タイトル htop
URL http://hisham.hm/htop/
バージョン 2.2.0   2.1.0   2.0.2   2.0.1   2.0.0  
更新日 2018/04/11
追加日 2016/02/12
種別 フリーソフト
説明 UNIX系システムで利用できるインタラクティブなプロセスモニタリングツール。


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2018/04/11 ver 2.2.0

The latest version is 2.2.0.
What's new in htop 2.2.0:
Solaris/Illumos/OpenIndiana support
(thanks to Guy M. Broome)
-t/--tree flag for starting in tree-view mode
(thanks to Daniel Flanagan)
macOS: detects High Sierra version to avoid OS bug
(thanks to Pierre Malhaire)
OpenBSD: read battery data
(thanks to @nerd972)
Various automake and build improvements
(thanks to Kang-Che Sung)
Check for pkg-config when building with --enable-delayacct
(thanks to @florian2833z for the report)
Avoid some bashisms in configure script
(thanks to Jesin)
Use CFLAGS from ncurses*-config if present
(thanks to Michael Klein)
Header generator supports non-UTF-8 environments

2018/02/05 ver 2.1.0

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The latest version is 2.1.0.
What's new in htop 2.1.0:
Linux: Delay accounting metrics
(thanks to Andr辿 Carvalho)
DragonFly BSD support
(thanks to Diederik de Groot)
Support for real-time signals
(thanks to Kang-Che Sung)
'c' key now works with threads as well
Session column renamed from SESN to SID
(thanks to Kamyar Rasta)
Improved UI for meter style selection
(thanks to Kang-Che Sung)
Improved code for constructing process tree
(thanks to wangqr)
Compile-time option to disable setuid

2016/07/22 ver 2.0.2

The latest version is 2.0.2.
MD5: 7d354d904bad591a931ad57e99fea84a
SHA-1: 201f793f13dce2448e36047079875b9bd5bba75a
What's new in htop 2.0.2:
Mac OS X: stop trying when task_for_pid fails for a process,
stops spamming logs with errors.
Add Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E to go to beginning and end of line
FreeBSD: fixes for CPU calculation
(thanks to Tim Creech, Andy Pilate)
Usability: auto-follow process after a search.
Use Linux backend on GNU Hurd
Improvement for reproducible builds.
BUGFIX: Fix behavior of Alt-key combinations
(thanks to Kang-Che Sung)
Various code tweaks and cleanups
(thanks to Kang-Che Sung)

2016/03/08 ver 2.0.1

The latest version is 2.0.1.
MD5: f75fe92b4defaa80d99109830f34b5e2
SHA-1: ef9adab68b0218a16936c306f635e7fce227b7e6
What's new in htop 2.0.1:
OpenBSD: Various fixes and improvements
(thanks to Michael McConville and Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado)
FreeBSD: fix CPU and memory readings
(thanks to Tim Creech, Hung-Yi Chen, Bernard Spil, Greg V)
FreeBSD: add battery support
(thanks to Greg V)
Linux: Retain last-obtained name of a zombie process
Mac OS X: Improve portability for OS X versions
(thanks to Michael Klein)
Mac OS X: Fix reading command-line arguments and basename
Mac OS X: Fix process state information
Mac OS X: Fix tree view collapsing/expanding
Mac OS X: Fix tree organization
Mac OS X: Fix memory accounting
Fix crash when emptying a column of meters

2016/02/12 ver 2.0.0