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タイトル calibre
URL http://calibre-ebook.com/
バージョン 4.1   4.0   3.48   3.47.1   3.47   3.46   3.45.2   3.45   3.44   3.43   3.42  
更新日 2019/10/08
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースの電子書籍管理ソフト。各種書籍フォーマットの変換もサポート。







2019/10/08 ver 4.1

Release: 4.1 [07 Oct, 2019]
New features
Viewer: Add an option to have a scrollbar (under Scrolling in the viewer preferences)
Viewer: Allow showing the 'position in book', as was displayed in the top left of the viewer in calibre 3, in the header or footer of the viewer.
Closes tickets: 1846700
Viewer: Add options to control scrolling using the mouse in paged mode.
Closes tickets: 1846800
Viewer: Allow copying images by right clicking on them.
Closes tickets: 1846903
Viewer: Add a preference under Miscellaneous to allow only a single instance of the viewer
Viewer: Add keyboard shortcuts to toggle between paged mode and flow mode and to quit
Content server: Make the book size useable in custom book list templates.
Closes tickets: 1846839
Edit metadata: Use a border rather than background color to indicate correct title and author sort values. Works better with dark themes.
Closes tickets: 1846967
Kobo driver: Support for new firmware
Bug fixes
Viewer: Fix a couple of bugs in flow mode. Scrolling to anchors was not working and remembering last read position was not working
Viewer: Fix text after comments not being rendered. Note that the book has to be reloaded if already viewed for the fix to apply.

2019/10/04 ver 4.0

See what's new in calibre 4.0
Release: 4.0 [04 Oct, 2019]
New features
For details on the major changes in calibre between 3.0 and 4.0, see https://calibre-ebook.com/new-in/thirteen
A completely re-written E-book viewer with an emphasis on presenting the book text, distraction free
Note that the system requirements needed for calibre have been increased, details are present on the calibre download pages for each operating system
For details on the major changes in calibre between 3.0 and 4.0, see https://calibre-ebook.com/new-in/thirteen [4.0]
A completely re-written E-book viewer with an emphasis on presenting the book text, distraction free [4.0]

2019/09/13 ver 3.48

Release: 3.48 [13 Sep, 2019]
New features
Driver for Kobo Libra H2O
Bug fixes
Kobo driver: Fix some annotations getting missed for kepubs
Improved news sources
Boston Globe
Scientific American

2019/09/02 ver 3.47.1

Release: 3.47.1 [30 Aug, 2019]
Version 3.47.1 fixes an error when using internet lookup from the book details panel and the e-book viewer, and also the tweak to control number of columns in the edit metadata dialog not working
Closes tickets: 1842158, 1842183, 1842090, 1842201

2019/08/30 ver 3.47

Release: 3.47 [30 Aug, 2019]
New features
HTML metadata: Support reading identifiers from HTML files
Preferences->Ignored devices: Add a button to reset the list of devices that calibre is allowed to manage
Bug fixes
macOS: Fix a regression that could cause a crash on exit if any books were deleted while calibre was running.
Closes tickets: 1839044
Content server OPDS: Handle form encoded search queries.
Closes tickets: 1841464
Fix an error when adding files from clipboard and file is of unknown type
Speed up restoring original format by doing a rename rather than a copy and re-add.
Closes tickets: 1839733
EPUB 3: Fix setting metadata in EPUB 3 files without a title not working
PML Input: Modernize the generated HTML a bit.
Closes tickets: 1839689
HTMLZ Output: Fix svg content from HTML files that contain only SVG being removed.
Closes tickets: 1839522
Content server: Fix OPDS feed for category based browsing listing restricted books, even though these books cannot be actually downloaded.
Closes tickets: 1839173

2019/07/19 ver 3.46

Release: 3.46 [19 Jul, 2019]
Bug fixes
Manage tags dialog: When searching for a tag also search the "Was" column to see if the original tag name matches.
Closes tickets: 1836813
Windows: Fix calibre-server --manage-users not working correctly
MOBI Input: Fix conversion of MOBI files with malformed markup and embedded <guide> tags not working.
Closes tickets: 1836548
Edit book: Allow the search expression history to remember very short terms and also preserve leading and trailing whitespace.
Closes tickets: 1836559
Fix a regression in 3.45 that broke conversion of SVG images when converting to formats such as MOBI that do not support SVG.
Closes tickets: 1836463
Fix a regression in 3.45 that broke parsing of old-style .py config files

