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タイトル Hard Disk Sentinel
URL http://www.hdsentinel.com/
バージョン 5.20   5.01   5.00   4.71   3.50   3.40   3.30   3.20   3.10   3.00   2.90  
更新日 2018/03/23
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 HDD/SSD の S.M.A.R.T. 情報をモニターするソフト。







2018/03/23 ver 5.20

Hard Disk Sentinel 5.20 (23/3/2018)
Improvements and new features:
added option to monitor NAS boxes, hard disks used with Network Attached Storage devices
How to: monitor Network Attached Storage (NAS) status )
added Configuration -> Advanced Options -> Monitor Windows Event Log for problems related
to disks and storage subsystem.
By this option, Hard Disk Sentinel Pro detects if Windows saves errors/warnings to SYSTEM event log and
report recent problems detected while Hard Disk Sentinel is running/monitoring
and use them in calculation of health to show issues, degradations (registered Pro version)
display if Configuration -> Disk Control -> Disable detection of USB and SCSI drives checked and blocking detection
added SSD features (Read Zeroes After Trim) and security features (Sanitize, Overwrite,
Crypto scramble, Block erase etc.) to Information page and reports
detection and reporting new ATA standards and new ATA / Serial ATA features on Information page:
Device sleep (DevSleep), Service interrupt, Device encrypts all data, IDLE IMMEDIATE,
Nominal form factor, NCQ Streaming and autosense, Rebuild assist, Hybrid information
display TRIM status in addition to complete health / temperature / status for NVMe / M.2 SSDs
displaying custom configured temperature thresholds on Temperature page
displaying lifetime writes of hard disks on main overview page (if supported, for example new Seagate and WD Black drives)

2017/03/10 ver 5.01

Hard Disk Sentinel 5.01 (9/3/2017)
fixed compatibility issue with LSI MegaRAID SAS controllers

2017/03/09 ver 5.00

Hard Disk Sentinel 5.00 (8/3/2017)
added new disk testing method: Disk menu -> Surface test -> Repair disk drive
designed to repair weak/pending sectors: forces the hard disk to stabilize problems and force reallocation of bad sectors
(if required). Can be used on even system drive with running operating system (registered Pro version only)
added manual repair of any disk sector in Disk Contents Inspector:
use Disk menu -> Surface test -> View (or start any surface test) and click on the disk surface map to view
the raw contents of any sector. Go to the appropriate sector and if it is unreadable/reports error, the
Repair button attempts to repair that (Pro version only)
added option to provide disk status information via WMI
(Configuration -> Advanced options -> Provide status information by WMI)
(disk information, status, health, temperature, text description, power on hours, bad sector count, weak sector count,
comm.issue count, spin retry count, trim status, and complete S.M.A.R.T.) (registered Pro version only)
added option to test multiple hard disks by Disk menu -> Short self test / Extended self test (registered Pro version only)
added option to test multiple hard disks by Disk menu -> Surface test functions, by same test methods/options (registered Pro version only)
added support of high-DPI displays, including but not limited to 4K displays with high DPI scaling
added option to use TLS / STARTTLS in e-mail configuration regardless of port (previously used automatically only when port 587 specified)
added option to specify maximum try count in Disk menu -> Surface test functions before starting the test (Configuration tab)
added "lifetime writes" to TXT / HTML / XML reports
added option to perform write testing with any byte, byte/character sequence

2016/02/12 ver 4.71

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2010/12/18 ver 3.50

detection of SATA/PATA disks configured to RAID arrays on JMicron JMB36X / Gigabyte GBB36X RAID controllersDriver update is required from the Driver Zone to get all information.
support for dual drive enclosures with standalone (port multiplier) mode (Welland ME-280J, Welland ME-580J, etc.)
added Turkish language support, thanks for oFLee team : Sadri Sadi Berber ve Behçet Berber
compatibility enhancements with various SSDs and RAID controllers
improved Advanced Format support
enhanced disk test on Advanced Format drives
improved surface tests, write tests for Windows 7/2008/Vista
improved dynamic DNS update functions
improved compatibility with external devices added/removed during sleep or hibernation state
improved tray icon support for Windows 7/2008/Vista
improved sidebar gadget (displays coloured temperature values, logical disk information, etc.)

