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バージョン 10.15   10.14   10.13   10.12   10.11   10.10   10.9   10.8   10.7   10.6   10.5  
更新日 2019/08/16
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースのフォルダ比較&同期ツール。







2019/08/16 ver 10.15

Open Source File Synchronization
About FreeFileSync

2019/07/15 ver 10.14

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FreeFileSync 10.14Jul 14, 2019
Warn if versioning folder paths differ only in case
Fixed empty HTTP response during update check (macOS/Linux)
Warn if Donation Edition is active on unexpected number of machines
Use subdomain for application update checks
Consider cache control for HTTP GET requests
Access all web endpoints over TLS
Fixed character encoding issue in update reminder (macOS/Linux)

2019/06/15 ver 10.13

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FreeFileSync 10.13Jun 13, 2019
Allow to rename configurations via context menu
Work around hang on SMB network with broken FileFullDirectoryInformation
Work around SMB share returning empty item name
Detect and preempt keyman64.dll crash on exit
Manage notification sounds via global options dialog
Support 32-bit Debian Jessie and later releases
Work around silent failure to case-only rename on FAT drives (Windows 10)
Simplified installation folder structure
Update main grid scrollbars when resizing columns on other side
Preserve input focus when clicking on grid column label
Buffer result of process path normalization
Mirror middle grid icons for RTL layout (Linux)
Force LTR layout until wxWidgets supports RTL (macOS)
Fixed pair scrolling mismatch when grid height is exceeded by one row
Fixed startup failure due to missing /etc/machine-id (Linux)

2019/05/13 ver 10.12

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FreeFileSync 10.12May 12, 2019
Show sync start time and date in progress dialog title
Added duration of comparison to log
Show all total times in full HH:MM:SS format
Added sync start time to log file header
Add Windows Defender exclusions to fix CURLE_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT
New RealTimeSync option to hide console window
Support launching through symlink (Windows)
Dropped support for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista
Reduced installation size by 25%

2019/04/12 ver 10.11

Download FreeFileSync 10.11 Windows
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FreeFileSync 10.11Apr 11, 2019
Last FreeFileSync version supporting Windows XP and Vista
Fixed crash on multi-monitor set up
Fixed dialogs not showing after opening UAC prompt
Support launching through symlink (Linux)
Added example desktop starter files (Linux)
Fixed misleading error when determining file permissions support
Updated wxWidgets, libcurl, libssh2, VS, GCC, Xcode

2019/03/11 ver 10.10

Download FreeFileSync 10.10 Windows
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FreeFileSync 10.10Mar 10, 2019
New option: synchronize selection
Dynamically disable unsuitable context menu options
Support MTP devices without move command
Fall back to copy/delete when implicitly moving to different device (e.g. symlink)
Fixed incorrect statistics after parallel move
Fixed menu button not triggering context menu
Fixed crash on focus change while message popup is dismissed
Fixed crash when trying to shrink empty image
Fixed invisible dialogs when monitor is turned off in multi-monitor setup
Work around GetFileInformationByHandle error code 58 on WD My Cloud EX
Changing deletion handling now correctly triggers updated config
Support root-relative FTP file paths (e.g. FreeNAS)
Move and rename MTP items as a transaction
Exclude AppleDouble files (._) via default filter on macOS

2019/02/10 ver 10.9

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FreeFileSync 10.9Feb 10, 2019
Added FTP, SFTP, Google Drive support for Linux
FreeFileSync Donation Edition available for Linux
Compress file stream during Google Drive upload
Navigate beyond access-denied parents in SFTP folder picker
Fixed unexpected stream size error during FTP upload
Support native recursive deletion for Google Drive
Support native recursive deletion for MTP
Deterministically save Google Drive state during exit
Work around missing TMPDIR variable (Linux)
Support SFTP servers returning large package sizes during folder reading
Start with home path when using SFTP folder picker
Aggregate device authentication prompts during comparison

2019/01/15 ver 10.8

About FreeFileSync
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2018/12/13 ver 10.7

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FreeFileSync 10.7Dec 12, 2018
Resolve ambiguous paths in (S)FTP folder picker
Fixed path alias check to not rely on volume serial
Check already existing move target by ID instead of path
Use native image conversion routines in installer
Added base folder info for unresolved conflicts message
Avoid silent failure when setting epoch modTime
Fixed parsing locale with unexpected format
Fixed RealTimeSync failing to start FreeFileSync batch
Exclude failed item paths containing backslash in names
Fixed RealTimeSync GUI distortion after drag & drop
Support command arguments and exit code with launcher
Consider UTF encoding when trimming long temp name during file copy

2018/11/13 ver 10.6

How to skip joining PayPal
Download FreeFileSync 10.6 Windows
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FreeFileSync 10.6Nov 12, 2018
Detect and skip traversing folder path aliases
Conflict when Unicode normalization forms differ
Unified 32 and 64 bit into single package (Linux)
Notarized application package (macOS)
Save configuration files in user-specific paths (Linux)
Use XDG-style config file paths (Linux)
Fixed (fake) intermittent hangs during comparison
Detect SMB mount points as separate devices (Linux)
Consider /mnt subfolders as device root paths (Linux)
Create missing default log folder upon first run
Don't consider final status for error/warning count
Discard invalid SFTP session after max channel test
Fixed main dialog position not being remembered

2018/10/12 ver 10.5

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Latest Changes
FreeFileSync 10.5Oct 11, 2018
New file matching considering Unicode normalization
User-configurable timeout for FTP and SFTP
Obsoleted old CHM manual in favor of PDF