タイトル Marked 2
URL http://marked2app.com/
バージョン 2.5.11934   2.5.10930   2.5.10927   2.5.8924   2.5.7923   2.5.6922   2.5.5921   2.5.5920  
更新日 2017/11/28
追加日 2016/02/21
種別 シェアウェア(13.99ドル)
説明 Mac用の多機能Markdownビューアー。


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2017/11/28 ver 2.5.11934

Spelling and Grammar
Preferences: General
Preferences: Preview
Preferences: Style
Preferences: Processor
Preferences: Apps
Preferences: Proofing
Preferences: Export
Preferences: Advanced
FAQ, Tips, and Tricks
Frequently Asked Questions
How-tos, tips, and tricks
Version 2.5.11 (934)
Command added to url handler: x-marked://addstyle to send CSS text to Marked and add it as a custom style
Replaced Antique style with Ink (Tufte-inspired) in default preview styles
Support for IA Writer file include syntax (/filename)
Convert CSV files into tables

2017/02/02 ver 2.5.10930

Version 2.5.10 (930)
Support for GitBook SUMMARY.md files
Folder scanning methods updated for efficiency
MindNode document format update
Stop Discount from converting fractions
Relative path handling issues
Relative image paths containing multiple ..
Spaces in relative paths breaking
Tabs in Scrivener documents
TOC navigator styling issues

2016/12/04 ver 2.5.10927

Version 2.5.10 (927)
Track writing progress with target word counts
Document statistics not updating after changes
Version 2.5.9 (925)
Crashes on Mavericks (10.9)
Code blocks losing indentation on PDF export
Syntax highlighting styles updated
Syntax highlight added/improved for coffeescript, haxe, nsis, ruby, and swift
Recognize more file extensions when using code include syntax
Handle relative paths for images in included files (relative to included file location)

2016/11/19 ver 2.5.8924

Version 2.5.8 (924)
Autoscroll improvements
Scroll meter click to play/pause
Scroll meter drag to change speed
Slower scroll at lower speeds
Double-encoding ampersands in Scrivener documents (  becoming  )
Help window blank on first open
Fix for url handler callback
Spellcheck fixes
Fix for reveal error on spelling navigation
Fix error when hovering elements while spell check enabled
Update current error index on click for next/prev navigation
If panel is showing, reveal it for next/prev error
Fix errors when navigating with grammar hidden

2016/07/22 ver 2.5.7923

Version 2.5.7 (923)
Help documentation update
Update syntax highlighting library
Fix for left padding in Swiss
Fix double print in Upstanding Citizen export
Fix preference text views not updating immediately
Fix TextBundles failing to update
Fixed “Restore Purchases” for Add-ons in Direct purchase version

2016/04/11 ver 2.5.6922

Version 2.5.6 (922)
Option to enable caching for static hosted images
Visualize Word Repetition
Only highlight repeated words in current scope on hover and click
Allow repetition check on 3-character words
Include prepositions in repetition check
Same-stem highlighting in preview
Properly refresh display when ignoring/unignoring repeated words
If selected text contains a colon, word count shows zero
Crash on footnote analysis
Paragraphs with hard line breaks count each line as a paragraph in text analysis
CriticMarkup nav unable to hide
CriticMarkup loses highlights in exports
Hide CriticMarkup nav in screenshot for Minimap

2016/03/28 ver 2.5.5921

Version 2.5.5 (921)
Scrivener preview blank if no Meta-Data defined

2016/03/28 ver 2.5.5920

Version 2.5.5 (920)
GitHub Tasks completed items not completed in export/print

2016/03/27 ver

Version (919)
Recognize Scrivener Meta-Data replacements (e.g. <$projecttitle>)
Allow a ‘Metadata’ document at beginning of Scrivener projects
Minimap zoom blank when filename contains spaces or parenthesis
Continuous PDF cut off if export width <= 800
Hang on Save HTML with custom processor
en_GB failing based on system settings
include chart off left side

2016/02/21 ver