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タイトル KeyHoleTV
URL http://www.v2p.jp/video/
バージョン 4.26   4.25   3.17   3.16   3.15   3.13  
更新日 2015/07/06
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 P2Pを利用したTV視聴ソフト。







2015/07/06 ver 4.26

An Urgent Message
15/06/05(PST) The version 2-1 A-KeyHoleTV has been released. The version
has fixed for memory allocation, installable on SD card and checking unconnected network.
15/05/17(PST) The version 2-0 A-KeyHoleTV has been released. The version
has registration feature and purchasing a Premium Module Key.
15/05/07(PST) The version 1-9 A-KeyHoleTV has been released. The version
is fixed bugs for Android OS 5.0.
15/05/05(PST) The version 1-8 A-KeyHoleTV has been released. The version shows
a status bar and during A-KeyHoleTV shows a motion picture, A-KeyHoleTV dose not
become a sleep mode. In OS 5.0 (Lollipop), A-KeyHoleTV crashes after terminating by
HOME button or Back Button. The bug comes from OS 5.0. Please make a complete stop
by Recent App Button.
15/05/01(PST) A-KeyHoleTV is fined for the terminate operation of HOME button,
Back button and changing sense region of a button on top bar and bottom bar.
Also, the dialog box for he program password is fixed. akeyholetv1-6.apk has
been released. Installing application at Download.
15/04/29(PST) A-KeyHoleTV is fixed for the keeping screen.
15/04/28(PST) A-KeyHoleTV is fixed for HOME button bug.
15/04/26(PST) A-KeyHoleTV is fixed for the sound delay.

2013/02/21 ver 4.25

San Carlos, California USA
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2011/04/20 ver 3.17

SetupKHTV3.17.exe 20- 4月-2011 15:20 380K
Update/ 20- 4月-2011 15:25 -

2011/03/30 ver 3.16

SetupKHTV3.16.exe 30- 3月-2011 01:16 860K
Update/ 30- 3月-2011 01:22 -

2011/03/22 ver 3.15

SetupKHTV3.15.exe 21- 3月-2011 12:38 725K
Update/ 21- 3月-2011 14:25 -

2009/12/03 ver 3.13