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タイトル calibre
URL http://calibre-ebook.com/
バージョン 3.42   3.41.3   3.41.1   3.40.1   3.39.1   3.39   3.38.1   3.38   3.37   3.36   3.35  
更新日 2019/04/29
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 オープンソースの電子書籍管理ソフト。各種書籍フォーマットの変換もサポート。







2019/04/29 ver 3.42

Release: 3.42 [30 Apr, 2019]
Bug fixes
Conversion: Transform styles: When using regular expressions fix substitution groups not working.
Closes tickets: 1825764
Fix a regression in the previous release that caused the conversion of HTML to text in comments when output to catalogs or converting downloaded metadata to behave slightly differently.
Closes tickets: 1826654
Edit book: Fix beautify not handling <colgroup> and <th> tags correctly.
Closes tickets: 1826631
DOCX Input: Fix cross-references using the 'fldSimple' markup not being recognized by calibre.
EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused ampersands and middle-dots to appear as HTML entities in the output.
Closes tickets: 1826127
Prevent a malformed tweaks.json file from stopping calibre startup
Fix a regression that broke completion for ebook-convert
News fetching: Fix a regression that broke removal of attributes/javascript/srcset because of bugs in the new BeautifulSoup
TXT Output: Fix Vietnamese  character being stripped from output.
Closes tickets: 1825770
E-book viewer: Fix specifying a non-existen location via --open-at causing viewer to hang
New news sources
Magyar Nemzet by pofa

2019/04/20 ver 3.41.3

Release: 3.41.3 [19 Apr, 2019]
Versions 3.41.1, 3.41.2, 3.41.3 fix various regressions in the previous release that affect a few people.
Closes tickets: 1825472, 1825494, 1825542

2019/04/19 ver 3.41.1

Release: 3.41.1 [19 Apr, 2019]
New features
Kobo driver: Support for new firmware
Content server: Add an option to control which book list mode is used by default for new users (Preferences->Sharing over the net->Choose book list mode)
Content server: Allow clicking on book cover in details page to read the book.
Closes tickets: 1819058
Amazon metadata plugin: Add a option to use the mobi-asin to find books.
Closes tickets: 1823520
E-book viewer: Allow specifying ToC hrefs via the --open-at command line parameter.
Closes tickets: 1656573
Tag Mapper: Allow Title-casing of tags.
Closes tickets: 1823097
Manage authors dialog: Add an entry to the right click menu to show books by the current author in the main book list.
Closes tickets: 1821992
Lots of internal changes to calibre's codebase to prepare it for Python 3 support.
Bug fixes
Content server: Fix links to external resources in book details and the viewer not working
Content server: Fix using a bookmark to load the book list not working if server is password protected.
Closes tickets: 1819025

2019/03/08 ver 3.40.1

Release: 3.40.1 [08 Mar, 2019]
New features
TXT Input: Use markdown 3.0 with support for new extensions such as code highlighting and smarten punctuation.
Book details panel: Allow editing the identifiers for the book by right clicking on the existing Ids.
Closes tickets: 1815005
Content server: Allow specifying custom URLs for the 'Search the internet' feature via Preferences->Sharing over the net->Search the internet.
Closes tickets: 1810923
Tag browser: Category editor: Add a checkbox to restrict the entries shown to only those present in the current Virtual library
Allow adding files to selected book records from the clipboard. To use copy a file from windows explorer, right click the Add books button and choose: Add files to selected books from clipboard
Closes tickets: 1815419
Tag browser: When right clicking on a saved search add a menu option to search using the raw search expression.
Closes tickets: 1816274
Tag browser: Have pressing the Enter key find the next match.
Closes tickets: 1816276
Windows: Add a button to Preferences->Sharing over the net to set calibre to run when the computer starts
Bug fixes
Fix a regression in the previous release that broke Copy to library and delete after when copying a duplicated book.
Closes tickets: 1816224
Edit book: Fix pasting of image from clipboard using (Ctrl-V) not working

2019/02/02 ver 3.39.1

Release: 3.39.1 [01 Feb, 2019]
Version 3.39.1 fixes a bug in 3.39.0 that broke copy to library for books that have saved conversion options
Closes tickets: 1814279

