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URL http://boinc.berkeley.edu/
バージョン 7.10.3   7.10.2   7.8.5   7.8.4   7.8.3   7.8.2   7.6.22   7.6.9   7.6.7   7.4.42   7.4.36  
更新日 2018/06/09
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 分散コンピューティングを実現するためのプラットフォーム。コンピュータの空き時間を様々なプロジェクトに活用することができる。







2018/06/09 ver 7.10.3

Version 7.10.3
released: 8 June 2018
(Mac only release)
Patch wxWidgets 3.1.0 to fix BOINC Manager crash on OS 10.6
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Last modified on 06/09/18 02:05:25

2018/05/23 ver 7.10.2

Version 7.10.2
released: 21 May 2018
MGR: don't crash if GUI RPC returns empty reply
MGR: use "client" instead of "daemon"
MGR: Rename OK button to Save button
MGR: remove excess blank lines in notices
client: fix bug where client does tight loop if no_gui_rpc set
client, MGR: add auto-login
MGR: don't show Attach Wizard at startup if autologin in progress
client: make autologin work for account managers as well as projects
Mac client: Fix bug which caused BOINC client built with SDK OS 10.11 or later to fail to get correct system RAM size when running on older versions of OS X
Mac client: fix a bug which caused the BOINC client to crash immediately on launch under OS X versions OS 10.11 and earlier
client: update ca-bundle.crt to latest copy of certificates
boinccmd: show CPU/GPU resources in --get_task
Update all_projects_list.xml file.
Linux: Default working directory changed to /var/lib/boinc
Show build not OS platform in messages
Last modified 29 minutes ago
Last modified on 05/23/18 00:22:33

2018/01/13 ver 7.8.5

Version 7.8.5
released: 12 January 2018
(Mac only release)
Last modified 2 hours ago
Last modified on 01/12/18 09:20:41

2017/11/11 ver 7.8.4

Version 7.8.4
released: 10 November 2017
(Mac only release)
Fix the calculation of GPU memory when running under OS 10.13 High Sierra.
Last modified 94 minutes ago
Last modified on 11/10/17 15:15:31

2017/10/05 ver 7.8.3

Version 7.8.3
released: 4 October 2017
client: extensions, fixes to account manager functionality
client: eliminate possible buffer overflow in reporting result errors
lib: fix boinc_file_exists() on Windows
Mac: Changes to Xcode project to support screensaver changes for Mac OS 10.13.
Screensaver: Changes for screensaver to support Mac OS 10.13
api: BOINC graphics library changes to support Mac OS 10.13
client library: inconsistent terminology for intel_gpu
update project list
Locale: Update french localization files
update installshield files
Massive Mac API code cleanup for OS 10.12
Tweaks and fixes to Account Manager logic.
Tweaks to AMD and Nvidia GPU detection and flop estimates.
Fix for certain crash conditions.
Last modified 3 hours ago
Last modified on 10/04/17 09:02:45

2017/09/16 ver 7.8.2

Version 7.8.2
released: 28 Aug 2017
Added VirtualBox 5.1.26 for compatibility with Windows 10.
Don't crash Manager if GUI RPC returns empty reply.
Mac installer & uninstaller changes.
Newly translated localization files.
Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.0, c-Ares 1.11.0 and LibCurl? 7.50.1
Fix corruption of large downloads in docker/VirtualBox containers.
Fixed delay on Windows start-up due to overzealous anti-virus.
Add GUI RPCs for reading and writing app_config.xml files.
Show alt platforms in event log at startup.
Fix notices display under Mac OS 10.12.4
Version 7.6.34
released: 9 April 2017
Fix for Manager Notices Tab failing under Mac OS 10.12.4
Version 7.6.33
released: 5 June 2016
AMD GCN GPU recognition fixed.
Reinstate XScreensaver on Linux.

2015/12/31 ver 7.6.22

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Version 7.6.22
released: 30 Dec 2015
Updated localizations
Updated libcurl, openssl, and VirtualBox (for packages that include VirtualBox)
Fixed VirtualBox detection for Mac and Linux
Fixed numerous issues detected via coverity source code scans.
Fixed how elapsed time is displayed in the manager
Fixed localized number formatting issues
Fixed crash analysis code in the manager (Windows Only)
Fixed GPU detection issues
Fixed minimum password text in attach wizard
Fixed clipping of the project icons in the simple GUI (Windows Only)
Last modified 7 hours ago
Last modified on 12/30/15 11:30:30

2015/09/01 ver 7.6.9

Version 7.6.9
released: 31 Aug 2015
MGR: improve validity checking in advanced prefs dialog
MGR: use lighter red for error fields
MGR: in Advanced Preferences dialog highlight textedit field with illegal value by setting its background to red.
MGR: in prefs dialog, buffer size limits are 10, not 100
MGR: string tweaks
MGR: typo fix
MGR: show executable filename in task properties
MGR: Make the average and total credit strings translatable and add comments for context.
MGR: Tighten up the code to the last commit a bit.
MGR: Fix the string construction of the 'work fetch deferral' stuff to be more localization friendly.
MGR: Flag previously untranslatable strings as translatable.
MGR: reorder items in simple view prefs
MGR: show last RPC time in project properties
MGR: display total credit with thousands separators
client: show more (but still not all) config options
client: don't use estimated fraction done until 1 minute has elapsed
client and API: pass list of app version files in init_data.xml

2015/08/24 ver 7.6.7

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Version 7.6.7
released: 24 Aug 2015
Prevent kernel panic when launch daemon mode. (Mac Only)
Version 7.6.6
released: 24 Aug 2015
Improved advanced preferences dialog (more closely aligned with web based preferences)
Improved menu layout
Updated localizations
Able to deal with project files greater than 4GB
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Last modified on 08/23/15 22:05:00
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2015/03/25 ver 7.4.42

Last modified 90 minutes ago
Last modified on 03/24/15 10:34:51
Version 7.4.42
released: 10 March 2015
Update localizations
Screensaver fix for when the client is suspended
When using a proxy, fallback to HTTP 1.0 if the proxy returns a 417 status code.
Fixed Windows 10 detection (kernel version change)

2015/01/02 ver 7.4.36

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Last modified on 01/01/15 11:06:41
Version 7.4.36
released: 1 January 2015
Attaching to World Community Grid
Back-up projects (0 Resource Share)
Better detection of notice updates (reduces the number of system notifications)
Suspending GPUs should not suspend Bitcoin Miners
Increasing the maximum number of coprocessor devices to 64
Updates to OpenSSL(1.0.1j) and LibCurl?(7.39.0)
Version 7.4.26/.27
released: 11 November 2014
Add support for notices that contain images and videos.
Add support for generic OpenCL devices. (Parallella, etc.)
Add support for ASIC Miners.
Add new AMD GPU descriptions.
Add new Windows version descriptions.
Add support for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
Add support for Windows 10