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タイトル WebCopy
URL http://www.cyotek.com/cyotek-webcopy
更新日 2018/05/04
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Webサイトをローカルに保存しオフラインブラウズすることができるソフトウェア。







2018/05/04 ver

Version 03 May 2018
The improved Quick Scan dialog crashed if the Visual Link Map extension wasn't installed
If the URI to crawl redirected to an external URI, no feedback would be provided to the user regarding the redirect and the crawl would just appear to halt with an empty response
A crash no longer occurs if a website returns a Content-Encoding header that either isn't a standard value or one that is not supported by WebCopy
List views now remove line breaks from displayed content
Version Beta 14 April 2018
This version of WebCopy changes how rules are executed. Existing rules using the Do not allow children to inherit this rule flag may not function correctly, this flag will be removed in subsequent update.
The Quick Scan dialog has had a major overhaul to make it usable, if not useful. While currently a work in progress, it now offers the following features [#261]
The ability to set a limit on pages per domain during the quick scan
A diagram of the scan results is displayed in the dialog using colour coding to show which URI's will be included in a copy, and which will not
You can change how you expect the website to be crawled and it will automatically update the diagram to reflect the new setting
Using the diagram you can exclude URI's from being crawled, or add excluded domains to be crawled
Confirming the dialog no longer resets many settings in your project back to defaults
A Rule Checker tool has been added, which takes a given URI and passes it through all rules, allowing you to see which rules are matched and which aren't
Added new Stop processing more rules flag. This flag is automatically applied to projects created using older versions of WebCopy
List filters previously removed as part of [#65] have now been reinstated
List filters now support empty / not empty options

2018/01/22 ver

Version 21 January 2018
Added new advanced options to configure which security protocols are supported [0000228]
Images now open in the registered application for the file type
WebCopy will now always try and find an encoding defined in HTML content before falling back to the Content-Type header
URI lists virtualized as part of [0000064] temporarily no longer support filtering
WebCopy could no longer access websites that only supported newer versions of TLS [0000228]
A cross thread exception crash could occur when accessing the Quick Scan dialog
A crash could occur if WebCopy had difficulties processing an URI
Attempting to access help from the project properties dialog had no effect [0000229]
A crash could occur when clicking slices in the Website Size chart [0000208]
Unexpected errors processing URI's will no longer abort the entire crawl
Massive memory and performance improvements for some URI lists [0000064]
URL parser didn't correctly handle URI's which included two : characters at any point before the / or \ characters
Known values weren't picked up from meta tags if the contents of the name attribute weren't using lower case
Sometimes the Capture Form tool crashed when trying to navigate to a new URL

2017/12/16 ver

Version 15 December 2017
Added a new optional extension for providing feedback/smiles/frowns or support requests from within the application
Error diagnosis dialogs now include a reference to the original report
The Test URI dialog now includes a new tab which lists all links that were detected on the source page
Errors loading cached RSS feed resulted in the RSS extension from not functioning [0000204]
Fixed potential exit crash when updating statistics [0000175]
Fixed a potential issue where the last character in a directory path could be removed [0000213]
Fixed a crash which could occur when setting file timestamps [000216]
Fixed a crash that could occur changing the URI of a project containg forms, and the form URI hadn't been set
Fixed a crash that could occur when right clicking some list views
CLI tool didn't handle invalid command line arguments as well as it could [0000223]
The Website Size dialog could crash with a divide by zero exception [0000222]
The WebCopy CLI now creates missing output directories when requesting to download a single URL into a file [0000224]
Redirecting to HTTPS when using IIS behind a load balancer
19 November 2017
Installing the URL Rewrite module into Internet Information Services
19 November 2017

2017/11/15 ver

Version 03 November 2017
The Origin Report setting now has a new option to embed the original URL as a comment in the body of the HTML
The Download All Resources option is now automatically set for new projects [0000193]
The Directory Character option is now automatically set to / for new projects
The Update Local Timestamps is now automatically set for new projects
A crash no longer occurs opening the Options dialog and the languages folder doesn't exist [0000187]
A crash no longer occurs opening the Options dialog and duplicate languages are present [0000186]
A crash could occur when loading the sitemap and shell icons were enabled [0000190]
Fixed a number of issues that could occur after opening or saving a project and the MRU was updated (0000161, 0000176, 0000177)
WebCopy no longer aborts the crawl after trying to download a URL with the same name as a file system reserved word [0000195]
WebCopy wasn't detecting flash movies in an object tag [0000173]
Data URI's with padded data weren't processed correctly [0000197]
Fixed trying to run the CLI and specifying a project file that did not exist [0000200]
Fixed a regression where it was possible for redirects to get stuck in an infinite loop
Minor improvements to URI exception reporting
RSS entries would duplicate themselves depending on if the feed was accessed via HTTP or HTTPS. Note that a side effect of this fix will result all entries being marked as unread

