タイトル Listary
URL http://www.listary.com/
バージョン 5.00.2843   5.00.2581   5.00.2410   5.00.2334   4.23.1727   3.23.563   3.21.542   3.20.539   3.20.535   3.11.522   3.10.514  
更新日 2017/10/15
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 タイプすることでファイルを検索することができるユーティリティ。


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2017/10/15 ver 5.00.2843

v5.00.2843 (3.4 MB) for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3
5.00.2843 (10/14/2017)
Fixed: Some rare crashes on recent Windows 10 updates.
New: List file search results first if query begins with a space.
Improved: Improve compatibility with XYplorer.
Improved: Improve compatibility with Directory Opus.
Improved: Improve compatibility with Total Commander.
Improved: Improve compatibility with Autodesk apps.
Fixed: Fix possible wrong search bar position on a dual monitor setup.
Fixed: Fix sending an extra separator when opening a folder in Total Commander sometimes.
Fixed: Fix that “Disable Listary” confirm message can’t pop up on apps running as admin.
Fixed: Fix some performance issues.
Fixed: General bug fixes.

2017/01/25 ver 5.00.2581

Download Installer
v5.00.2581 (3.4 MB) for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3
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5.00.2581 (01/25/2017)
New: General improvements and bug fixes.
5.00.2410 (08/07/2016)
5.00.2334 (05/23/2016)

2016/08/08 ver 5.00.2410

v5.00.2410 (3.3 MB) for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3
New: Better Windows 10 anniversary update support.
New: Now you can use spaces when searching for apps.
New: Add EF Commander support.
New: Show files when auto-expanding favorite folders in menus.
Improved: Improve search result sorting.
Improved: Open toolbar in Explorer when pressing hotkey if find-as-you-type is disabled.
Fixed: Listary is activated unexpectedly when using pinch-zoom on Synaptics touchpads.
Fixed: Listary can’t get current folder path from XYplorer when Live Filter Box is visible.
Fixed: Currently Opened Folders doesn’t work in Total Commander 64.
Fixed: Other bug fixes.

2016/05/28 ver 5.00.2334

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Download Installer
v5.00.2334 (3.3 MB) for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP3
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Listary is free for personal use only. If you need more advanced features or want to use it at your workplace, please purchase Listary Pro. 
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What’s new in this version?
If Listary 5 is not working correctly after upgrading from Listary 4, try to uninstall it, reboot, and then reinstall.
New: Press Ctrl twice to show/hide Listary.
New: Completely redesign Launch Apps.
New: Theme support! 17 beautiful themes and a theme editor included. Check Options – Appearance.
New: Send to. You can now send a search result using Windows “Send to” menu or send it to any folder via search. Default hotkey Alt+S.
New: Custom Actions. Check Listary Options – Actions.
New: Use a hotkey to execute an action directly.

2016/02/01 ver 4.23.1727

Listary Pro
Find As You Type
Disk Search
Fuzzy Navigation
Quick Switch
Access from anywhere
Smart Commands
Favorites And History
Total Commander Integration
Listary FAQ

2011/07/19 ver 3.23.563

Current Version: 3.23 (Build 563)
Download EXE Installer (5.70 MB)
Portable Version (8.29 MB)
3.23.563 (19 July 2011)
- New: Multi-language support
- New: Use Total Commander to completely replace file dialogs
- New: Add directory menu of Total Commander to Listary Favorite
- New: Number of recent items being shown in the menu can be set now
- Improved: Options UI
- Fixed: Recent may not work sometimes on Windows XP
- Fixed: Popup menu may not show up sometimes in Total Commander
- Fixed: Ctrl + O may not work sometimes
- Fixed: Ctrl + O doesn't work in Total Commander if the path contains spaces
- Fixed: Input may be doubled while using the find-as-you-type feature in some applications

2011/06/27 ver 3.21.542

Current Version: 3.21 (Build 542)
Download EXE Installer (5.65 MB)
Portable Version (8.20 MB)
3.21.542 (27 June 2011)
- New: Favorite folders can be expanded automatically
- New: Open the file selected in your file manager in standard file open/save dialogs
- New: Drag and drop a file to Listary toolbar to open it in file dialogs

2011/06/26 ver 3.20.539

Current Version: 3.20 (Build 539)
Download EXE Installer (5.64 MB)
Portable Version (8.19 MB)
3.20.539 (25 June 2011)
- New: Chinese Pinyin support
- Improved: Some strings of Options may not be fully displayed on an East-Asian language system
- Fixed: Wrong message while activating caused by extra whitespace in registration information
- Fixed: May crash when exit on some systems

2011/06/21 ver 3.20.535

Windows Explorer Search | Free Search Utility for Lists
Listary Pro
Download Listary
System Requirements: Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 (64-bit supported)
Current Version: 3.20 (Build 535)
Download EXE Installer (5.62 MB)
Portable Version (8.15 MB)
3.20.535 (20 June 2011)
- New: Hot keys for favorites and commands are back
- New: Quick Switch with hot key (Ctrl + G) in Smart menu
- New: Currently Opened Folders in Smart menu
- New: Custom Smart commands
- New: Tool tips for all menu entries

2011/06/07 ver 3.11.522

Windows Explorer Search | Free Search Utility for Lists
Listary Pro
Current Version: 3.11 (Build 522)
Operating System: Windows 7/ Vista/ XP SP2 (64-bit supported)
License: Freeware (For personal use only).
If you want to use it for commercial purpose, please purchase Listary Pro.
Download installer:
Listary.exe (5.54 MB)
Portable version:
ListaryPortable.zip (8.09 MB)
Version History
3.11.522 (07 June 2011)

2011/05/31 ver 3.10.514

Current Version: 3.10 (Build 514)
Listary.exe (1.06 MB)
ListaryPortable.zip (1.29 MB)
3.10.514 (30 May 2010)
- New: You can add a custom application to support list
- New: Built-in support for Total Commander, Directory Opus, xplorer2 and XYplorer
- New: Built-in support for 7-Zip, WinRAR and FileZilla
- New: Mouse middle-click to activate Listary popup menu in supported applications
- New: Win + W support all applications now
- New: Show recent items in submenu in popup menus
- Improved: All the menus are much faster now
- Improved: Listary toolbar will hide automatically when file dialog becomes inactive
- Fixed: The popup menu may show up unexpectedly when double click on a folder
- Fixed: Listary toolbar may not disappear after closing the open file dialog of Office on Windows XP
- Fixed: A small memory leak in Options > Favorites
- Fixed: Listary may hide unexpected in uTorrent