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タイトル iStat Menus
URL http://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/
バージョン 6.4   6.31   6.3   6.2   6.11   6.1   6.0   5.32   5.31   5.3   5.2  
更新日 2019/10/07
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(18ドル)
説明 洗練されたMac用のシステムモニター。


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2019/10/07 ver 6.4

7 October 2019
Added support for macOS Catalina.
Added support for second generation AirPods.
Improved support for all 2019 Macs.
Fixed an issue with disk activity monitoring on APFS based fusion drives.
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2018/12/10 ver 6.31

10 December 2018
Fixed and improved many small things.
Added core clock frequency, memory clock frequency and temp stats for some AMD GPUs in macOS 10.14.
Improved support for 2018 MacBook Pros.
Improved support for 2018 MacBook Airs.

2018/11/22 ver 6.3

iStat Menus version history
22 November 2018
Added menubar spacer items.
Added bold font options for all menubar text modes.
Added core clock frequency, memory clock frequency and temperature to GPU stats for some AMD GPUs in macOS 10.14.
Added label option to battery menubar modes.
Added options to group IPv6 address by type and filtering options.
Added ability to customise the address used for the internet status checker.
Added options to sort world clocks by timezone or longitude.
Added option to show size and percentage together for process memory usage.
Added option to reduce menubar graph heights.
Added ability to create fan rules that use AC state on laptops.
Added country flag icon to network menubar modes.
Added VPN status icon to network menubar modes.
Improved support for 2018 MacBookPros.
Improved support for 2018 Mac Minis.
Improved support for iMac Pros.
Improved menubar graph color options for Bluetooth devices.

2018/07/18 ver 6.2

18 July 2018
Improved support for 2018 MacBookPros.
Improved process memory reporting.
Improved weather interface.
Improved interface for macOS 10.14 Mojave.
Improved resource usage.
Added ability to change dropdown section header text color.
Added ability to have multiple GPU items in menubar to allow processor and memory items simultaneously.
Added ISS tracker to light map in time dropdown.
Added an option to control if purgeable space is hidden is disk space reporting.
Added an option to hide decimal places for temperatures in weather dropdown.
Added optional disk icons to Disks dropdown.
Improved eGPU support.
Improved localizations.
Improved default units in Weather extra.
Improved internet status checker to use instead of google.com.
Fixed some issues with importing a settings file from version 5.
Fixed some issues with GPU selection for menubar GPU modes.

2018/04/10 ver 6.11

11 April 2018
Added an option to reset all settings.
Added location name to weather dropdown when using “current location” to fetch weather.
Added ability to change color of menubar labels.
Added an option to show BSD names for network interfaces.
Added a separate notification type for IPv6 address changes.
Improved error handling of weather data.
Improved naming of S.M.A.R.T. and NVMe based temperature sensors.
Improved daylight saving notifications.
Improved disk activity monitoring.
Improved disk temperature monitoring.
Fixed an issue with some menubar date formats being displayed incorrectly.
Fixed an issue with dates using incorrect calendar with some locale settings.
Fixed an issue with selected fan speeds not being correctly restored after sleep.
Fixed an issue with the exported settings icon.
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2018/02/28 ver 6.1

1 March 2018
Added ability to select the weather provider.
Added AccuWeather as a weather provider option.
Added Bureau of Meteorology/WillyWeather as a weather provider option for Australian users.
Added ability to search for weather underground stations by station ID. Please see Using Weather Underground weather stations for more information.
Added calendar filtering for events.
Added support for temperature sensors on NVMe based SSDs.
Added ability to set a different timezone for each line of dual line menubar clocks.
Added ability to set decimal level for KB and MB separately in network.
Added ability to hide the calendar request UI in the Time dropdown.
Added ability to drag to scroll the hourly time view in the weather dropdown.
Added ability to click weather alert notifications to view more information.
Added a larger world clock database.
Added a single digit minute option for menubar and dropdown clock formatters.
Improved iMac Pro support.
Improved localisations.
Improved weather location searching.
Improved disk activity monitoring.

2017/09/25 ver 6.0

25 September 2017
Added light and dark vibrant dropdown themes.
Added new localisations. Main app and status items are now localised in 36 languages.
Added option to temporarily pause iStat Menus.
Added configureable notifications .
Added hotkey support for each dropdown.
Added ability to customise the order of each dropdown.
Added ability to hide sections in each dropdown.
Added single user install mode.
Added extra slow update frequency.
Added larger and more detailed history graphs with tooltips.
Added support for automatically installing updates (can be disabled).
Added options to change colors in dropdown graphs.
Added option to use light graph backgrounds with light dropdowns.
Added Notification Centre widget.
Added an option to use a narrower font in menubar text modes.
Improved history graphs to cover last 30 days.

2017/08/23 ver 5.32

23 August 2017
Improved support for 2017 MacBook Pros.
Improved support for 2017 MacBooks.
Improved support for 2017 iMacs.
Improved per process network monitoring.
Improved per process memory monitoring in macOS 10.11 and 10.12.
Improved support for macOS 10.13.
Improved bluetooth battery monitoring.
Improved disk monitoring performance.
Fixed an issue with the sun position in light map.

2016/11/22 ver 5.31

22 November 2016
Improved support for late 2016 MacBook Pros.
Improved per process network monitoring in macOS 10.12.
Fixed a memory leak.
Fixed an issue where processes could be displayed the wrong name.
Fixed an issue with week number in menubar.
Removed declined events from calendar.

2016/11/03 ver 5.3

iStat Menus version history
3 November 2016
Added preliminary support for late 2016 MacBook Pros.
Improved support for macOS 10.12.
Improved bluetooth battery monitoring.
Fixed missing network processes in macOS 10.12.
Fixed menubar order not being remembered in macOS 10.12 after rebooting.
Fixed an issue where iStat Menus may have required the discrete GPU to be used.
Fixed an issue with requesting calendar event access.
Fixed an issue where there may have been extra logging appearing in Console if the Disks extra was enabled in macOS 10.12.
Added additional sensors for some Macs.
Added separate Order tab for controlling menu item order in macOS 10.11.

2016/07/22 ver 5.2

22 July 2016
Added additional sensors for some Macs
Added ability to search for states when adding world clocks.
Added a new single letter day token to date formatters that uses the MTWRFSU format.
Added seperate Order tab for controlling menu item order in macOS 10.11.
Added informational tooltips to clock format tokens.
Reduced CPU usage.
Reduced memory usage.
Improved support for macOS 10.12 Sierra.
Improved GPU monitoring on macOS 10.11+.
Improved UPS support.
Improved support for late 2015 iMacs.
Improved support for 2016 MacBook.
Improved some sensor names.
Improved Portuguese, French and Italian localisations.
Fixed an issue where the time item may not detect automatic timezone changes correctly.
Fixed an issue with network interfaces sometimes being incorrectly showing as inactive.
Fixed an issue where some GPUs may not have been shown on Mac Pros.