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更新日 2018/11/09
追加日 2016/02/15
種別 フリーソフト
説明 スクリーンショットをクラウドストレージにアップロードして簡単に共有することができるアプリ。


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2018/11/09 ver 12.3.0

Region capture keybinds
Google Cloud Storage guide
Website capture
Brand assets
ShareX 12.3.0 - 2018-11-09
Added WebP encoding support to screen recording
Added APNG encoding support to screen recording
Added AMF encoding support to screen recording (by @sylveon)
Removed screen record CLI option because task actions already have same functionality and with new two pass encoding option it was not that required anymore
Added Kutt URL shortener support
Added Backblaze B2 file uploader support (by @tinybarks)
Added Mexican Spanish language support (by @absay)
Save buttons in image editor will use task settings to generate name if file name is not supplied yet, that way user can save without use “Save as…” dialog first
Added URL filtering support to history window
Added search support to image history window
Moved image history settings from toolbar to its own settings window
Show total and filtered item count in image history window title bar
When a task is using OCR, save result to a text file with same name (by @YueLinHo)
Added “Use light resize nodes” option to region capture options menu which makes resize nodes transparent

2018/06/23 ver 12.2.0

Custom uploaders
Frequently asked questions
Dev builds
Command line arguments
Code contribution
Brand assets
Custom uploader guide
Amazon S3 guide
Windows Store

2018/03/26 ver 12.1.1

ShareX 12.1.1 - 2018-03-25
Bug fixes
Edit image Ctrl + E
Allow Jira address with subfolder

2018/03/20 ver 12.1.0

Custom uploader guide
Amazon S3 guide
ShareX 12.1.0 - 2018-03-19
We now have a vanity Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/ShareX
Added image editor autosize start mode, which will resize the window to fit the image. If the image is too big then window will be maximised
Added sticker tool
Added Blob Emoji sticker pack
Added these buttons to image editor, image menu
New image (Creates empty canvas)
Open image file
Insert image file
Insert image from screen
Crop image
Auto crop image (Removes same color sections from edges)
Add image effects (Allows you to apply various effects to whole image)
Added paste image/text button to image editor, edit menu
Added visual scroll bars for panning (by @L1Q)
Added resampling option to image size dialog

2017/11/28 ver 12.0.0

Windows Store
ShareX 12.0.0 - 2017-11-27
Added windowed mode support to image editor
Added panning support to image editor, hold middle mouse button to pan canvas (by @L1Q)
Added real time image effect (blur, pixelate, highlight) preview support to image editor
Added “Image” menu to image editor toolbar with these items:
Image size
Canvas size
Rotate 90° clockwise
Rotate 90° counter clockwise
Rotate 180°
Flip horizontal
Flip vertical
Added image editor start mode option to “Options” menu:
Normal window
Maximized window (Default)
Remember and use previous window size, position and maximized state
Added image editor background color option to “Options” menu

2017/08/14 ver 11.9.1

ShareX 11.9.1 - 2017-08-14
Bug fixes
ShareX is now available on Windows Store!

2017/08/07 ver 11.9.0

ShareX 11.9.0 - 2017-08-06
Added Italian language support (by @pjammo)
Added cursor tool to region capture which allows moving, deleting or adding more cursors
Added multiple center point support to line and arrow tools
Added arrows on both ends option to arrow tool
Added batch image thumbnailer tool
Added random syntax to Custom uploader, which can be used to return random domain each upload, check here for more info
Added custom domain support for Azure storage (by @Lego6245)
Added padding and border size option to text watermark
Added unread counter to news button

2017/07/05 ver 11.8.0

Brand assets
ShareX 11.8.0 - 2017-07-04
Added “News” button to main window which will show new updates or announcements
Added “Crop” tool, which is not available when in region capture mode
Added “Image (Screen)” tool, which allows to duplicate area from the screen to move to a different position
Tip: You can use this tool to create an inverse blur highlighting effect. First blur the part of the area which should become the background, then use this tool to exclude the area that should not be blurred from the rest of the image.
Added disable animations option to region capture options menu
Region animation speed is now slightly faster
Changed toolbar highlight animation to not look like a progress bar
In region capture when using multi region, non active regions will use static ant border instead of blinking border
PersonalPath.cfg file which stores custom personal folder path will be saved to Documents\ShareX instead of %localappdata%\ShareX folder and old file will be automatically migrated to new location
Tray icon progress animation changes
FTP settings UI remade to be more user friendly
While opening the color picker, if clipboard contains color text (r, g, b, #hex etc.) then that color will be used as current color automatically
Color picker will show old color where possible (for example if opened in image annotation window) under current color
In color picker if transparent button is pressed when alpha is 0, then alpha will be set to 255 which will allow quick toggling between 0 and 255
In region capture if an element is resized to be too small and resize nodes start overlapping, ShareX will now hide some of those resize nodes to allow for more precise control
Changes to default annotation settings
In order to increase image annotation performance some tools are now using lower quality rendering during annotation, but higher quality for final output

2017/04/14 ver 11.7.0

ShareX 11.7.0 - 2017-04-14
We now have a Discord server: https://discord.gg/E4R3Qa9
Added Traditional Chinese translation (by @alantsai)
Implemented new Gfycat API with user account upload support (by @Dinnerbone)
Added Plik file uploader support (by @maxibanki)
ShareX annotation mode is now enabled by default for new installations and will be used instead of Greenshot image editor
If a ShareX annotation is opened by an “After capture” task, then the following task buttons will now be available in the toolbar:
Apply changes & continue task Enter
Continue task Space / Right click
Cancel task Esc
The ShareX annotation window now uses a dark background around the image and shows checkers only behind the image
Added animation to region & shape selection border
Added animation under annotation toolbar on startup to make it more noticeable, because there is a lot of people still don’t know there is toolbar in region capture and it is possible to annotate using it
Reimplemented Amazon S3 from scratch to not use Amazon SDK libraries and allow more customization
Added custom endpoint/region support to Amazon S3 so other services which are compatible with Amazon S3 API with v4 signature can be used
Added a path style request option to Amazon S3 to support some custom services which require it
Added “Google image search” to the main window task list right click menu and as a URL sharing destination
Removed Dropbox public folder support because as of March 15, 2017 public folders have been disabled by Dropbox but shareable links can still be used
Removed Dropbox shortened URL option because it is not supported in Dropbox API v2; ShareX now uses fully API v2 endpoints because API v1 is going to be deprecated soon

2017/03/12 ver 11.6.0

Toggle navigation
Custom uploaders
Frequently asked questions
Dev builds
Command line arguments
Code contribution
Custom uploader

2017/01/26 ver 11.5.0

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ShareX 11.5.0 - 2017-01-25
Changelog URL changed to https://getsharex.com/changelog
Region capture related changes:
Added drop shadow support
Replaced rounded rectangle shapes with corner radius option to rectangle shapes
Added capture last region button to capture menu
Added edit menu to toolbar:
Undo Ctrl + Z
Delete Del
Delete all Shift + Del
Bring to front Home
Bring forward Page up