タイトル Marked 2
URL http://marked2app.com/
バージョン 2.5.32972   2.5.31971   2.5.30969   2.5.29968   2.5.28966   2.5.27964   2.5.26962   2.5.24960   2.5.23958   2.5.22957   2.5.21956  
更新日 2019/04/15
追加日 2016/02/21
種別 シェアウェア(13.99ドル)
説明 Mac用の多機能Markdownビューアー。


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2019/04/15 ver 2.5.32972

Version 2.5.32 (972)
Handle tags when previewing a Bear note, adding styling and avoiding turning into an h1
Bear tags can be hidden by turning off Proofing->Show Comments in the gear menu
Option to use first H1 as print title
Set page offset for page numbering when printing/exporting PDF
Option to use KaTeX instead of MathJax
Proper support for embedded images in Bear notes
Use Bear note title as window title, print header %title, and save document title
New configuration options reported automatically by the issue reporter
Better license view, now with “Deactivate” button for Paddle customers
%filename and %basename variables for use in PDF/print headers and footers
New type scale for Swiss style
Visually differentiate Scrivener comments and inline annotations
Due to bugs in the version of Webkit in Marked, fixed elements on the screen are being pared back. The TOC flickers enough on its own right now. So the document progress indicator option has been removed.
Crash when custom processor returned an error (esp. Pandoc)
Problem displaying images in a Scrivener document using Markdown syntax and relative path

2019/02/27 ver 2.5.31971

Version 2.5.31 (971)
Header text without footer text causes lines to split across pages in paginated pdf export
Invisibles in Fountain script changing pagination behavior
More GitHub styling issues
Dark Mode issues
Close button on detailed statistics sheet disappears in Dark Mode
RTL detection JavaScript in HTML export when RTL detection disabled
FontAwesome included in HTML export when not using Leanpub interpreter
Syntax Highlighting JavaScript included when highlighting is deselected in export options

2019/01/16 ver 2.5.30969

Version 2.5.30 (969)
Feedback reporter always reporting TRUE on boolean values
When exporting Markdown, HTML entities are decoded

2019/01/04 ver 2.5.29968

Version 2.5.29 (968)
GitHub theme losing list item indentation

2018/12/29 ver 2.5.28966

Version 2.5.28 (966)
Option to hide status bar (show on hover)
URL Handler method “defaults” for setting preferences via URL
Fenced code block handling if custom processor returns NOCUSTOM
If a CriticMarkup element has a comment following it, show it in the lower banner when hovering the element
Hardened runtime
Custom processor log unreadable in Mojave Dark Mode
IA content blocks rendering inside fenced code blocks.
CriticMarkup highlights in PDF export/Print
Visual glitch in Keyword Highlight panel type buttons
Visual glitch with search bar when using GitHub style
Custom processor indicator not toggling on first click
Issues with continuous PDF export having blank space or being cut off
Automatic TOC in export didn’t respect list marker settings
Regex search when surrounding query with forward slashes
Crash on search for “+++”

2018/11/04 ver 2.5.27964

Version 2.5.27 (964)
Multi-column theme page numbers
Multi-column theme document progress indicator
High Contrast (inverted) mode CriticMarkup and Search toolbars are now dark
Status bar icons
Multi-column theme last column cut off
Issues with exporting decimal outline mode
Handling of underscores in inline MathJax equations when using Discount processor
Search for more than one word breaks
Handling of * in search string
Marked include syntax (various issues)
Crash on raw include (<<{})
Black on black “Report Issue” window in Mojave Dark Mode
Custom Processor inaccessible warning dialog
Crash when open file is renamed on disk

2018/10/04 ver 2.5.26962

Version 2.5.26 (962)
Further Dark Mode improvements
Updated Help files
Version 2.5.25 (961)
Emergency fix for 2.5.24 Dark Mode preferences

2018/10/03 ver 2.5.24960

Version 2.5.24 (960)
Option to process any document as Fountain
Modify page down behavior (space bar) to work better with CriticMarkup and Find overlays
Visual updates for Dark Mode (Mojave)
Fenced code blocks missing from Markdown export
Only offer open dialog automatically when closing the quick overview
Outline mode not detecting structure properly
Handling of images linked to images with inline syntax
Overused word hover spelling correction
Black on Black MathJax advanced config popup
Custom.css skeleton link in help

2018/08/29 ver 2.5.23958

Version 2.5.23 (958)
Keyboard shortcut x,c will clear the currently-focused bookmark
Option to syntax highlight only fenced code blocks with a language specified
URL Handler can add new Custom Styles directly from files
Provide suggestions for Use Alternate errors when highlighting (with default Plain English Campaign word list items only)
Overall efficiency
Updated “Avoid” and “Use Alternate” default word lists (Keyword Highlighting and Proofing)
Bookmarks and collapsible sections play nice together
Outline mode styling fixed and max depth increased
Handle Highland-specific text directives
Allow Highland files to be Markdown instead of Fountain
Collapsing sections causes display errors with highlighted code blocks
Cmd-D and backtick will now both set a new bookmark at the first available position
MindNode 5 integration handles both single file and package formats
First H1 cut off when exporting Amblin
Edit marker moved right when spellcheck displays error for element

2018/08/15 ver 2.5.22957

Version 2.5.22 (957)
Bugfix for JavaScript on macOS < 10.12

2018/08/14 ver 2.5.21956

Version 2.5.21 (956)
Option to syntax highlight only fenced code blocks with a language specified
Outline mode styling fixed and max depth increased
MindNode 5 integration handles both single file and package formats
Black text on black background in Additional CSS and Advanced Mathjax Config popups- IA Block syntax renders inside fenced code blocks
First H1 cut off when exporting Amblin
Edit marker moved right when spellcheck displays error for element