2017/10/23 ver

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Version 09 October 2017
Added a new extension which allows users to easily submit websites that WebCopy isn't copying correctly [0000015]
WebCopy now warns if JavaScript is detected as being in use by the website being copied [0000066]
WebCopy now reports links it detected but couldn't process [0000031]
Added open output folder action to Crawl Complete dialog
Due to some curious feedback, the checks to validate digital signatures on WebCopy binaries have been reinstated
Sitemap ordering has been changed to a simple sort order, as the natural sort took an extremely long time to run on large websites, with little benefit for the performance hit [0000004, 0000150]
External status is now stored with a link entry instead of being calculated each time it is requested [0000004]
Fixed an issue where WebCopy wouldn't display content properly (for example in the Test URI dialog) if the web server returned compressed content regardless of the value of the request's Accept-Encoding header
Fixed an issue where remapped files were always read or written as UTF8 regardless of the original encoding [0000144]
The Test URI dialog will now automatically try and add http:// if the user just types/pastes a schema-less value
Fixed an issue where CSV export could fail
Creating an automatic rule for an external URI now creates a valid rule [0000026]

2017/09/08 ver

Known Issues
Version 10 August 2017
Added a new Keep Alive setting. Setting this to false can help prevent the "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine" crawl failure [0000002]
Added a new Prefix Mode setting. This setting allows you to force URI's to either have or remove the www prefix, useful for avoiding duplicated files when copying a website which uses a mix of prefixed and non-prefixed URI's
Added the ability to replace sections of a URI when crawling documents
Added a new report to view non-HTTP links
(Experimental) Added new Extract Data URIs setting. Enabling this option will extract inlined images using the data: protocol into separate files.
Setup should now automatically uninstall previous versions
Numerous changes to how plugins are discovered, loaded and configured. Due to no longer storing plugin details in the Windows Registry, this will cause any disabled plugins to be re-enabled
WebCopy will now correctly report non-HTTP links such as mailto: or ftp: as skipped rather than silently ignoring them
Internal engine changes [0000062]
The project scan and repair tool is no longer included in setup
WebCopy could incorrectly exclude some URL's believing them to be mailto: links
Fixed several occurrences when a crash could occur when invalid path characters were present in URL segments

2016/02/14 ver

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Home Cyotek WebCopy Revision History
Cyotek WebCopy Revision History
Version 04 February 2016
Fixed an issue where downloaded files would ignore the save folder and start from the root directory if the URL was malformed and included a double slash after the domain, e.g. http://example.com//image1.png
Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to process a data: URI greater than 65519 characters
The Capture Form tool was incorrectly using the id attribute of form elements instead of the name
Setup was incorrectly downloading .NET Framework 4.5.2 setup if .NET Framework 4.6 was installed
Speculative fix for loading date times from project files
Speculative fix for odd crashes when opening the Capture Form dialog
Double clicking an entry in the Cookies list view of the Test URL dialog now displays the details of the selected item
Version 27 December 2015
WebCopy wasn't scanning the contents of style elements correctly
@import CSS rules were not being remapped if they did not use url() notation
Fixed a crash which could occur when a request made via the Test URL dialog failed, and no response was available
Fixed an issue where the Capture Form dialog sometimes did not list forms for a page when it should have

2015/03/26 ver

Download setup-cyowcopy- version, last updated 25/03/2015 (5.35 MB)

2015/03/22 ver

Copy websites locally for offline browsing
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Home Cyotek WebCopy Overview
Cyotek WebCopy
Copy websites locally for offline browsing
Change Log
Cyotek WebCopy is a free tool for copying full or partial websites locally onto your harddisk for offline viewing.
Download setup-cyowcopy- version, last updated 22/03/2015 (5.34 MB)
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This software may be used free of charge, but as with all free software there are costs involved to develop and maintain.
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2014/12/13 ver

Home / Cyotek WebCopy / Overview
Download setup-cyowcopy- version , last updated 13 December 2014 (5.04 MB)
Minimum Requirements
13 December 2014 at 01:19
COMODO Certificate Revoked
28 October 2014 at 20:28
Potential support for localization
12 October 2014 at 08:25
Gif Animator Beta Released
11 October 2014 at 07:30
Adding Double Click support to the ComboBox control
Copyright © 1994-2014 Cyotek Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

2014/06/02 ver

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Download setup-cyowcopy- version , last updated 01 June 2014 (5.22 MB)
01 June 2014 at 20:36
WebCopy released - multiple hosts and proxy server support