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タイトル Charles
URL http://www.charlesproxy.com/
バージョン 4.2.1   4.2   4.1.4   4.1.3   4.1.2   4.1.1   4.1   4.0.2   4.0.1   4.0   3.11.5  
更新日 2017/11/22
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(50ドル)
説明 開発用のHTTPプロキシー。開発マシンとインターネット間のHTTP、SSL/HTTPSトラフィックを確認することができる。


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2017/11/22 ver 4.2.1

Download a free trialVersion 4.2.1
Version 4.2.1
22 November 2017
Important bug fixes
Fix Map Remote's preserving of host headers for HTTP 2
Fix CONNECT tunnelling of unsupported protocols
Fix importing of unexpectedly formed HAR content from Chrome
macOS: Fix native code crashes
Version 3.12.2
22 November 2017
Important bug fixes
Version 3.12.1
1 October 2017
Updated to the latest Java 1.8 release
Updated to the latest Java 1.8 release
macOS High Sierra support
Fixed missing menu bar on macOS High Sierra on non-English locales

2017/09/30 ver 4.2

Download a free trialVersion 4.2
Version 4.2
30 September 2017
Major new features:
TLS information in the Overview tab now includes detailed information about the TLS connection, including:
Session resumption
TLS handshake sizes are now correctly accounted for when SSL Proxying
Minor new features:
Charles system tray / menu bar icon now indicates throttling state
Local address now shows local port on Overview tab
SOCKS proxy HTTP ports now support ranges
Icons tweaked to improve recognition for colour blind users
Recognise all +json mime-types as JSON
TLS exceptions now convey more information (to help debug connection failures)
Active Connections view improved to actually show active connections rather than active requests/responses
Websocket info on Overview tab

2017/07/10 ver 4.1.4

Download a free trialVersion 4.1.4
Version 4.1.4
10 July 2017
Minor improvements:
Mirror tool now supprts partial responses (so you can mirror some streaming video)
JSON export option added to Web Interface
Recognise WebSocket upgrades on an existing connection
Bug fixes:
Support IPv6 literal addresses in Location host fields
Fix hung requests that occurred in some rare, but consistent circumstances
Fix fault in multipart form viewer when expanding file details
Improve SSL connection establishment when the first protocol offered is rejected aggressively
Fix right-click issue on macOS on computers with a trackpad, where popup menus would appear then disappear
Version 3.12
10 July 2017
New features
Support for Brotli compression
Version 4.1.3

2017/06/20 ver 4.1.3

Download a free trialVersion 4.1.3
Version 4.1.3
20 June 2017
New features:
Support for Brotli compression
Bug fixes:
Fix rare chunked response bug
Rewrite tool can now rewrite the Host to include a port
Minor improvements:
Add -v command-line argument to display the current version
Windows specific improvements:
Fixes to split pane behaviour, including making it easier to resize, and showing the correct cursor
Linux specific improvements:
Use update-alternatives so Charles 3 can be installed alongside Charles 4
Version 4.1.2

2017/05/13 ver 4.1.2

Download a free trialVersion 4.1.2
Version 4.1.2
13 May 2017
Bug fixes and minor improvements
HTTP 2 improvements addressing faults with Map Remote, Map Local and general stability improvements.
User font preference is now applied more uniformly to transaction viewers
Fiddler import NumberFomatException fixed
Windows specific improvements:
Type rendering fixed when antialiasing is disabled 
Fix error output when using command-line tools
Fix clipping of alert icons
Fix crash when presenting file dialogs if GodMode is enabled
macOS specific improvements:
DNS Spoofing menu accelerator key changed to no longer conflict with Show/Hide Dock
Menu accelerators now work when you've closed the last session window
Version 3.11.7
10 May 2017
Bug fixes and minor improvements
Make it clear that throttling does not work on paths

2017/04/21 ver 4.1.1

Download a free trialVersion 4.1.1
Version 4.1.1
21 April 2017
Bug fixes
Fix failure to render JSON Text and XML Text views on Windows and Linux
Fix failure to render Text view (when displaying line numbers) on Windows and Linux
Fix failure to launch on Windows and Linux with some anti-aliasing system configurations
Version 4.1

2017/04/10 ver 4.1

Download a free trialVersion 4.1
Version 4.1
10 April 2017
Major new features
Protobuf 3 support (and Protobuf descriptor registry, for parsing your Protobuf messages)
HiDPI support on Windows and Linux
Flow chart (to explore the profile of a connection over time)
Linux versions now include a custom JRE, and no longer require Java to be installed separately
Minor new features
More info for unproxied SSL traffic, including protocol and ciphers
More closely match the SSL protocol and cipher negotiated between client and server when SSL Proxying
Client Process tool performance optimisation
Added Copy Image and Export Image options to the Chart viewer
ACL now supports IPv6 addresses
Expanded support for extended JSON mime types
Bug fixes
Hangs on macOS after sleep or GPU change have been resolved (thank you to the many users who participated in testing this!)
HTTP 2 stability improved when using Chrome
SOCKS proxy now respects incoming IP address, rather than doing a DNS lookup for the requested Host

2016/11/19 ver 4.0.2

Download a free trialVersion 4.0.2
Version 4.0.2
19 November 2016
Bug fixes and minor improvements
Local IP addresses are now sorted, and the window is bigger
Fix display of local IP address in SSL Proxying remote browser help
macOS: Improve occassional hanging issue when using a retina display
macOS: The window can now be dragged by the title label, and not when fullscreen
Windows: larger toolbar icons
JSON import/export: include exception details
Focussed setting now remembered in Sequence view
Antialias text on Chart view
Version 4.0.1

2016/09/20 ver 4.0.1

Download a free trialVersion 4.0.1
Version 4.0.1
20 September 2016
Bug fixes
Fix display of local IP address in Help menu
Fix negotation with external proxies for authenticated SSL connections
Fix occassional hang on macOS with retina displays
Fix NPE in DNS Spoofing for repeated events
Fix HTML validation
Refresh current viewer when viewer mappings change
Ensure throttle settings are applied to repeated HTTP 2 requests
Rename Mac OS X to macOS
Improve PCAP file import
Version 4.0
Charles 4 is a major upgrade to Charles. Read the Charles 4 release announcement.
Version 3.11.6
16 September 2016
Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
Support for macOS Sierra

2016/08/01 ver 4.0

Download a free trialVersion 4.0
Version 4.0
1 August 2016
At long last, Charles 4.0 is released. This marks a major milestone for Charles: an upgrade to the latest and greated HTTP standard, the latest and greated IP standard, and the first paid upgrade in Charles's long history.
Major features:
HTTP 2 support
IPv6 support
Updated look and feel
Improved performance
The updated look and feel includes:
Enhanced app icon!
Beautiful new custom designed icons for the toolbar and in the session navigator tree
Improved tab visual design on Mac OS X
Improved compatibility with Windows 10
Reduced border chrome
Minor features:
Command-line tool to export SSL certificates
Notes field added to Sequence view
XML summary export now includes headers

2016/05/29 ver 3.11.5

Download a free trialVersion 3.11.5
Version 3.11.5
29 May 2016
Bug fixes:
Fix SSL Root certificate installation bug on Android when using http://ssl.charles/
SOAP viewer fixes
HAR importer fixes
Fix Malformed HTTP URL when proxying to unusual ports
Minor improvements:
Map Remote cookie path rewriting
SSL Root certificate export command-line tool
Mac OS X: add support for global preferences in /Library/Preferences
Version 3.11.4