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2019/06/27 ver 3.1.3

Scrivener 3.1.3 26th June 2019
Refinements and Changes
Licensing and Activation
Scrivener’s licensing and activation system has been updated to work with our new e-commerce provider, Paddle.
Matching Texts Feature
Corkboard Threaded View
Added a new corkboard preference, “Compress threads when arranged by label”. This is turned on by default, and interleaves cards on the board so that they take up less space when “Arrange by Label” is turned on.
The native .docx importer now correctly reads text inserted in Word during Track Changes.
The native .docx importer now decreases the font size of superscript text.
Made improvements to the way styles are removed. Character styles can now be removed more easily when a paragraph style is present, and direct character formatting is no longer removed when resetting to “No Style”.
Quick Search now treats curly and straight apostrophes and quotes as though they are the same.
Asterisks are no longer highlighted in the editor when using an asterisk project search to find any match.
Optimised and increased speed of “Find Duplicates”.
When finding duplicates, the alternating row colours used in the search colours alternate between duplicate blocks rather than between each row.

2019/02/20 ver 3.1.2

Scrivener 3.1.2 19th February 2019
Ebook tables are now more flexible, allowing for multi-line cells and different alignments within cells and between rows.
Removed limitation whereby previously the header and footer fonts chosen for RTF and Office formats needed to be used in the main text as well.
“Remove all hyperlinks” in Compile now removes page number and footnote links in PDF files too.
When using the Compile option to resize images to the page width for RTF and Word files, you can now determine the DPI. This allows you to reduce the size of exported files.
When using the Compile option to resample images in ebooks, you can now determine the DPI and maximum size of the images. This allows you to reduce the size of exported files.
It is now possible to add trim and bleed marks to PDF files via “Page Settings” in the Compile format editor, which can then be turned on or off via a new “Add printer marks” option in the main Compile window.
Removed “Copyright” from Office Compile metadata options since it had no effect.
During Compile, Scrivener now strips any list formatting from paragraphs that do not contain a tab and are thus not valid lists. This avoids unexpected numbering being added to paragraphs that have stray list formatting left in them.
Improved support for a mix of links and code spans when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown.
Exclamation marks preceding MultiMarkdown footnotes are now escaped during Compile.
MultiMarkdown export now uses the extension“.md” by default instead of “.mmd.”
Converting to Office Formats
When the Java-based Aspose converters for creating Word and Office files fail, Scrivener now shows a message to warn the user that Apple’s more basic converters will be used instead.
When the Aspose converters fail, Scrivener now falls back on the in-house converter rather than the low-fidelity Apple converter.
Keep with Next
You can now assign Keep with Next to Section Layout prefixes and suffixes.
Keep with Next now works over a maximum of a five successive paragraphs (previously it worked across only two).

2018/11/09 ver 3.1.1

Scrivener 3.1.1 8th November 2018
Hotfix 3.1.1: fixed bug causing a crash when loading Scrivener with certain older appearance preferences.

2018/11/09 ver 3.1.01

Scrivener 3.1.01 8th November 2018
Refinements and Changes
Hotfix fixed bug causing a crash when loading Scrivener with certain older appearance preferences.
Dark Mode Support on macOS 10.14 Mojave
Full support for dark mode on macOS 10.14.
Scrivener now maintains two sets of UI preferences, one for dark mode and one for light mode. When you switch to dark mode and open the Preferences, you will see—and can alter—the dark mode colours.
A new “Appearance” option in the “Scrivener” menu on 10.14 allows you to override the current appearance for the app, turning on Dark Mode even if the rest of the system is using Light Mode, and vice versa.
When first switching to dark mode, Scrivener will ask you whether you would like to keep the main editor light. This option can be changed at any time either via the “Appearance” menu or via the Preferences.
Screenwriting, BBC Radio Scene Style, BBC Taped Drama, UK Stage Play and US Stage Play project templates and Compile formats have all been updated with the necessary settings so that dialogue and other elements are split across pages properly.
Dual dialogue support for PDF/print: the new “Convert Preserve Formatting to dual dialogue tables” option allows for basic dual dialogue in script output.
Added “Minimum number of tabs” to Scriptwriting paragraph settings. This is now used in the UK Stage Play and BBC Radio Scene Style formats to ensure that long character names do not push dialogue to the next line.
Updated the “Parenthetical” element first line indent in the default “Screenplay” script format.
Added a new option to the “Styles” area of Compile to have script elements included as styles in exported Word and RTF documents.
Fountain import now inserts a line break rather than a paragraph break for lines in an action element that are not separated by an empty line.
Added an option to the “Corrections” Preferences to turn off the elements list that appears on double return in scriptwriting mode.
Scrivenings will now use scriptwriting mode if any documents in the session are script documents (previously it would only use script mode if the session contained more script documents than text documents).

