タイトル ZBar
URL http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/zbar/
バージョン 0.8   0.82   0.81  
更新日 2012/12/24
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 マルチモニターのサブディスプレイ側にタスクバーを表示するユーティリティ。







2012/12/24 ver 0.8

v0.85 - 22nd December 2012
"Leave Taskbar Alone" value now saved
XP Silver theme now draws correctly in double height
Explorer icons under W7 now update when their window changes
Crash with FireFox fixed (by introducing a small memory leak ...)
XP and Chrome styles distinguish between focus/no focus on mouseover
"Fix wallpaper on resolution change" option
Xcalday class ignored
Royale Noir style added
Fixed up the hint close icon
\\.\DISPLAYV4 name now handled for a USB screen in Japan
-wallpaperonlyquiet command line option added
Sunday as first day of the work option added
Tidied the layout of the options dialog
Fixed ??This?? button text in Lync
DLL updated to hook12.dll, custom keys and alt/control options, but can only be set from the registry
SendMessage -> Postmessage when handling WM_RBUTTONDOWN to avoid crash when using a right-click menu
MSO_BORDEREFFECT_WINDOW_CLASS class windows excluded
zbar.zip (129k)

2012/03/08 ver 0.82

v0.82 - 3rd March 2012
Only one instance of the app will run at a time
Skype and Paint windows a little better handled
Tweaked hyperlink opening code
AM/PM shown in twelve hour displays
Bug causing "Oops should not be here" to show in wallpaper dialog fixed
Clicking the middle mouse button on a button closes that window
Option to zoom images smaller than the monitor in wallpaper dialog
MusicBee no longer handled - the window class it uses is not unique
"Premiere Pro Monitor EchoPort" and "PSViewC" now fill the screen
Choosing "None" in the keyboard hook now actually clears it
Wallpaper previews could be displayed off the preview area
Option to leave taskbar alone (does not add or remove buttons on it)
Button text colour can be chosen
Ampersands in tooltips now display correctly
Some notication tray icon menu commands added to ZBar menu
Windows 7 theme colour now also affects "W7 small"
Maximise to virtual screen shortcut can be disabled
Bug fixed with calendar which could cause it to jump a month ahead

2011/02/03 ver 0.81