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タイトル MarsEdit 2
URL https://red-sweater.com/marsedit/
バージョン 4.1.4   4.1.3   4.1.2   4.1.1   4.1   4.0.9   4.0.8   4.0.7   4.0.6   4.0.5   4.0.4  
更新日 2018/09/12
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(29.95ドル)
説明 Mac用のBlogライティングツール。


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2018/09/12 ver 4.1.4

MarsEdit 4.1.4
Fix a bug that prevented some preference changes from "sticking"
Restore support for dragging images from Preview's thumbnail list to the app
Preserve <script> elements when editing HTML content that contains them
Restore scripting support for custom field values on posts
Fix an issue converting Emoji characters from entities and back
Fix a crash when using VoiceOver to select Featured Image
Update default "Quick Posts" markup to use a more correct HTML structure
Fix preview of Quick Posts template which was not displaying correctly
More preliminary support for Dark Mode
Use different syntax highlighting colors in Dark Mode
Fix text color for the Network Log's content
Adapt about box and acknowledgements windows
Adapt main window preview area

2018/08/25 ver 4.1.3

MarsEdit 4.1.3
More improvements to the reliability of the Safari extension
When a dragged image contains both higher resolution and lower resolution versions, MarsEdit now prefers higher resolution
Improvements to the List formatting macros to make them transform several selected lines into a single list
Fixed a bug to avoid recompressing images when no changes are made to them
Restore the ability to upload SVG files to blogs that support them
Fixed a bug that caused selected custom colors to be unset when clicking out of the color panel
Fixed a hang that could occur if authentication fails while trying to upload an image to a blog
Fixed a bug that caused blogs to re-expand their Posts/Pages subsections even if user had collapsed them
Fixed a bug that caused some standard formatting macros to lose their functionality when a custom keyboard shortcut was set
Setting the Featured Image is now supported via VoiceOver

2018/07/07 ver 4.1.2

MarsEdit 4.1.2
Improve reliability of the Safari App Extension which could become disabled on complex web sites
Fix a bug that caused non-image files such as PDF documents to be converted to single-pixel images
Fix a bug that prevented dragging images from the "Uploaded" tab of the Media Manager
Fix a problem where "Preserve All Metadata" didn't work when attaching an image for later upload
Revert to pre-4.1 behavior of postponing initializing Media Manager until window is opened
Tag completion now prioritizes exact diacritical matches ahead of fuzzy matches
Restore the "Don't show again" checkbox on the Rich/Plain text mode switch alert

2018/06/15 ver 4.1.1

MarsEdit 4.1.1
Fix a crash when dragging images from Photos.app before MarsEdit's Upload Utility window has been opened
Fix a crash that could occur when "Preserve All" was selected for image metadata
Fix a bug that prevented "Preserve All" metadata option from staying selected on a blog

2018/06/13 ver 4.1

MarsEdit 4.1
Media improvements
New options for image metadata to preserve, remove, or remove only location-specific GPS data
Now supports direct dragging of images from Photos.app
Color profile can now be either preserved or converted to sRGB automatically
Performance improvements for users with large numbers of previously uploaded images
Preload media manager contents at launch time to avoid performance hit when opening it up
Bug fixes
Fix a bug that caused some CMYK profile images to not be rotated as expected
Fix a bug that caused featured image to be removed from posts when preview filter was applied
Fix a bug that prevented the "New Post" item from being enabled in the main window contextual menu
Fix "Copy Published Link" from the main window when a post is selected but post list not focused
Fix Preview Template auto-downloading for Micro.blog and other MetaWeblog API blogs
Fix a crash that could occur when interacting with the Formatting Macro editor window after closing a post editor
Fix a bug that could prevent Google OAuth tokens from being redacted in the Network Log
Fix a bug that caused "more" tags and other comments to be stripped from posts in some cases
Fix a bug where the full temporary path of an image was shown in the user notification
Little things
Add a "Remove Link" item to the Rich Text contextual menu

2018/04/10 ver 4.0.9

MarsEdit 4.0.9
Fix a bug that caused Google hosted image uploads to shwo up as missing images in blog posts
Change handling of "more" tags for Blogger to avoid wrapping with line break tags

2018/03/28 ver 4.0.8

MarsEdit 4.0.8
Fix a bug where images from Media Manager were not always permitted to be inserted into posts
Fix a bug that could cause slow text layout in the plain text editor
Disable Tags field when editing WordPress Page entries, where they're not allowed
Ensure escape and cmd-. keyboard shortcuts work as expected for cancel button in panels
Enable the 'Copy Published Link' and 'Send to Blog' menu items when the preview window is active

2018/02/07 ver 4.0.7

MarsEdit 4.0.7
Fix a crash that could occur in the plain text syntax highlighting functionality
Fix a hang in the plain text editor that could affect large posts
Fix Google and Tumblr blogs to heed the "number of posts per request" download setting
Fix a bug introduced in 4.0.6 that caused doubling of file extensions on image uploads
Fix behavior of "Do Again" format menu item for custom macros applies in Rich Text mode
Fix a bug that prevented Featured Image from being deleted from an already-published post
Fix handling of combining characters such as the "Male Singer" (Ziggy Startdust) in plain text editor
Change character count behavior to consider spaces in total character count.

2018/01/24 ver 4.0.6

MarsEdit 4.0.6
Fix names of HEIF based photos in the Media Manager
Fix a bug that prevented some Lightroom libraries from appearing in Media Manager
Fix a bug that prevented some dragged images from being accepted in the Rich Text editor

2018/01/13 ver 4.0.5

MarsEdit 4.0.5
Fix a bug that prevented automatic preview template download from working on some Blogspot blogs
Add accessibility description to the buttons for adding and removing Custom Fields
Detect and convey more useful error message for "Obfuscated ID" Blogger image upload failures
Protect against a possible crash when handling Tumblr API errors
Incorporate support for Lightroom 7 into the Media Manager
Rich Editor fixes
Restore Cmd-Shift-C keyboard shortcut to open Color Panel
Fix a bug where the "More" tag in a post with Unicode characters could get stripped out
Improvements to cursor navigation of images and text with links
Copyright © 2018 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2017/12/20 ver 4.0.4

MarsEdit 4.0.4
Fix a failure to auto-configure some Tumblr-based blogs
Fix a problem that prevented bolds, italics, etc. from being set as default preview fonts
Fix a problem where Typewriter Mode in Rich Text mode could scroll awkwardly while typing
Restore support for selecting "main category" on Movable Type blogs
Improve indexing and searchability of built-in Help
MarsEdit 4.0.3
This update fixes a bug introduced in 4.0.2 that could prevent purchased licenses from being validated in the app.