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更新日 2018/02/18
追加日 2016/02/15
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Windowsのエクスプローラーに統合できるGitクライアント。


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2018/02/18 ver

= Release 2.6.0 =
Released: 2018-02-17
This is planned to be the last version compatible with MsysGit 1.9.5 (i.e., Git for Windows < 1.9.5).
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #3089: Show parent SHA1 on cherry picking a merge commit
* Fixed issue #3052: Filename autocomplete in commit dialog ignores filenames starting with underscores
* TortoiseGitMerge now uses native ribbon instead of MFC wrapped
This results in a noticeable speed up (cf. issue #1616) and also fixes issues with rounded corners for maximized windows (cf. issue #1767)
* Fixed issue #3107: Clean: Allow to remove orphaned submodules (i.e., clean -f -f)
* Fixed issue #3126: Add an option to show all refs of a commit in the log (all refs are shown now by default)
* Fixed issue #3116: Revision graph: add ability to delete branches
* Fixed issue #3121: Create shorter branch names when checking out a commit
* Update linked libraries:
* pcre to 8.41
* apr to 1.6.3 and apr-util to 1.6.1
* Commit now informs the user if there is a conflict hint in the commit message (line starting with "# Conflicts:")
* Fixed issue #3137: Add TortoiseGit to Win10 default program list
* Fixed issue #3141: bisect: add good/bad continue options to progress dialog
* Add support for github's new client protocol (x-github-client)

2017/07/24 ver

= Release 2.5.0 =
Released: 2017-07-23
== Major change ==
* VS2017 is used for building TortoiseGit
On x64 versions of Windows, the TortoiseGit context menu and overlays won't show for pure 32-bit applications in their file-open/save dialogs until you install the 2015 C-runtime for x86.
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=52685 (select the vc_redist.x86.exe file for download).
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #2931: Make "ChangeList" grids in "Git synchronization" multi-selectable
* Update Scintilla to 3.7.5
* Fixed issue #2949: Don't hide "Show log" button when fetch/pull was not successful
* Fixed issue #2619: Add basic support for "git worktree"
* Fixed issue #2966: Do not need to confirm cancel out of commit when there are no changes left
* Fixed issue #2861: Cloning a repository with many files tracked by git-lfs is extremely slow
* Various High DPI optimizations
* Update libgit to 2.13.1
* Update zlib to 1.2.11
* Update apr and apr-util
* Fixed issue #2988: Add `Show/hide ignore local changes flagged files` in Log Dialog
* Fixed issue #2999: Log dialog: Copy tag to clipboard

2017/02/01 ver

= Release 2.4.0 =
Released: 2017-01-31
== Major change ==
* TGitCache and icon overlays are case sensitive now
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #2505: Add support for bisect skip
* Fixed issue #2757: Allow to use quotes in command line arguments, like /logmsg:"Some text ""Quoted text"" another text"
* Fixed issue #2849: Optimize include and exclude paths for context menu and overlay icons
We synced the include/exclude paths code with TortoiseSVN. Now you can exclude paths in an included path.
Some people might need to update their include/exclude paths, see our manual for more information.
* Fixed issue #2136: LogDlg: Indicate that the View and Walk Behavior buttons contain a menu
* Fixed issue #1635: Add option to set TortoiseGitMerge foreground text colors
* Fixed issue #2586: Integration of further hooks: pre-rebase and post-commit
* Fixed issue #2444: Drag and drop on commit dialog to include files in the list for committing
* Browse References Dialog: Allow to filter for merged and unmerged branches
* Fixed issue #2273: Remember the width of the "view patch" window
* Fixed issue #2710: Allow start-commit hook to prevent the Commit dialog from showing
* Fixed issue #2865: Clickable URLs in TortoiseGit output window
* Fixed issue #2154: Copy to clipboard function in show log window doesn't include annotated tag or notes messages

2016/10/02 ver

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= Release 2.3.0 =
Released: 2016-10-01
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #2755: TortoiseGitMerge: find dialog box does not remember desktop location between invocations
* When an alternative/external diff or merge tool is configured, you can now press the shift key while opening the diff to fall back to TortoiseGitMerge
* Fixed issue #2812: Better indicate conflicts on stash pop and allow to automatically show changes
* Fixed issue #2439: Add 'show branches this revision is on' to the blame window
* Fixed issue #2026: Allow to navigate to branch shown on "Show branches this commit is on" dialog
* Fixed issue #2806: Allow to turn off tooltips in file lists (in advanced settings using ShowListFullPathTooltip)
* Fixed issue #2475: Allow to use mailmap translations in log dialog
* Fixed issue #2816: Add mnemonics to Reset, Switch, Merge Abort and Export dialogs
* Fixed issue #491: Rename dialog should have a browse button
* TortoiseGit now uses latest libgit2 which supports git index version 4
* Added support for GIT_ASK_YESNO wrapper
* Updated libgit to 2.10.0
* Fixed issue #2830: Log from Repository Browser should use selected branch by default
* Fixed issue #2829: Add, Commit, Rebase, Repository Status, Resolve, and Revert dialogs try to remember the last selected line on refresh (e.g., after resolving a conflict)
* Rebase and Commit Dialog: When clicking on OK or resolve and a conflicted file is detected, jump to it (aka goto next conflict)