2019/07/13 ver 3.45.2

Release: 3.45.2 [12 Jul, 2019]
Fix a Windows-specific regression in 3.45.0 that caused various errors in the viewer and editor
Closes tickets: 1836294
Fix a Windows-specific regression in 3.45.0 that prevented calibre from starting on non UTF-8 locales with non-ASCII usernames
Closes tickets: 1836360

2019/07/12 ver 3.45

Release: 3.45 [12 Jul, 2019]
New features
Content server: Allow adding or removing formats to a book via the edit metadata page.
Closes tickets: 1831304
ToC Editor: Allow user to control whether duplicate headings are included or not when generating ToC from headings
Advanced search dialog: Remember the last focused field in the search by title/authors tab
Conversion: Performance improvement for books that have many HTML files that all include the same CSS stylesheets
Kobo driver: Add options to more precisely control the generation of cover images, to reduce size and enhance quality
Support subtitle in Douban metadata plugin
Bug fixes
Linux: Workaround for bug in recent Linux kernels that causes the Kindle to eject after calibre connects to it.
Closes tickets: 1834641
DOCX Input: When autodetecting the Table of Contents from headings, work even if the headings use numbering.
Closes tickets: 1834661
EPUB Output: If there are no guide elements do not output an empty guide tag. Makes epubcheck happy.
Closes tickets: 1835560
Workaround for sortByColumn being partially broken in Qt 5.13.0
Closes tickets: 1834989
Fix a regression that broke the per_lang_title_sort_articles tweak.

2019/05/31 ver 3.44

Release: 3.44 [31 May, 2019]
Driver for the new NOOK Glowlight Plus
Driver for updated Kobo firmware
Bug fixes
Amazon metadata plugin: Fix searching the Amazon servers directly not working because of changed markup
Release: 3.43 [28 May, 2019]
New features

2019/05/28 ver 3.43

Release: 3.43 [25 May, 2019]
New features
Kobo driver: Support for new Kobo firmware
Edit metadata dialog: Remember relative sizes of the cover and comments editors.
Closes tickets: 1828291
Bug fixes
PDF Output: Fix hang when converting some documents.
Handle newlines when serializing to csr files
Closes tickets: 1827198
Fix searching in manage tags throws away all changes
Closes tickets: 1828986
Fix a regression in the previous release that broke using the wireless device driver with the device_for_template option
Fix metadata download from Amazon stripping accents from comments text in the binary builds
Amazon metadata download: Fix some downloads failing when a mobile user agent is randomnly selected.
Closes tickets: 1827027
LRF Input: Fix a regression that broke parsing LRF files.
Closes tickets: 1826970
PDF Input: Workaround for pdftohtml not always producing valid UTF-8.
Closes tickets: 1830568

2019/04/29 ver 3.42

Release: 3.42 [30 Apr, 2019]
Bug fixes
Conversion: Transform styles: When using regular expressions fix substitution groups not working.
Closes tickets: 1825764
Fix a regression in the previous release that caused the conversion of HTML to text in comments when output to catalogs or converting downloaded metadata to behave slightly differently.
Closes tickets: 1826654
Edit book: Fix beautify not handling <colgroup> and <th> tags correctly.
Closes tickets: 1826631
DOCX Input: Fix cross-references using the 'fldSimple' markup not being recognized by calibre.
EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused ampersands and middle-dots to appear as HTML entities in the output.
Closes tickets: 1826127
Prevent a malformed tweaks.json file from stopping calibre startup
Fix a regression that broke completion for ebook-convert
News fetching: Fix a regression that broke removal of attributes/javascript/srcset because of bugs in the new BeautifulSoup
TXT Output: Fix Vietnamese  character being stripped from output.
Closes tickets: 1825770
E-book viewer: Fix specifying a non-existen location via --open-at causing viewer to hang
New news sources
Magyar Nemzet by pofa