2019/02/01 ver 3.39

Release: 3.39 [01 Feb, 2019]
New features
Content server: Implement the "Copy to library" function. To use it click the three dots in the top right corner of a book's page and choose "Copy to library"
Closes tickets: 1810486
Content server: Add Next/Previous buttons to the book details page
Bug fixes
Content server: Fix editing metadata that affects multiple books causing all the metadata for all the books to become the same.
Closes tickets: 1812781
Open With: Fix using .bat files as the program not working.
Closes tickets: 1811045
ZIP Output: Fix an error when building the ToC on macOS for some books with non-ASCII ToC entries
Closes tickets: 1813905
Edit book: Check book: Follow recent releases of epubcheck in expecting .ttf files to have the mime-type application/vnd.ms-opentype in EPUB 3 books
Fix font mime-types not being auto-corrected when upgrading EPUBs from 2 to 3
Content server: Try to detect if a book file has been edited outside of calibre and serve the updated copy
Fix merging books not updating author if the source book has no title
Content server: Fix heading for custom comments columns being duplicated in the book details page
Fix editing of dates not working is the date format is set to iso.
Closes tickets: 1812560

2019/01/19 ver 3.38.1

Release: 3.38.1 [18 Jan, 2019]
3.38.1 fixes a typo in 3.38.0 that caused the Polish books function to not work when polishing small numbers of books

2019/01/18 ver 3.38

Release: 3.38 [18 Jan, 2019]
New features
Tag browser: When using the Find function have unaccented characters match their accented equivalents, if the setting for it is set in Preferences->Searching
DOCX Input: When converting indices, put each sub-entry on its own line.
Closes tickets: 1811611
Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Add history for the template
Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Add a few more variables for the link template: _SOURCE_FILENAME_, _DEST_FILENAME_ and _ANCHOR_
Catalogs: Set the language of created catalogs to the calibre interface language instead of English
Closes tickets: 1810936
DOCX Input: Do not display section breaks that have a numbering style applied to them.
Closes tickets: 1811611
Content server: Fix listening on :: not also listening on IPv4 interfaces on Windows
DOCX Output: Fix heading styles that have the same font size as body text getting incorrect font sizes after conversion.
Closes tickets: 1811616
EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix prefix rules not working when calibre UI language is something other than English
EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix exclusion by tag not working for tags that have spaces in them
Subset fonts: Fix error when trying to subset unicode characters that require two UTF-16 code points on Windows.
Closes tickets: 1811224
Content server: Fix option to restrict displayed user field not working in the /opds view

2019/01/04 ver 3.37

Release: 3.37 [04 Jan, 2018]
Bug fixes
calibredb: Fix adding books from directories to a remote server running on Windows not working
Edit Book: Fix style attribute on <html> tags not being preserved when editing AZW3 files.
Closes tickets: 1810193
Get Books: Use an external browser for Google Books
Closes tickets: 1810205
Saving to disk: Fix errors on Linux/macOS if the title/authors are long enough to make individual path components larger than 255 characters.
Closes tickets: 1807525
PDF Input: Fix non-breaking spaces represented as entities in the output of pdftohtml, which breaks some search/replace expressions
Edit book: Fix a crash when mousing over links in an instance of the editor launched standalone on macOS Mojave
Closes tickets: 1805521
Conversion: When converting with font size rescaling disabled, convert font size names to rem unit rather than pt units.
Closes tickets: 1809671
Windows: When registering calibre programs as possible handlers for various file types, dont set the AllowSilentDefaultTakeOver registry key
macOS: PDF Output: Fix bold fonts not working on Mojave.
Closes tickets: 1799750
Content server: Fix strings with double quotes not being translated.
Improved news sources
Il Post

2018/12/21 ver 3.36

Release: 3.36 [21 Dec, 2018]
New features
Happy Holidays to everyone!
Kobo driver: Add supported for newly released firmware update
Bug fixes
Kobo driver: Fix a regression in the last release that caused book title to appear as unknown if metadata management was set to manual in calibre.
Closes tickets: 1807914
PDF Output: Do not fail if one of the fonts from the source document has no name metadata
Improved news sources
Wall Street Journal
Al Jazeera (English)
Mandiner by pofa

2018/12/07 ver 3.35

Release: 3.35 [07 Dec, 2018]
New features
Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Allow specifying a template to control the markup that is inserted for the hyperlink.
Closes tickets: 1804250
Metadata download: Add an option (in Preferences->Metadata download) to keep multiple results from individual metadata sources, useful if you prefer to pick the best result by hand and use only one or two metadata sources.
Closes tickets: 1802293
Kobo driver: Add an option to directly update metadata in the Kobo device database, instead of waiting for the Kobo to update the database after disconnecting. (Preferences->Plugins->Customize the Kobo device plugin)
Bug fixes
E-book viewer: Fix a regression that broke viewing of HTMLZ files
Closes tickets: 1691976
Edit book: Fix suggestions in completion popup not being sorted.
Closes tickets: 1803985
Windows: Fix restarting calibre with system tray icon enabled causing duplicate defunct icons in the tray.
Closes tickets: 1803034
New news sources
Macrobusinness by 2018robert
Sports Illustrated by Kovid Goyal
Le Peuple Breton by Lionel Plais
Mandidner by pofa