Fixed Several stability bugs (fixes ported from latest test build 0.99.17).
v0.99.11b (30-jul-11)
Added Pressing next delimiter (TAB by default settings) on a keyword that points to a folder will expand the folder in the input and list.
Added When Executor creates a new "executor.ini" but detects a backup, a notification about this will be displayed on startup.
Added tag $PASTE3$ and $PASTE4$.. Like $PASTE2$ but will return text number 3 and 4 from your clipboard history.
Added $DATAFOLDER$ tag. Making a keyword with this as command opens the folder containing executor.ini etc.
Added optional browser now supports $D$, $H$ and environment path (%systemroot% etc).
Improved opening of items slightly for better support of programs that are iconic (system tray apps/programs for example) will in Win7/Vista open directly instead of sometimes only being opened and highlighted in the taskbar.
Improved more safe data file writing to avoid executor.ini getting corrupt.
Improved clipboard sniffer recovery code.
Improved Executor recompiled under an updated compiler and a couple of updated libraries.
Improved "Don't display scrollbar" setting is now enabled by default on new install.
Fixed bug fix with a incorrect buffersize that could in rare cases cause access violation.
Fixed disabling clipboard sniffer in settings now really ignores clipboard. Before Executor would still hook into the clipboard and listen to messages but just not keep track of them.
v0.99.04b (01-oct-09)
Added hidden setting "indexidle", with this setting you can change the default 15 minutes of idle. Will only have an effect if your using one of the "Auto index" idle modes.
Added new tag $CC$. Only handy for hotkey keywords. This is just like $C$ but will trigger a copy to clipboard event first (so you just have to mark the text and then trigger the hotkey).
Added hidden setting "calcchar" with this you can change the default calculator prefix character "#" to something else.

2009/05/19 ver 0.99b

v0.99b (19-may-09)
Added new "Auto open delay" setting for found in settings under "Drop down / list". Default value is 0 (instant). Handy for slower computers or if you type faster than your computer can manage....
Added new option "Search type" to "Drop down / list". This can be "Words starts with (default)" or "Contains text (same as ctrl+r)". Will probably add a "Suggestions only" option later.
Added new typing "Short form" typing assistance.
Added a hotkey CTRL+D and right-click context menu item called "Open folder of item". It will in windows, open the folder of the current item.
Added that font script can now be set to something else than "western" like cyrillic, hebrew etc. (See settings/"Visual / skin" / Font button). The list / drop-down will also inherit this.
Added a new item to the right-click context menu called "Copy full path of input" (can also press F8). It will copy the full path of the item in the input box (indexed item or keyword). For keywords it will just copy the command part of the keyword.
Added default keyword refreshindex. This will rebuild the index. If will write number of index items when finished if input is not changed meanwhile.
Added new setting to toggle if global hotkey will also hide Executor if Executor already has focus and pressing hotkey. This can be found in settings/general called "Hotkey will also hides when focus" (located just beneath where you set the global hotkey).
Added default keyword "listgroups".
Added calculator will show result preview when typing (in title/description).
Added icon be resolved when using relative paths.
Added order of "Suggestions" in list will be at same position as "Indexed item". Replacing indexed items if "always add short form detection" is enabled, and if disabled placed just before "Indexed items".
Added more stop delimiter characters when using ctrl+left arrow and ctrl+right arrow to navigate input.
Added background indexing reserves a little less cpu when scanning in background lower priority thread.
Added "Programs" to auto-completion. So none history scanned/indexed items can be suggested in the text input when typing. Off by default, can be enabled in "Settings"/"Input, wording & auto completion"/"Auto-complete and order".
Added option to "Additional typing assistance" to always add short detection items to list and replace indexed items (if any). If not checked short detection items will only be added when no other items are found.
Added Stopwatch keyword. Parameters "start, stop" and no parameters will start (if not started) or show stopwatch time (if started).
Added an alarm/timer sound can be set under Settings / Sound.

2008/12/22 ver 0.98b