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タイトル Keyboard Maestro
URL https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/
バージョン 8.0   7.3.1   7.3   7.2.1   7.2   7.1.1   7.1   7.0.3  
更新日 2017/09/19
追加日 2016/02/03
種別 シェアウェア(36ドル)
説明 多数の登録済みアクションを利用して操作を自動化できるMacユーティリティ。


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2017/09/19 ver 8.0

Keyboard Maestro Wiki
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Trace: 窶「 Whats_New
Full AppleScript Support in the Editor
Revamp Clipboard History Switcher & Named Clipboard Switcher
Expanded MIDI Support
Added Local and Instance Variables
Added Dictionaries
New Triggers
New Actions
New Conditions
New Collections
New Tokens
New Functions

2016/10/26 ver 7.3.1

Fixed Send Mail Message action send now option in Sierra.
Fixed read/write variables in Custom HTML Prompt in Sierra.
Ensure Composite onto Image action works on pixels, regardless of DPI.
Fixed variable popup menu occluding to field in Substring action.
Fixed a possible memory corruption issue.
Added warnings and advice about App Translocation.
Added contextual menu to the No Action pseudo-action.
manual/Whats_New.txt · Last modified: 2016/10/25 04:19 by peternlewis

2016/09/12 ver 7.3

Added contextual menu to New Action pseudo-action.
Added option to disable automatically showing the Action Selector.
Added NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching option as the integrated GPU should be sufficient.
Added 窶廾r by URL窶in the Trigger selection.
Added Set Image DPI action.
Added %ExecutingMacroGroupUUID% and %ExecutingThisMacroGroupUUID%% tokens.
Added Edit → Find in All Macros (Command-Option-F).
Added “loop” as a search synonym for the Repeat action.
Added disable backslash or token processing option to Open a URL action.
Added Timeout option to various Safari/Chrome actions.
Added descriptive text then macro is disabled or all actions are disabled.
Open a URL action reports and optionally aborts on failures.
Improved dragging display of File Reference Button.
Support dragging Macro Groups to the trash.
Support Copy and Paste for Macro Groups.
Search more thoroughly for images if the source area is smaller.
Significantly sped up switching to macro/smart groups with lots of macros.

2016/08/02 ver 7.2.1

Allow 窶徂otkey:窶alone to search for any macro with a hot key trigger.
Added Enable/Disable/Toggle as synonyms for Set Macro Enable action in New Action by Name.
Added MouseGetCountdown hidden preference.
Ensure duplicated/pasted/etc Type a Keystroke actions do not focus on the keystroke.
Changed Display Clipboard to retain keyboard focus (so Command-W works).
Allow 0 for MaxClipboardHistory hidden preference.
Properly record Double and Triple Click and Drags.
Show Status Menu action allows keyboard activation/movement (after short delay).
Change “Select a Window” new action name to “Bring a Window to the Front”.
Changing the name of a macro is immediately reflected in actions that refer to it.
Correctly sort iTunes tokens in Insert Token menu.
Fixed issue with gCurrentExecuteActionListEntry assertion.
Fixed an issue importing/duplicating macros with references to other macros.
Fixed an issue searching for macros by UUID.
Fixed an issue where shrinking the window could result in column sizes less that the minimum allowed.
Fixed a bug with Prompt for User Input action buttons.
Fixed a bug where actions within Switch actions were not being searched.

2016/06/25 ver 7.2

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Recent changesMedia ManagerSitemap
Trace: 窶「 Whats New
manual:Whats New
What窶冱 New?
Editor Improvements
Themed Palette Styles

2016/05/04 ver 7.1.1

Group, Until, While focus on contained action list when inserted/disclosed.
Optimizations to drop simple text expansion macros down to 160 bytes (from 225)
Ensure Creation/Modification time is set when macro groups / macros are created.
Add Split/List/Loop as search matches for For Each action.
Add Wait as search matches for Pause actions.
Add Pause as search matches for Wait for Browser actions.
Add Say as search matches for Speak Text action.
Add Split as search matches for Substrings collection.
Fixed a bug with periodic trigger units.
Fixed a bug with finding images on screen.

2016/04/27 ver 7.1

New Execute a JavaScript in Custom Prompt action.
Added timeout to Custom HTML Prompt.
Added window.KeyboardMaestro.Trigger( macro, value ) to Custom Prompt.
Clear HTML Result Button variable when Custom HTML Prompt starts.
Custom HTML Prompt can autofocus on textareas.
Custom HTML Prompt added call to KMDidShowWindow().
Added Paste Above.
Use custom icon for Macro Group Icon Palettes.
Detect and report Secure Input Mode process.
Detect and report idiotic "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events".
Added support for configurable Safari and Chrome applications.
Added an option to Set Variable to Text to disable backslash or text token processing.
Added AppleScript setvariable/getvariable commands, primarily for JXA.
Allow action timeouts of hundredths of a second.
Editor now quits the Engine on launch if all modifiers are held down.
Imported macros are now disabled if all modifers are held down.
Search Variable/Clipboard actions now fail if the match fails.
Save revisions even if Keyboard Maestro editor was open over night.

2016/02/03 ver 7.0.3