タイトル Dual Monitor Tools
URL http://dualmonitortool.sourceforge.net/
バージョン 2.7   2.6   2.5   2.4   2.3   1.6   1.5   1.4  
更新日 2018/06/06
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 マルチディスプレイ用のユーティリティ。セカンダリモニタを一時的にオフにしたりスクリーンキャプチャすることができるツール。







2018/06/06 ver 2.7

5 Jun 2018 - release 2.7
Wallpaper changer image fill method is more configurable.
Wallpaper changer properties show a few more details.
Wallpaper changer updated for change to Unsplash website.
Wallpaper changer can now enable/disable providers from grid.
SwapScreen SDA option to put (transparent) border on outside of SDA.
last updated 4 Jun 2018

2017/07/24 ver 2.6

22 Jul 2017 - release 2.6
SwapScreen now allows up to 100 user defined areas.
SwapScreen added system defined areas for each screen/half/quarter.
SwapScreen fix for snap up/down/left/right when taskbar at (0, 0).
Wallpaper changer can now enable/disable providers from grid.
Cursor fix for cursor sometimes passing to another screen when it shouldn't.
last updated 22 Jul 2017

2017/01/01 ver 2.5

DMT Screen Saver
31 Dec 2016 - release 2.5
Wallpaper changer fixed flicker when using smooth changing.
SwapScreen has a new parametised "ShowDesktop" command.
Wallpaper changer has a new URL image provider.
Wallpaper changer Unsplash image provider has more configuration options.
Wallpaper changer has new option to cycle though all local disk images before repeating.
SwapScreen has new hotkey to show desktop that cursor is on.
SwapScreen option to reset the UDAs.
SwapScreen "ShowDesktop" now supports up to 16 monitors.
DMT Screen Saver
New tool to show the DMT Wallpaper as a screen saver
last updated 30 Dec 2016

2016/10/05 ver 2.4

DMT - General
2 Oct 2016 - release 2.4
New options panel to show monitor configuration.
Can change primary monitor using command line, magic word or GUI.
Can change monitor brightness using command line, magic word or GUI.
Existing instance of DMT can be closed from the command line.
Cursor fix to remember free movement key.
Snap fix for snaps that are smaller then secondary on one dimension only.
SwapScreen fix for 'Next Screen' when taskbar at left or top of monitor.
Wallpaper changer obeys exif orientation flag.
Wallpaper changer temporary fix for Unsplash images.
last updated 1 Oct 2016

2016/02/13 ver 2.3

Dual Monitor Tools
DMT - Cursor
DMT - Launcher
DMT - Snap
DMT - Swap Screen
DMT - Wallpaper Changer
Dual Wallpaper
2 Feb 2016 - release 2.3
An installer is now available.
SwapScreen fix for when swapping top 2 windows.
WallpaperChanger makes sure correct wallpaper mode used if using smooth changes.
Cursor fix for cursor not sticky after Ctrl-Alt-Del.

2010/12/29 ver 1.6

Tools for Windows users with dual or multiple displays. Has hotkeys for moving windows around, restrict mouse/cursor movement between screens, application launcher, wallpaper creator, temporarily disable secondary screens and a screen capture tool.
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2010/11/20 ver 1.5

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Release 1.5

2010/06/11 ver 1.4