2010/11/05 ver 3.40

Hard Disk Sentinel Trial
Driver Zone
detection of SATA disks configured to RAID arrays on INTEL Matrix RAID controllers (ICH7R / ICH8R / ICH9R / ICH10R / Series 3400)Driver update may be required from the Driver Zone to get all information.
improved health calculation and information reporting for various SSD and HDD devices
reporting Advanced Format: physical sectors with 4096 bytes
improved surface test
user interface fixes and improvements
bug fixed with attribute database
Software for hard disk diagnostics and data protection

2010/09/08 ver 3.30

Privacy policy
detection of SATA disks configured to RAID arrays on Silicon Image RAID controllers
added DISK menu to main menu with disk related functions
added Advanced Power Management of individual disks (*)
added Free Fall control management for 2.5" hard disk drives supporting this feature (*)
option to configure custom yellow / red temperature threshold levels for each drives
option to delay startup when started with Windows
option to disable popup before shutdown
improved network drive detection and support
added Load Activation Keyfile button to make offline activation easier
displaying and reporting NTFS mount points for drives
Improved hardware support:
improved detection of large RAID arrays
advanced detection of SSD controllers:
SandForce, Marvell, Indilinx, Amigos, JMicron, Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, Phison controllers
improved detection of SSD specific attributes, health and temperature (if supported by the SSD)
improved detection of exclusively locked drives

2010/06/26 ver 3.20

Product selector
detection of SATA and SAS disks configured to RAID arrays on LSI RAID controllers
detection of SATA and SAS disks configured to RAID arrays on DELL RAID controllers
detection of SATA disks configured to RAID arrays on nForce RAID controllers
added support for USB 3.0 hard disk enclosures, docking stations
added support for RAIDSONIC USB 3.0 products
using Media wearout indicator attribute in health calculation for SSDs
more accurate information reported for hard disks and solid state disks
improved health and power on time calculation for various devices
improved support for Promise hard disk controllers
user interface improvements
improved compatibility with older OSes (Win98, WinME, WinNT4)
improved network reliability
improved surface test reliability
100+ new drives added to hard disk database
Copyright © 2005-2010 All Rights Reserved.       info@hdsentinel.com

2010/02/19 ver 3.10

added SSL support for sending mails, allows the use of Gmail accounts
or other accounts requires SSL authentication
added support for dual-disk USB enclosures including
Western Digital MyBook Premium II and SilverStone SST-DS221
improved support for Adaptec, Promise, ITE hard disk controllers
added option to hide/show labels on S.M.A.R.T. graphs
displaying logical drives and labels on disk buttons
completely new real time performance monitoring engine
completely new network engine
diagnostic version (use /ENABLETEST to log detection steps and
problems to TESTMODE.TXT)
improved speed of detection on slower disk controllers
detects and monitors up to 100 hard disks
"Mail test" sends test mail with the external module also (to
prevent firewall issues) if one or more project(s) configured
added FINNISH language files (thanks to Jarkko Mäkineva for translation)
added RUSSIAN complete help (thanks to Andrey Nikolaev for translation)

2009/10/30 ver 3.00

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2009/06/26 ver 2.90

Latest Versions:WIN: 2.90
random seek test function (File menu or by quick button or from Acoustic Management window)
to test hard disk noise, seek performance and temperature during long test and excessive usage
detection of disks configured to RAID arrays on ARECA RAID controllers
detects up to 24 disks on 3ware/AMCC and Areca RAID controllers
detection of disks connected to Silicon Image PATA and SATA controllers
detection of disks connected to NVidia NForce, VIA, ITE controllers
detection of new USB drives
detection of different SSD devices
more details and features of SSD devices
right click over list of drives to hide drives or select button sizes
added hints when mouse is moved over list of drives
+/- icon symbol, if one or more attribute offset is enabled and they affect the displayed information
many user interface fixes and improvements
improved and more flexible projects (ignore files in use, allow file-masks in e-mail/FTP projects, etc.)
improved reports
500+ new hard disks in database