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タイトル HttpWatch Basic Edition
URL http://www.httpwatch.com/
バージョン 11.1.39   11.1.38   11.1.37   11.1.34   11.1.33   11.1.32   11.1.31   11.1.29   11.1.28   11.1.27   11.1.26  
更新日 2019/02/08
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 IEとFirefx用のHTTPビューアー&デバッガー。


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2019/02/08 ver 11.1.39

11.1.39 -
07 Feb 2019
Fixed: The OpenWindow() automation method would fail after attaching to a Chrome tab for the second time

2019/02/07 ver 11.1.38

11.1.38 -
06 Feb 2019
Fixed: A 'native messaging error' could occur in Chrome. The fix also requires the latest version of the extension from the Chrome Web Store (version
11.1.38 or later)
Fixed: The AttachByTitle() method can now attach to Chrome tabs that have previously been used with HttpWatch - either interactively or through
Updated: The .Net automation samples can now display international characters in the console

2019/01/12 ver 11.1.37

11.1.37 -
11 Jan 2019
Fixed: 'A graphical operation failed' error that could occur when opening HttpWatch in IE
Fixed: An error could occur when starting HttpWatch in Chrome
Fixed: An access violation could occur when modifying the password masking substrings in Chrome
Improved: The installer now prompts to shut down HttpWatch Studio if it is running
Improved: The correct names are now shown for Windows 10 updates 1803 and 1809
Copyright 息 2019 Neumetrix Limited

2018/11/03 ver 11.1.34

11.1.34 -
02 Nov 2018
New: The Find dialog now as a Reset button to return all controls to the default state that searches all request data
Fixed: The dropdown list of suggestions on the Find dialog could be empty after switching between log files in HttpWatch Studio
Improved: The Find dialog now saves and restores its settings
Improved: The corect names are now shown for Windows 10 updates 1803 and 1809

2018/09/29 ver 11.1.33

11.1.33 -
28 Sep 2018
Fixed: Network traffic from deeply nested iframes was not recorded in Chrome 71+

2018/09/27 ver 11.1.32

11.1.32 -
27 Sep 2018
Improved: Network traffic is recorded from nested iframes in Chrome 71 or later
Improved: Added work-arounds for deviations from the HAR spec in Firefox HAR files allowing them to be loaded into HttpWatch Studio
Fixed: Recording could not be started in Chrome if a chrome: protocol based page or the tab start page was displayed in the active tab

2018/07/26 ver 11.1.31

11.1.31 -
26 Jul 2018
Fixed: A 'loadingFinished' error could occur in Chrome

2018/07/26 ver 11.1.29

11.1.29 -
25 Jul 2018
Fixed: Added a workaround for cases in Chrome where HTTP/2 requests are incorrectly shown as using the SPDY protocol
Fixed: Added a workaround in Chrome for iframe requests that are shown as not completing
14 Jun 2018

2018/06/15 ver 11.1.28

11.1.28 -
14 June 201
Fixed: The HttpWatch extension for Chrome did not display all recorded requests on some types of pages

2018/05/21 ver 11.1.27

11.1.27 -
21 May 2018
Fixed: An 'Invalid page event' error could occur in Chrome 66

2018/05/10 ver 11.1.26

11.1.26 -
09 May 2018
Improved: Added work-arounds for HAR file compatibility issues with HAR files created in Chrome 66
Fixed: An 'Invalid page load time' error could occur in Chrome 66