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タイトル calibre
URL http://calibre-ebook.com/
バージョン 3.35   3.34   3.33.1   3.33   3.32   3.31   3.30   3.29   3.28   3.27.1   3.27  
更新日 2018/12/07
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースの電子書籍管理ソフト。各種書籍フォーマットの変換もサポート。







2018/12/07 ver 3.35

Release: 3.35 [07 Dec, 2018]
New features
Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Allow specifying a template to control the markup that is inserted for the hyperlink.
Closes tickets: 1804250
Metadata download: Add an option (in Preferences->Metadata download) to keep multiple results from individual metadata sources, useful if you prefer to pick the best result by hand and use only one or two metadata sources.
Closes tickets: 1802293
Kobo driver: Add an option to directly update metadata in the Kobo device database, instead of waiting for the Kobo to update the database after disconnecting. (Preferences->Plugins->Customize the Kobo device plugin)
Bug fixes
E-book viewer: Fix a regression that broke viewing of HTMLZ files
Closes tickets: 1691976
Edit book: Fix suggestions in completion popup not being sorted.
Closes tickets: 1803985
Windows: Fix restarting calibre with system tray icon enabled causing duplicate defunct icons in the tray.
Closes tickets: 1803034
New news sources
Macrobusinness by 2018robert
Sports Illustrated by Kovid Goyal
Le Peuple Breton by Lionel Plais
Mandidner by pofa

2018/11/08 ver 3.34

Release: 3.34 [08 Nov, 2018]
New features
Support for the new Kindle Paperwhite 2018
Closes tickets: 1802088
Metadata plugboards: Allow defining plugboards that modify comments metadata as well
E-book viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M) for toggling between paged and flow mode
Bug fixes
EPUB Input: Handle invalid EPUB files that have their NCX documents in the spine.
Closes tickets: 1796497
EPUB3 Input: Handle EPUB 3 files that incorrectly use EPUB 2 markup to identify cover images.
Content server: Fix --url-prefix feature not working with book conversion
New news sources
Arts and Letters Daily by pjpaulpj
Magyar Idok by pofa
Improved news sources
Business Standard
Washington Post
General Knowledge Today
How To Geek

2018/10/19 ver 3.33.1

Release: 3.33.1 [19 Oct, 2018]

2018/10/19 ver 3.33

Release: 3.33 [19 Oct, 2018]
New features
Driver for the new Kobo Forma
PDF Output: Add a new 'page number map' setting to easily modify page numbers as needed in headers/fotters and the generated inline table of contents.
Closes tickets: 1796902
Edit book: Insert image: remember size of displayed thumbnails.
Closes tickets: 1795845
Edit book: Compress images losslessly: Remember the last used compression quality for jpeg compression.
Closes tickets: 1796950
Bug fixes
CHM Input: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke processing of CHM files.
Closes tickets: 1796889
Fix clearing of metadata download author and tag map rules not working
Fix notifications from calibre being displayed as "Others" on the GNOME desktop
Improved news sources
Ambito Financiero
Pagina 12
The New Zealand Herald
Various Polish news sources

2018/09/28 ver 3.32

Release: 3.32 [28 Sep, 2018]
New features
Edit book: Insert image dialog: Add buttons to change the image thumbnail size.
Closes tickets: 1791428
Book details panel: Allow right clicking on a format to open it in the calibre editor
Edit metadata dialog: Allow viewing or editing specific formats by right clicking the format in the formats list
When creating a metadata jacket allow HTML in custom long text columns
Content server: When editing metadata add a button to remove the existing cover. Note that after removing the cover a auto-generated cover is displayed instead. You might need to hit refresh in your browser to see the change.
Closes tickets: 1794123
Content server: Date edit: Add buttons to clear the date or set it to today's date
Bug fixes
When showing books on the device, disable keyboard shortcuts for actions that operate on library books
Content server: Custom List: Fix a zero series index being displayed as one
Content server: Fix covers not being updated in downloaded copies of some books.
Closes tickets: 1699932
PDF Output: Fix an error that could occur in rare circumstances when using the option to read page margins from the input document
Closes tickets: 1792616
Edit book: Check book: Fix an error if a filename contains a % character
PDF Output: Fix CSS opacity property causing text to not be rendered. Now opacity is ignored, as it is unsupported by Qt WebKit.

