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更新日 2016/02/09
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 テキストファイル・画像ファイル・動画ファイルなど多様なファイルを扱うことが出来るファイルビューアー。


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2016/02/09 ver 5.7.3

Review at 3d2f
Latest release: 6.5.6 (nov 2013)
Download: Zip package
Latest release: 5.7.3 (nov 2012)
Download: Zip package
Download: Ini relocation tool
Notes for Free version:
if you're getting messages about expired NavPanel add-on, you may
simply delete the Nav.exe file. NavPanel add-on is optional.

2016/01/31 ver

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Universal Viewer Pro:
Latest release: (nov 2013)
License: shareware, 15-day trial (freeware for Russian OS and non-commercial use)
Download: Installer
Download: Portable
Universal Viewer Free:
Latest release: (nov 2012)
License: freeware
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2011/04/20 ver 5.5.4

The latest release is 5.5.4 (apr 2011).
Installer (internet connection not required)
Chinese Simplified (lang), SunYJ, L. Michael
Slovak (lang), J. Sevcik
Slovenian (lang), V. Kastelic
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2011/01/29 ver 5.5.2

The latest release is 5.5.2 (jan 2011).
(web-installer, internet connection required)
Copyright © UVViewSoft
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2010/11/01 ver 5.5.0

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The latest release is 5.5.0 (oct 2010).
The latest updates for language and help files are listed below.
To install a language file (.lng), extract it into Language subfolder of installation folder.
To install a help file (.chm), extract it into Help subfolder of installation folder.
Arabic (lang), M. Refaie
Bulgarian (lang), A. Kalyandjiev
Chinese Simplified (lang), SunYJ, Lu Michael
Chinese Traditional (lang), Minson
Czech (lang), Martin Ruzicka
Danish (lang), Peter Madsen
Dutch (lang), J. Kramer
Finnish (lang), Jorma

2010/03/12 ver 5.2.1

Version 5.2.1 (mar 2010)
Fixed: Navpanel work with big dir.
Lang: Romanian.

2010/03/01 ver 5.2.0

Version 5.2.0 (feb 2010)
license key stored in file now (not in registry).
To get the license file (update is free), email to support address.
License is portable now.
add: drives bar.
add: common folders bar.
add: ".Extent" column Details view.
Added: option "Reopen last file".
Changed: "File -- Delete" command requires NavPanel.
Fixed: WMP with Vista issue.
FAQ: questions "How to view CHM files", "How to integrate UV to Explorer".
Copyright © UVViewSoft

2009/10/08 ver 5.0.0

  What's new
Version 5.0.0 (8 oct 2009)
Added: MS Office native view (view '9'). No issue with Word/Excel new window anymore.
Added: Text converter (green bar appears at the top) for DOC/DOCX/XLS/XLSX/PPT/WRI/PDF/123 etc documents.
Added: Syntax color view for source code: PAS/C/CPP/ASM/BAT/REG/INI etc. Syn plugin preinstalled for this.
Added: Exe/DLL icons view. ICLView plugin preinstalled for this.
Added: MS Office, OpenOffice types options.
Changed: most ini keys (some hidden options) renamed, check the settings.
Changed: NavPanel button Up moved.
Fixed: NavPanel hang with ODT.
Added: plugins detect-string syntax "Ext:ext1,ext2,...".

2009/09/03 ver 4.3.0

Version 4.3.0 (3 sep 2009)
Added: NavPanel: better docking to viewer, both windows move syncroniously now.
Added: NavPanel: path combobox.
Added: NavPanel: options "Show combobox", "Horiz. layout".
Added: NavPanel: filename edits, drag-drop.
Added: option "Show confirmation before opening of unknown files".
Changed: usage of user tools requires NavPanel.

2009/08/23 ver 4.2.2

Version 4.2.2 (23 aug 2009)
Changed: UV is now free. Pro version's features moved into
Added: copying progress for "Copy to folder" command.
Fixed: command "Send by email".
Fixed: NavPanel: opening of folder .lnk.
Version 4.0.0 (21 Apr 2009)
Added: Plugins zip auto-install (using Pluginst.inf files).

2009/08/10 ver 4.2.0

  What's new
Note for NavPanel add-on: registration keys that were obtained after 1 Mar 2009,
Registration keys for 3.x version are no longer valid.
Version 4.2.0 (9 aug 2009)
Changed: UV is now free. Pro version features moved into
separate Navigation Panel addon (Nav.exe, shareware).
Some features (Copy to folder, Rename, Resolve lnk targets) made free.
Changed: NavPanel cannot be shown in fullscreen mode.
Fixed: saved "Footer" print option.
Fixed: "Send by email" command.
Fixed: big RTFs loading.
Removed: "ShowStatusbarOnMedia" option.