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タイトル HttpWatch Basic Edition
URL http://www.httpwatch.com/
バージョン 12.0.9   12.0.8   12.0.7   12.0.6   12.0.5   12.0.3   12.0   11.1.47   11.1.46   11.1.45   11.1.44  
更新日 2019/07/16
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 IEとFirefx用のHTTPビューアー&デバッガー。


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2019/07/16 ver 12.0.9

12.0.9 -
15 Jul 2019
Fixed: The Receive timing value was incorrectly reported in the Chrome extension and tended to be higher than the true value.

2019/06/29 ver 12.0.8

12.0.8 -
28 Jun 2019
Fixed: Searching using the Find window selected the matching text but did not scroll it into view. This problem occurred in the text views of the Content and POST Data tabs if word wrap was enabled.

2019/06/25 ver 12.0.7

12.0.7 -
25 Jun 2019
Fixed: An error occurred when opening HWL files from HttpWatch Basic version 11 or earlier.

2019/06/20 ver 12.0.6

12.0.6 -
20 Jun 2019
Fixed: An error could occur when using the 'Export Page as HAR...' context menu item.

2019/06/20 ver 12.0.5

12.0.5 -
19 Jun 2019
Fixed: A 'Failed to reset stream' error could occur in IE.

2019/06/17 ver 12.0.3

12.0.3 -
17 Jun 2019
Fixed: An 'abnormal termination error' could occur when running the installer.
Fixed: A 'value exceeds max unsigned value' error could occur in the Chrome extension.

2019/06/16 ver 12.0

New in Version 12.x
Version History - HttpWatch 12.x
12.0 -
17 Jun 2019
New: Enhanced debugging of JSON based REST API calls through the use of formatted, syntax highlighted request and response body viewers.
New: POST Data tab displays top level JSON data items
New: POST Data has a selectable Text view that allows the underlying request body to be viewed, e.g. multi-part form data, JSON request, etc
New: Password masking is now applied to top-level JSON fields in a POST message. This provides a way to stop sensitive data such as passwords being stored in log files when the data is sent with a simple JSON based POST.
New: Textual content now supports folding for most common file types, e.g. HTML, CSS, JSON, XML. Sections of text, such as an HTML tag, can be collapsed to make it easier to understand the structure of a file and locate areas of interest.
New: The original order of POST parameters is preserved and display using an 'Index' column on the POST Data tab.
Improved: HttpWatch Studio can now load large HAR files up to 5 times faster than previous versions.
New: The Content automation class has two new properties, Encoding and Text, that simplify access to textual content that includes international characters.
Changed: The Content.Data property has changed from a string to a byte array making it easier to access non-textual resources such as images.
New: The Request automation class has two new properties, Data and Text, that provide access to the request body.
New in Version 12.x

2019/06/05 ver 11.1.47

11.1.47 -
04 Jun 2019
Fixed: In some cases with Google Chrome the network bytes received value (the 'Received' column in the main grid) did not include the response header

2019/05/30 ver 11.1.46

11.1.46 -
29 May 2019
Improved: Added a work-around for HAR specification violations in files recorded by WebPageTest
Fixed: Log files were sometimes scrolled down by a few lines when opened in HttpWatch Studio

2019/04/30 ver 11.1.45

11.1.45 -
29 Apr 2019
Fixed: An error could occur in IE when recording requests with trailing headers
Fixed: XHR requests were not grouped by page in Chrome after clearing the log or when recording was started on an existing page

2019/04/11 ver 11.1.44

11.1.44 -
10 Apr 2019
Fixed: An access denied error could occur when opening HttpWatch in Chrome
Fixed: Cancelled XHR requests in IE could be shown as still being active