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バージョン 2.12.1   2.12   2.11   2.10   2.9.2   2.9   1.1.1  
更新日 2017/03/18
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(3554円)
説明 ClamAVというオープンソースのアンチウィルスソフトをバックエンドとするウィルスチェッカー。


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2017/03/18 ver 2.12.1

ClamXav v2.12.1 - 18th March 2017
Improved support for users who have moved their home folder to a different disk
Improved support for users who have moved their home folder to a different disk

2017/03/18 ver 2.12

ClamXav v2.12 - 16th March 2017
New notification system if we need to notify you of important information
     - disable with expert pref 'PreventMessageChecking' (boolean)
Improved handling of errors in Regular Expression syntax
Distributing official ClamXav definitions over https
Improved handling of the global (override) preferences file
New expert pref to prevent users from stopping watching in Sentry:
     PreventSentryStopWatching (boolean)
Added button in main window title bar showing how many days remain in free trial
     displays just below the toolbar for users on OS X 10.10
Improved handling of malware that needs a restart for removal
Improved ability to delete some stubborn files
Improved handling of remote installation on macOS 10.12
Improved handling of GMail mailboxes in Apple Mail
Improved handling of virus definition updates when Internet connection is unavailable
Improved overall reliability
Fixed issue where an older 3rd party scanning engine might be used instead of the official one

2016/11/29 ver 2.11

ClamXav v2.11 - 28th November 2016
Faster engine installation
Improved speed of virus definition updates
Improved feedback during virus definition updates
Fixed issue where ClamXav was sometimes unable to remove Firefox extensions
Fixed issue that caused confusion when an infected item shows up twice in the Infection List
Fixed some more memory leaks
Improved appearance of today widget on macOS 10.12
Improved support for users who have moved their home directory to a different volume
Plugged some memory leaks in the privileged helper
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2016/09/30 ver 2.10

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ClamXav v2.10 - 29th September 2016
Improved support for macOS 10.12 Sierra
Fix for the intermittent error 56 whilst updating virus definitions
More intelligent file uploader
Updated Italian localisation
Fixed intermittent issues with the quarantine folder
Fixed some English error messages
Fixed minor incompatibility with DiskWarrior
Fixed inability to enter registration key after 30 day trial expired
Fixed uninstaller for 10.6
Added ability to check for ClamXav updates directly from the Sentry menu item (hold the option/alt key)
Added ability to lock preferences and prevent Sentry from being terminated
     - defaults write uk.co.canimaansoftware.clamxav PreventSentryQuit -boolean true
     - defaults write uk.co.canimaansoftware.clamxav LockPreferences -boolean true

2016/08/15 ver 2.9.2

The Anti-Virus Solution for Mac OS X
Version History
ClamXav v2.9.2 - 30th July 2016
Added ability to ignore certain types of system infections
Improved speed and reliability of scanning certain types of disk images
Fixed issue causing scheduled scans to log ALL files rather than just infected ones
Removed the need to run the installer fix for users on 10.8
Fixed various localisation issues
Fixed issue where Sentry wouldn't remember your "never scan" options for certain disks
Fixed issue where removing an infected email doesn't always remove the associated attachment
System quick scan now logs the date and time in your preferred locale
Improved reliability
ClamXav v2.9.1 - 16th July 2016
Fixed an issue with constantly wanting to repair the scanning engine
Fixed an issue with Sentry being unable to recognise the RecoveryHD in OS X 10.11
ClamXav v2.9 - 11th July 2016

2016/07/12 ver 2.9

Retrieve Lost Registration Key
ClamXav 2.9
ClamXav 2.9 - 11th July June 2016
ClamXav 2.9 is a huge update to v2.8, so we have reset the 30 day trial period. If your trial has expired, you can now try it again for another 30 days.
ClamXav v2.9 - 11th July 2016
New engine install and uninstall mechanism
Engine installer now retains any user-defined local/private mirrors and proxy settings
Significantly improved ability to remove installed system infections
Added the ability to quarantine/delete emails directly from within ClamXav (Apple Mail.app only)
Improved speed and reliability of initial virus definition download
Better feedback during virus definitions update
Added the ability to cancel a definitions update in progress
New Colour-coded infection list helping you to know the severity of an infection as it relates to your Mac
     - blue: low concern (consider quarantining the file to avoid the risk of passing it onto others)
     - orange: medium concern (advise quarantine)
     - red: high concern (advise delete)
     - green: neutralised threat

2016/06/14 ver

ClamXav - 13th June 2016
Recent Changes
Updated scanning engine to 0.99.2
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2016/05/04 ver

ClamXav - 3rd May 2016
Improved scanning of disk images
Improvements to registration key handling for volume licences
Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

2016/04/10 ver

ClamXav - 9th April 2016
Bug fixes and improvements
Updated scanning engine to 0.99.1

2016/02/13 ver

The Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solution for Mac OS X
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