2016/07/02 ver

= Release 2.2.0 =
Released: 2016-07-02
== Features ==
* Updated libgit to 2.8.3
* Fixed issue #2773: Directory renames should be displayed shorter
* GitStatusList now automatically adjusts the width of columns. This can be disabled by manually sizing it.
* Fixed issue #2705: TGIT should allow cloning and/or creating from within a non-empty repository
* Update Scintilla to 3.6.6
* Fixed issue #2271: "Check For Updates" dialog should be resizable
* Add drag handler to Repository Browser
* Fixed issue #2770: Include complete relative path in TortoiseGitMerge
== Bug Fixes ==
* Fixed issue #2745: TortoiseGit 2.1 crashes on broken git config
* Fixed issue #2759: Swapped THEIRS and MINE in cherry-pick conflict dialogs and context menus
* Fixed issue #2767: The online help of Settings->Git->Remote should explain the "Push Default" checkbox
* Fixed issue #2772: Comparing with added file might result in comparison with empty file
* Fixed issue #2774: Pull dialog with Russian LangPack has three defficiencies
* Fixed issue #2783: "Delete and add to ignore list" does not work when more than 16 files are selected
* Fixed issue #2740: Order of compared references in revision graph is labelled inverted

2016/03/26 ver

= Release 2.1.0 =
Released: 2016-03-26
== Changes ==
* We disabled the stripping of comments on commit messages by default again (see issue #2715)
== Features ==
* Update PuTTY to 0.67
* Fixed issue #2733: Hide commit button after file add when invoked from commit dialog
* Fixed issue #2734: When pull.rebase is set, start rebase just after fetch, not after OK button
* Fixed issue #2731: Improved autolist.txt regex for C# files
* Update libgit2 to 0.24.0
* Update Scintilla to 3.6.4
== Bug Fixes ==
* Fixed issue #2719: Commit & Push in CommitDlg doesn't respect default remote and pushbranch settings
* Fixed issue #1902: CommitDlg: Do not lose SQUASH_MSG contents
* Fixed issue #2732: Commit dialog: Message field should have focus (when patch is shown)
* Fixed issue #2730: Pull with rebase with preserve merges not working for noops
* Fixed issue #2728: Cherry Pick is not working in case of conflict and empty message
* Fixed issue #2715: Cannot commit with a commit message starting with a hash (#) character
* Updated libgit to 2.5.5 which includes fixes for CVE-2016-2315 and CVE-2016-2324
* Fix the the credential helper settings dialog

2016/03/01 ver

= Release 2.0.0 =
Released: 2016-02-29
== Changes ==
* Custom dictionaries are no longer loaded when located in %PROGRAMFILES%\TortoiseGit or %PROGRAMFILES%\TortoiseGit\bin-directory
Must be in %APPDATA%\TortoiseGit\dic or %PROGRAMFILES%\TortoiseGit\Languages folder (former has priority)
* Dropped TGitCacheCheckContent configuration setting, please use TGitCacheCheckContentMaxSize instead (settings will be automatically migrated)
* Pre- and post-push hooks do not get the path as first parameter any more
* Git for Windows 1.9.5 or newer is now required
* TortoiseGit now applies the same whitespace and new line sanitizing rules as git core for commit messages by default
* TortoiseGit now strips commented lines (starting with #) on commit messages by default
* We changed the version schema to X.Y.Z, where X is incremented for major changes, Y for every stable release, and Z!=0 represents preview releases
== Features ==
* Fixed issue #2641: Commit: Pre-select first item from "Changes made" list
* Allow to reset stored decisions (cf. issue #2640)
* Fixed issue #2643: Set branch description on its creation
* Fixed issue #1629: Have the push dialog opened via right-click in log default to branch that was actually clicked on
* Update TortoiseGitPlink to version 0.66
* Fixed issue #943: Allow to use keyboard shortcuts in Git progress dialog (e.g., ALT+R for ReCommit after commit)
* Fixed issue #2314: Allow to preserve merges on rebase

2016/02/15 ver