2018/09/07 ver 3.31

Support Calibre
Release: 3.31 [07 Sep, 2018]
New features
Book list: Allow changing the font used for any column to bold and/or italic by right clicking on the column header and choosing 'Change font style'.
Closes tickets: 1758434
Note that this setting is per-library so it has to be done once for the book list in every calibre library.
fetch-ebook-metadata.exe: Allow specifying identifiers other than just ISBN
Amazon metadata download: Add support for Amazon Australia (can be configured via Preferences->Metadata download->customize the amazon metadata source)
Table of Contents Edit tool: When generating from XPath's add a checkbox to control if duplicate entries at the same level are added or not.
Closes tickets: 1790761
Edit book: Allow disabling the popup to show changes after running the Fix HTML and Beautify all files tools.
Closes tickets: 1789540
Bug fixes
DOCX Input: Fix figures in newer Word documents being duplicated.
Closes tickets: 1789238
Content server: Disable offline access if application cache is not available, rather than failing.
Closes tickets: 1737642
DOCX Output: Workaround for broken CSS that uses -o-pre-wrap for the white-space property
Closes tickets: 1786410

2018/08/24 ver 3.30

Release: 3.30 [24 Aug, 2018]
ToC Editor: When generating ToCs using headings/XPath ignore duplicate entries at the same level that have the same text.
Closes tickets: 1735799
Windows: The default calibre library location is now not in My Documents but instead in the user home folder, to avoid issues with OneDrive auto-syncing calibre libraries
Closes tickets: 1787488
Kobo driver: Support for new firmware version
Add a tweak (in Preferences->Tweaks) to allow skipping network check on news download
Edit metadata dialog: Show a confirmation dialog on cancel if some changes have been made.
Closes tickets: 1786544
Bug fixes
Downloaded metadata review dialog: Fix a regression in the last release that broke the revert buttons
E-book viewer: Fix clicking links in the footnote popup ignoring the anchor part of the link.
Closes tickets: 1786577
ToC editor: Fix generating toc entries from links not working for links that start with #
HTML Input: Collapse multiple spaces in filenames when sanitizing them.
Closes tickets: 1788187
Edit book: Remove matching tag: Fix incorrect removal if the remove matching function is triggered in rapid succession
Edit book: Fix some links in the file being split not being adjusted when splitting HTML files.
Closes tickets: 1787892

2018/08/10 ver 3.29

Release: 3.29 [10 Sep, 2018]
New features
Add a option to draw a grid in the main book list (Preferences->Look & feel)
Edit book: Allow removing the currently highlighted tag (while keeping its contents) by pressing Ctrl+>. You can also add a tool to do it via Preferences->Toolbars
Content server: When defining a color scheme for the in browser viewer allow specifying the link color as well as the foreground and background.
Closes tickets: 1735904
Edit book: Show a popup after a fix all html/beautify all files so the user can easily see what was changed, if needed.
Closes tickets: 1785482
Kindle driver: Create cover thumbnails on the device when transferring KFX format books
Edit Book: Recognize numbers in image names in the 'Insert image' dialog
Closes tickets: 1782981
Bug fixes
Content server: Display custom comments field on the book details page in the same order as in the calibre GUI
Edit book: Fix open image editors not being updated when image file is replaced
Fix keyboard shortcuts for Edit book tools created from plugins not working
PDF Output: Fix error when trying to convert books that do not specify a language in their metadata.
Closes tickets: 1783563
Browser viewer: Fix inability to open books that contain zero-byte stylesheets/images
Improved news sources

2018/07/20 ver 3.28

Release: 3.28 [20 Jul, 2018]
New features
Allow creating rules to transform author names when adding books to calibre. Accessible via Preferences->Adding books->Adding actions
Closes tickets: 1780152
Add a similar author mapper tool to manipulate author names in the existing library. Accessible via Preferences->Toolbars
Add a similar author mapper tool for metadata downloading, accessible via Preferences->Metadata download
Comments Editor: Add options to change the case of the selected text to the right click menu
Closes tickets: 1780469
Edit book: When sorting non text files in the File list recognize numbers in the file names
Closes tickets: 1781721
Bug fixes
calibredb catalog: Recognize file extensions even when they are not lowercase
New news sources
Il Post by frafra
Bloomberg Columnists by Dale Furrow
Improved news sources
Sunday Times Magazine UK
The Economist
The Houston Chronicle

2018/07/06 ver 3.27.1

Release: 3.27.1 [06 Jul, 2018]
Version 3.27.1 fixes a build error in 3.27.0 that caused calibre not to start on macOS older than High Sierra
Content server: Allow conversion of books [3.27.1]

2018/07/06 ver 3.27

Release: 3.27 [06 Jul, 2018]
New features
Content server: Allow conversion of books
Click the convert icon in the top bar of the book details page to convert a book. Note that conversion only works for logged in users who have permission to make changes to the calibre library.
Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware
Bulk metadata edit dialog: Add an "edit tags" button for tags like custom columns.
Closes tickets: 1779299
Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel to disable the new 'drag and drop to merge books feature'
E-book viewer: Add a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+B) to toggle the bookmarks panel.
Closes tickets: 1780097
Edit book: Add a copy to clipboard button on the various report dialogs
Edit book: Add a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Down) to edit the next file in the book spine.
Closes tickets: 1779616
calibre-smtp: Verify relay server TLS certificates by default. New option --dont-verify-server-certificate to restore old behavior.
Bug fixes
Conversion: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused conversion of EPUB 3 to EPUB 3 to fail.
Closes tickets: 1779518
Fix detection of the Bookeen NolimbookXL on macOS and Linux
Closes tickets: 1780302