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タイトル Quicksilver
URL https://qsapp.com/
バージョン 1.6.0   1.5.9   1.5.8   1.5.7   1.5.6   1.5.5   1.5.4   1.5.3   1.5.2   1.5.1   1.4.2  
更新日 2018/09/20
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 様々な用途に利用できるコマンドライン型ランチャ。


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2018/09/20 ver 1.6.0

Changes - 1.6.0 (4025) 2018-09-19
Touch Bar support (#2366)
Provide descriptions when permission to access Contacts, interact with other applications, etc. is requested (#2446)
Improvements to the disk image used during installation (#2451)
Small fixes for the default string ranker (#2450, #2452)

2018/03/13 ver 1.5.9

Changes - 1.5.9 (4024) 2018-03-12
Recent documents are available on a clean install of macOS 10.13 (#2431, #2432)

2018/03/07 ver 1.5.8

Changes - 1.5.8 (4023) 2018-03-06
URL Scanner catalog source allows scanning links from a remote address (#767, #2408)
Objects grabbed with ⌘⎋ and ⌘G are added to the history (#2265, #2421)
A “Log Object to Console” action (disabled by default) has been added to improve our ability to troubleshoot (#2424)
Show the number of plugins being downloaded (#2409, #2410)
Prevent the third pane from appearing when nothing is selected (#2417, #2420)
Prevent a few crashes (#2415)
Lines from a text file are indexed correctly (#2364, #2369)
Improved trigger behavior for items that aren’t in the catalog (#2419, #2426)
Fix a text label that was getting truncated (#2425, #2430)
Catalog API cleanup (#2255)
Allow more of an actions’s properties to be manipulated (#2423)
An action’s method can be defined using a block, which allows programmatically creating several very similar actions (#2423)
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2017/11/07 ver 1.5.7

Changes - 1.5.7 (4022) 2017-11-06
A new trigger is available to relaunch Quicksilver. It's activated with ⌃⌥⌘Q by default. It can be reconfigured in Preferences → Triggers → Quicksilver (#2399, #2404)
Allow searching of non-latin scripts using latin characters (transliteration). E.g type 'zhongguo' to search for '中国' or 'hangeul' to search for '한굴' (#2395)
The menu item to Relaunch Quicksilver and its shortcut (⌃⌘Q) have been removed because that shortcut is used by macOS now (#2404)
Checking for updates happens in the background and won't lock up the interface (#1596)
Code signing for Gatekeeper is working again
Prevent a crash when notifying users of a new version (#2379, #1596)
Recent documents are available via right-arrow (#2396, #2403)
Recent and Favorite catalog scanners are working (#2403)
Small bug fixes for the updater (#2402)

2017/09/06 ver 1.5.6

Changes - 1.5.6 (4021) 2017-09-06
Additional safety checks and crash prevention (#2383)
Include FMDB in the core application to avoid conflicts between different plugins. It should be possible to remove FMDB from your plugins in the next release. (#2348)
CHANGE: Improve the handling of exceptions/crashes in Quicksilver (@try/@catch handlers)

2017/06/13 ver 1.5.5

Changes - 1.5.5 (4020) 2017-06-12
Keyboard shortcuts for Quicksilver activation and triggers couldn't be changed (#2362)
Removed requirement for xctool (#2353)
Configured Travis to use Xcode 8.3 and removed xctool (#2362)

2017/05/25 ver 1.5.4

Changes - 1.5.4 (401F) 2017-05-24
Update watched files and folders in the background (#2345)
Prevent some crashes (primarily related to icon loading) (#2339)
Fixed several deprecation warnings (#2346)
Clean up and consolidate code related to ranking (#2342)
Commands scheduled using "Run at Time…" and "Run after Delay…" can be viewed and cancelled in the Task Viewer (#1767, #2247)
Eliminate some "deleted thread with uncommitted CATransaction" warnings (#2275, #2347)
When creating a collection with the comma trick, ⌫ will clear the selection even if it hasn't been added to the collection (#2308)
The ⌫ key only removes a single character from the search string by default. The old behavior of clearing the entire string can be restored in Preferences → General → Extras (#177, #2249)

2017/03/04 ver 1.5.3

Changes - 1.5.3 (401E) 2017-03-03
Commands scheduled using "Run at Time窶ヲ" and "Run after Delay窶ヲ" can be viewed and cancelled in the Task Viewer (#1767, #2247)
Various performance enhancements to prevent Quicksilver from freezing (#2312)
Proxy objects should refresh as needed instead of after a delay (#2322)
Strings in commands saved to disk should preserve their value instead of getting replaced by an internal identifier (#2306, #2325)
Removed support for Internet Explorer (#2320)
The notification sent when the interface is dismissed will now include a reason for the dismissal. The reason will be available in userInfo[kQSInterfaceDeactivatedReason]. Possible values are "execution", "cancel", and "fade". (#2322)
Changes - 1.5.2 (401D) 2017-01-18
Changes - 1.5.1 (401C) 2016-12-24
Changes - 1.4.2 (401A) 2016-06-21
Changes - 1.4.1 (4019) 2016-04-13
Changes - 1.3.4 (4016) 2015-11-16
Changes - 1.3.3 (4015) 2015-11-14
Changes - 1.3.2 (4014) 2015-10-15
Changes - 1.3.1 (4013) 2015-10-01

2017/01/18 ver 1.5.2

Changes - 1.5.2 (401D)
Abbreviations are remembered more reliably (#2301, #2308)
Fixes for command execution (#2300, #2302, #2304)
When creating a collection with the comma trick, 竚ォ will clear the selection even if it hasn't been added to the collection (#2308)
Performance improvements (#2303)
The 竚ォ key only removes a single character from the search string by default. The old behavior of clearing the entire string can be restored in Preferences 竊General → Extras (#177, #2249)
© 2017 Designed by Stranded Design,

2016/12/25 ver 1.5.1

Changes - 1.5.1 (401C)
This release requires 10.10.
When renaming a file and the new name conflicts with an existing file, you will be asked what to do (#519, #2293)
Keep the third pane visible when it contains something, even if it's optional (#2234, #2235)
Improve the results in the third pane for AppleScript actions (#2071, #2232)
Removed potential deadlocks related to the task viewer (#1611)
Improved reliability when automatically showing/hiding the task viewer (#1611)
Avoid a hang during catalog indexing (#2016, #2241)
Correctly reset the third pane (#2201, #2239)
Avoid a hang when getting the string value for multiple selected objects (#2242, #2243)
Make the left arrow key do something useful in more contexts (#2228, #2229)
Prevent duplicate items from appearing in the interface (#2097, #2231)
Make sure mnemonics are updated before resetting the search string (#2269)
Icons for proxy objects are shown more reliably (#2069, #2179)
Icons for objects in a collection are shown more reliably (#2179)
Crash prevention and general improvements for the file conflict panel (#2293)
Fixed a bug related to alerts (#2296)

2016/06/21 ver 1.4.2

Changes - 1.4.2 (401A)
Items are added to history when you drag them out of Quicksilver (#2203, #2204)
Prevent an exception for non-keyboard events in the results list (#2205)
Building Quicksilver under OS X 10.10 so Gatekeeper won't complain on older versions of the OS (#2196)
The Toggle Application action is enabled by default (#2215)