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タイトル SourceTree for Mac
URL https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/
バージョン 2.3.1   2.3   2.2.4   2.2.3   2.2.2   2.2   2.1  
更新日 2016/06/03
追加日 2016/02/09
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Atlassianによる無料のGit GUIクライアント。


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2016/06/03 ver 2.3.1

SourceTree 2.3.1 - Minor Release [31 May 2016]
Add "Copy to Clipboard" option to contextual menu for branches, tags, remotes [SRCTREE-3743]
Bug Fixes
Fix alert suppression, hiding . files, and refreshing sidebar for Hg-Attic content
Select Remotes tab in Repo Settings when creating a new one [SRCTREE-3835]
Correct sidebar menu selection in various scenarios [SRCTREE-3791]
Prevent Commit button disappearing on small screens [SRCTREE-3723]
Improve tabbing order in git/hg flow windows [SRCTREE-2682]
Bookmarks browser's ... button does something again [SRCTREE-3754]
Properly support Git repo with core.worktree set [SRCTREE-3777]
Fix crash when pushing in various scenarios [SRCTREE-3786]
Fix crash when certain key combinations were pressed [SRCTREE-3790]
Fix crash when deleting from popover in tree view [SRCTREE-3802]
Fix Fabric Crash Report #25 [SRCTREE-3833]
Fix Fabric Crash Report #29 [SRCTREE-3768]
Fix Fabric Crash Report #17 [SRCTREE-3769]
Fix Fabric Crash Report #19 [SRCTREE-3770]
Fix Fabric Crash Report #43 [SRCTREE-3771]

2016/05/17 ver 2.3

SourceTree 2.3 - Major Release [9 May 2016]
Commit Message Templates! Global and per-repo settings available with Markdown support
Updated icons with a splash of color
Position icon badges in upper right corner [SRCTREE-3597]
Use relative date formatting wherever possible [SRCTREE-1517]
Removing untracked items now moves them to Trash instead of deleting permanently [SRCTREE-1791]
Integrate Fabric/Crashlytics for crash reporting [SRCTREEDEV-541
Update embedded git to 2.8.1
Update embedded git-LFS to 1.2
Update embedded Mercurial to 3.7.3
Add menu item for Getting Git Right website [SRCTREEJ-45]
Speed up cloning with LFS dramatically
Update Sparkle to 1.14.0
Add Support Website link in Help menu [SRCTREEJ-91]
Remove Help Book and anchors due to outdated content [SRCTREEJ-70]
Add Korean as a supported localization [SRCTREE-3746]
Rewrite shelving to use core Mercurial instead of hg-attic extension; includes compatibility mode for existing shelves
Bug Fixes

2016/03/24 ver 2.2.4

SourceTree 2.2.4 - Minor Release [23 March 2016]
Update embedded git to 2.7.4 (x86_64 only now) [SRCTREE-3641]

2016/03/04 ver 2.2.3

SourceTree 2.2.3 - Minor Release [3 March 2016]
Please refer to 2.2 for major changes.
All prior supported localizations have been restored and updated [SRCTREE-3549]
Tightened spacing between items in the source list [SRCTREE-3478]
Tree View now uses the OS folder representation [SRCTREE-3481]
Improved diff font fallback support
External Diff and Blame Selected... support in the File Log's contextual menu [SRCTREE-2867]
"Delete after applying" for stashes is remembered across uses now [SRCTREE-3596]
Bug Fixes
The white wizard has been banished (no more blank screens on launch) [SRCTREE-3546]
External merge with Kaleidoscope and Beyond Compare 4 works again [SRCTREE-3473, SRCTREE-3570]
Double-clicking to unstage files in git works again [SRCTREE-3586]
Creating an Hg Flow works reliably again [SRCTREE-3563]
Editing default URLs works reliably again [SRCTREE-3559]
Pushing a git tag to a remote works reliably again [SRCTREE-3564]
Applying a patch file works reliably again [SRCTREE-3562]
Addressed a number of additional regressions due to modal alert conversions
The push/pull count for the current branch is no longer indented [SRCTREE-3545]
Updated links [SRCTREE-3588, SRCTREE-3582]

2016/02/23 ver 2.2.2


2016/02/16 ver 2.2

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Download SourceTree for Mac OS X 10.10+
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2016/02/09 ver 2.1