2018/06/22 ver 3.0.3

Scrivener 3.0.3 21st June 2018
Refinements and Changes
Compile - General
Added a “Vellum Export” Compile format for use with .docx. This makes it easy to export a Word document that is formatted ready for import into Vellum, the self-publishing app for macOS.
Added options for controlling the header and footer margins for print and PDF.
Added a “Superscript ordinals in titles, synopses and metadata” option to the “Transformations” Compile format settings.
Added a new option for the blank line separator, to ignore blank lines containing styles.
Added the option to place markers (e.g. parentheses) around the title suffix in updated document links.
It is now possible to choose not to force underline and blue text formatting for links in compiled Word documents.
Replacements can now be coped into a plain text editor as XML and pasted back again.
You can now import Compile formats (.scrformat files) by dragging them from the Finder into the Formats list in the Compile window. You can also drag project Formats between projects.
Compile - Ebooks
ePub 3 export now supports the “Book begins after front matter” option (although may not be supported by all e-readers).
ePub 3 and KF8 files now include a hidden “landmarks” element in the contents.xhtml file, to aid with navigation. This can be turned off via the new “Omit ‘landmarks’ guide” option in the table of contents tab.
“Center body text of HTML table of contents” in ebook Compile options now affects custom tables of contents as well as auto-generated ones.
Added figure { page-break-inside: avoid; } to the CSS of the “Ebook” Compile format, to try to keep figures and captions together.
Compile - MultiMarkdown and Pandoc
New Compile formats added and project templates updated to provide more MultiMarkdown and LaTeX templates.

2018/03/07 ver 3.0.2

Scrivener 3.0.2 6th March 2018
Refinements and Changes
Removed “Hide section in ebook” Section Layout Compile option for Kindle format, because the Kindle currently ignores this ebook option.
Added <$sectionParentTitle> placeholder for headers and footers. This is the same as <$sectiontitle> but outputs the title of the parent document for the page group.
Text completions and emojis can now be added to Scrivener’s main editor Touch Bar.
“Heading” and “Title” paragraph styles now use Keep-with-Next by default in new projects.
The Format Bar can now show fractions in font sizes.
Added a “Reload from Original Image” option to the contextual menu of linked images in text.
Collapsed footnotes and comments in the Inspector now use an icon rather than text to indicate their type, allowing more room for the comment text preview.
Media Files and Web Pages
When viewing audio files, the playback controls no longer fade out but remain visible.
You can also now hold down Option when clicking a link in a web page to open it inside Scrivener’s browser.
When Scrivener resolves an alias file, if that file is on a volume that is not mounted, Scrivener no longer tries to mount the volume, which could lead to long lock-ups as macOS tried to access the volume.
Script Writing
In Scriptwriting mode, the “General Text (Centered)” pop-up menu shortcut is now “E” rather than “C”, which clashed with the shortcut for “Character”.
It is now possible to set script mode to insert text at the start of a line when hitting tab (under the Tab/Return area of Script Settings).

2018/01/15 ver 3.0.1

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2016/12/16 ver

Scrivener for iOS
Mac App Store Version
Status: currently pending review
Scrivener Older ↓
Version released: 15th December 2016
Bugs Fixed
Improved macOS Sierra support.
Fixed macOS bug whereby highlighted text would cause all subsequent text within the editor to be painted with a white background.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Scrivener 2.8.0 ↑ Newer Older ↓
Version released: 15th July 2016
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Important Update for iOS Support: Added support for reading and working with Scrivener for iOS. (You must download this version of Scrivener for macOS if you plan to use our iOS version, sold separately.)
Scrivener + iOS
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2016/07/16 ver 2.8.0

Scrivener 2.8.0 Older ↓
Version released: 15th July 2016
Download current
Important Update for iOS Support
Added support for reading and working with Scrivener for iOS. (You must download this version of Scrivener for Mac if you plan to use our iOS version.)
Bugs Fixed
Fixed bug whereby .svg files would not be output for MultiMarkdown → HTML, only for other MultiMarkdown outputs.
Fixed bug whereby certain images could cause a hang when loading text (if the images were embedded in an \object inside the RTF).
Fixed bug whereby images at the top of a section could cause page breaks not to be inserted properly during Compile.
Worked around Apple bug exacerbated by El Capitan whereby certain fonts would cause the line spacing in comments and footnotes to change when edited, which meant that in some circumstances the last line of a comment wasn’t visible unless being edited.
Scrivener no longer tries to restore full screen mode on relaunching, to avoid a crashing issue that was introduced in an El Capitan update and is affecting some users.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Scrivener 2.7.0 ↑ Newer Older ↓
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2016/02/02 ver 2.7.0